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How to set up a dropshipping website with WIX & Modalyst What is dropshipping?

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If you have ever wondered how to create a dropshipping website with wix then it finally there is an easy way! This includes a beginners guide to what is dropshipping as well as some advice on choosing a dropshipping niche and niches to avoid. I take you through the dropshipping app Modalyst but you can also choose from Sprocket, Printiful and Printify.

What is Dropshipping? 00:00
Finding a dropshipping niche 01:15
Account Setup 01:53
Wix basics 03:04
Wix back end basics 05:30
How to add dropshipping products to your wix store 08:27
Dropshipping apps in wix (Modalyst and Sprocket) 09:42
How to set up Modalyst in wix 11:20
How to find your free wix url 12:40
Modalyst dropshipping app 13:27
Modalyst product categories 13:48
How to add a dropshipping product to your wix store from modalyst 22:54

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hi guys i’m nicole herrick and i’m going to show you how to set up a drop shipping website or store with wix okay so this is going to be a really easy process just quickly for anyone who doesn’t know what a drop shipping website is basically you set up your own web store and customers can come and buy all of the products but you don’t actually own any of the products you don’t stock any of the products physically if they buy from your store
then the order gets sent straight to the supplier and then the supplier sends it straight to the customer and the money gets divided so you get your proportion of the profit and then the supplier automatically gets their money for the sale of the product and it’s just a really easy process so this is great for anyone that just needs to be able to earn like a little bit of extra cash on the side you do need to put some time into it especially in
the setup phase and you do also need to sort of do a little bit of ongoing advertising but it’s a really great way to just make a little bit of extra income if you put more time into it if you pick a really good niche this could be a full-time job for you so it’s doable from home super easy and let’s get started one thing to keep in mind is that um you’ll need to figure out a niche that you want to sell the products of so having like a broad
range shop is definitely there’s going to be too much competition you’re not going to have very specific keywords that you can kind of advertise but you want to try and find a niche that is in popular demand and there is not much competition so have a look at some other youtube videos i’m not going to focus on finding a niche in this video um but you will see i’ll see if i can link some other youtube videos down the bottom as to finding a niche
um that is potentially profitable all right so um basically when you’re setting up a new drop shipping website i want you to think of it as its own separate business so go and set up a new gmail account just personal gmail account free account for this one and because basically when you um sign up for google adsense with a new gmail account you’re going to be able to get some vouchers to have a little bit of free advertising so usually it’s like
spend 75 and you’ll get oh no spend 25 and you’ll get like 75 dollars worth of ad credit that’s in australian dollars but something like that so it’s it’s definitely worth sort of setting it up as its own separate gmail account and then use that to then go in and set up your wix account so um if you guys would like to give me a little bit of a hand for producing this video for you you could use my affiliate code down below to sign up for weeks
absolutely no obligation it doesn’t cost you anything um it just gives me a little bit of help from wix for providing this information for you when you come to wix you are going to see this page um so if you already have an account you can just sign in i would say set up a separate wix account for any drop shipping website that you’re going to set up so let’s just click get started and then we want to click sign up if it doesn’t already come to
that and just pop in your new gmail account that you’ve set up okay so once you set up your new wix website account you will come to this page and we want to choose we want to look through the templates um and just see if there’s anything that we like the viable so you can press other and then um always click the choose a template rather than let wix create for you you know all right so have a look through all of the wigs templates and just sort
of see which kind of ones you like the vibe of which kind of things do you think have good elements that will work for you if you’re completely not sure you don’t know what kind of style you want to go for um then you can just go and choose one of the ecommerce ones so if you go store and then pick one that is like similar to your particular niche that you’re gonna choose um and then yeah just choose one of those so i’m gonna choose all right so
i’m gonna choose this one um yeah i’ve already had a look through and i’ve just chosen this one look it might take you an hour to kind of just look through all of the different templates and you know just kind of see all the different things um and features that they come with but wix is very different to something like wordpress so with something like wordpress when you you buy a template and then you’re kind of restricted to what um sort of
elements that template has and then if you want to do sort of um a bit more complex changes then you have to go into the coding side whereas with wix you basically just choose from one of their templates and it’s a starting point but you can completely change everything so you can start off with one site it might end up looking completely different and it might end up looking like another one you might draw some inspiration from different
templates start off with one and then kind of go oh i want to add an element like that you just add it in it’s very much just click drag move delete super easy especially for um sort of people with a creative mind people who think visually all right so um we are going to click out of this so this is what um is called the back end of the website and if you don’t if you chose a template that doesn’t already have a store um then you’re going to go
over and click on the add a store and set that up but i just wanted to give you a really quick overview of some of the features of the back end just in case some of you have never used wix before so over here on the left hand side you will see some different a menu system so if you click on pages this shows you the different pages you can click on these and go to the different pages that they’ve sort of pre-set up within their template if you go
