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How to Set up a Godaddy Domain Name on BlueHost Hosting Account

Learn how to set up a Godaddy domain name on your blue host hosting account. Get your Bluehost Hosting Here: *

*The link above and in the video are affiliate links, which means that should you click through and make a purchase, I receive a commission. However, I link to these companies because of their service/product quality, not because of the commissions received.

The two main things you’ll learn in this video are changing your Godaddy nameservers to Bluehost nameservers. As well as assigning your Godaddy domain name to BlueHost Hosting.

1:05 Change Godaddy Nameservers to BlueHost NameServers
2:02 Add your Godaddy Domain Name to BlueHost Hosting Account

If you prefer written instructions here you go:

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