to this one you can change the page background the plus helps you add a different element so there’s loads and loads of different elements they’re all free elements um they’re really good um designs there’s interactive like rollover buttons and things like that contact forms you can add um you can make it a booking website if you have like a yoga store or something um you can create events you can have members and you know do courses and stuff
and you can even create your own custom designs and upload those um it also has a blog so you can add a blog and i definitely recommend adding a blog sort of at a later stage if you’re doing a drop shipping website because this helps with seo and you can also hire out that um the blogging so you can actually go online and find somebody that will write blog posts for you so you don’t have to like know what you’re doing just do it all right um yeah
adding store and things this little four boxes with the plus sign is the wix app market so there is a huge amount of apps available that you can sort of plug into your website and add extra functionality the media manager is just here so there’s lots of free um images that come in wix and you can use those to create social posts and there’s actually like a social post creator within weeks there’s also a video maker and it just sort of guides you
through like making your own little snippet videos you can then share on social media um you know tick tock and instagram and all that kind of thing so it’s really an all-in-one kind of system that is so easy to use especially for people that just are not familiar with all this kind of stuff and it might be the first time you’re starting running a little business for yourself or a hobby business um the little pen tool is the blog so we won’t get
into that now but um that’s where you start that the little bag icon is the store so if you haven’t already added a store to the template that you’re using just at a store um and then the calendar is the online bookings and i think for the events as well anyway um there’s also some tools over on this side we won’t get into that right now what we’re gonna do is go into the store and we’re gonna press get started all right and we are going to
choose add products okay now you’re going to see like a blank tip template for inputting a product but what we’re going to do is we’re going to click find products to sell and if this button is not there then all you need to do is go into the app market and type in drop shipping um i’m doing it this way because this is kind of an easy um direction to go a good flow to get there um yeah sometimes it changes things and this button might not be
there when you’re watching this video so it’s just it’s part of the wix app market okay all right so the first thing that comes up is modalist um and this is a drop shipping app it also has another one called printful um but we’re gonna just click the view more because these aren’t the only two okay so click on view more and this is basically gonna take you to anything related to drop shipping within the wix app store okay so here we’ve got four
different ones at the moment um you might be watching this video and there might be more um so i’m just gonna go on what there is at the moment so there really is only two that are sort of drop shipping um products that are sort of already pre-existing and they’re out there the printf and printer four ones are actually um ones where you upload your own design so it might be a photograph or a graphic and they sort of showcase your design on things
like mugs t-shirts bags that kind of thing people can order um from it’s your own web store and then they just print it for you shipped out to the customers so that’s what those ones are but we’re actually going to be looking at the products that are already existing out there so different like fashion accessories and things so there’s modalist and sprocket now i will say there is some that ship from australia some products but there isn’t a huge
selection at this point in time so when you’re setting up a drop shipping store if you’re based in australia i would say um aim for don’t try and sell to an australian market sell for a us-based uh customer so you want to be choosing products that are shipping from the us um or china but in these kind of good times like maybe maybe all right so um if you are based in the eu however i would use the sprocket one because there is more products that
are able to be shipped from the eu modalist does actually have some that are shippable from the eu but not as big a selection um so i’m going to choose modalist and that’s just because i think that there is a slightly more products to choose from different categories and that kind of thing so we’re going to click add okay and it will ask you if you’re okay um sort of connecting these apps so the wix and the drop shipping and allow and add all
right and then we are going to type in our name and email okay and then if you already know what you’re going to call your business then pop that in here and then you can choose where most of your customers are located so as i said don’t choose australia all right and then you can um you could take all of these categories if you wanted to i’m just going to tick no i’m going to take all of them because i want you to sort of have a look through all
of the categories um but if you already know your niche then just choose the one that’s related it’s already got wix this is the platform we’re using and you just want to add a password okay so now we need to add the wix url so this is a little bit confusing because you haven’t really published your site or anything yet if you’re just doing it from here so what we want to do is go back to the wix website editor close this and then we’re going to
go publish don’t worry it won’t actually sort of publish it to be viewable by google or anything just yet we are going to click double click on here and select that click copy say control c or apple c and then go back over to our modalist account and click save okay so here we have the dashboard system of motor list so um the things i want to sort of start focusing on you can dive into this um in lots further detail later but i just want to
show you the basics of how to find different products and what’s available okay so let’s have a look at all the different categories so i have here the all categories if i hover over these i can see how these go into different subcategories so there’s you know if you wanted to specialize in just maternity wear you could absolutely do that and even better niche to get into would be something like maternity leggings because if somebody is searching
for maternity leggings and they find a store that sells nothing but maternity leggings then awesome you know they’re probably going to buy something because it’s all encompassed into one and it makes their life a lot easier but what you need to do is check does this category have any good products in it that you can sort of pop in your store to be selling so let’s click on leggings okay and it will show you all the different types of all the
different products that are available in the maternity leggings category now what we want to do before we actually kind of go oh there’s lots it’s great what we’re going to do is look up shipping so um because worldwide shipping is very difficult at the moment i would say just choose shipping from the country that you are wanting to target so i’m gonna choose the us okay and then that will narrow the search results okay um and it says that there
is zero available that are shipping from the us so there we go we can’t use that niche so let’s go and have a little bit of a look through some other ones so there’s things like weddings and events so like cocktail dresses prom dresses you know you might um set up a website that sells nothing but quinceanera addresses did i say that right sorry we don’t have that in australia um there is uh women’s accessories so you might focus on something like
just women’s gloves so let’s see if there is anything in that category that ships from the us so let’s go shipping we’re just us okay great and you can see here we have some fingerless gloves uh i’m not seeing any gloves that are not fingerless why would you just have fingerless gloves okay so you can see there is some caveats within using this app all right uh let’s keep looking through women’s fashion because this is one of the largest
categories all right so you can see there is um women’s hair accessories women’s masks scarves suspenders ties and handkerchiefs women’s ties i mean yeah women can wear ties anyway all right so um so there’s also women’s clothing um so you can if you want to set up your own little fashion store and market it but you’re restricted to utilizing the photos that they have available so you know it’s not like you can kind of purchase one of everything
and then put them on a model if you have a massive store but if you just want to do a small store and you do want to purchase one of everything that you’re going to be selling and put them on some awesome models and have some beautiful photos taken then you know that could be a way to go but just to show you there is even some categories like half sleeve short sleeve long sleeves sleeveless dresses and three quarter dresses so very um it goes
into quite niche subjects there is intimates and loungewear different kinds of shoes and watches as well in men’s fashion there are some interesting categories so we have um men’s arm warmers have you ever seen a man wearing arm warmers because i don’t know maybe that’s something in your country please comment below if men in your country wear arm warmers i would love to know where they are popular um there’s things like men’s belts gloves hats
headbands masks scarf sets all that kind of thing um there are shorts and suits and all that kind of thing there is men’s shoes you might want to set up a men’s shoe store there is underwear and watches so those are pretty cool there is also um cell phone stuff or mobile phones as we call them so lots of different categories within there there is computer and office things so there are things like you know external hard drives gaming stuff laptop
parts servers tablet accessories so a huge range in there jewelry and accessories sorry that’s my chicken here so yeah lots of different um categories within here different kinds of bracelets different kinds of earrings uh different kinds of hair jewelry and obviously like the the more you sell and the more um more expensive things you sell you might be able to make more so if you’re choosing a niche that um you can sell a lot of and they’re high
priced items then you can potentially make easier money but you might be better off selling things that are cheap and that you can sell a lot of so these are things you need to work out when you are investigating drop shipping um watches home and garden so there is um things like bathroom products party supplies furniture garden supplies home decor um and then there is even like yeah loads of different ones in there um home improvement so so
there are things like lighting plumbing supplies and again obviously you need to have a look into these categories and what’s available shipping from your country if if you do want to just you know be shipping from china then you know that’s totally fine if it’s easy for shipping to come from china at the moment to your country then go for it um yeah all different sorts of ones there there’s specific category for bags and different kind of
wallets and things women’s bags you know all different ones so that’s cool kids and babies massive category i will say kids and babies is very oversaturated so if you’re going to go into this niche then pick a niche within a niche because just a kids and baby store you’re going to have way too much competition um sports and entertainment so there’s all sorts of different um fitness gear and that kind of thing and that might be appealing to you
health and beauty massive massive market um there’s also a specific cbd category and you can also do private label within the cbd so this is exclusive i think to modalist and basically you can set up your own design of the labels they will print the labels onto different cbd products you just choose which one you want to put your label on and they will put the label on and then ship it to the customer and yeah that’s kind of cool uh we obviously
can’t do that in australia because um cbd is not legal so yeah something also to think about and also investigate whether you’re up to run an australian business as long as you’re not shipping within australia something to think about but there is hair there is wigs there is nail there is men’s grooming there is sex products there is tattoo and body art yeah there’s also car things i’m not going to go through too many of these but loads of
different things tools huge amount of different ones pets pets is a really unpopular category or niche to get into but you might want to just stick with one niche within the niche again you know having a whole pet store like there’s already some very good ones out there that they are not drop shipping they’re just got their own stock so be wary with that one um there is consumer electronics as well so you can see um a lot of different products in
here you know things like you might have a store that helps people set up their own youtube channel so selling gimbals and tripods and loads of different things um toys and hobbies so toys is obviously like a very big market and if you find the right niche within there then you could be into a winner um and there’s like pool toys and remote control toys all that kind of thing novelty and special uses like costumes exotic all that kind of thing
and then shoe accessories so there you go that’s just a general overview of the different categories that you can find within um modalist okay so now i’m going to show you how to quickly put a product into your wix website so i’m just going to choose one specific category so i’m going to go all categories and i’m going to go and choose bags and luggage and i’m just going to choose women’s bags but i’m actually only going to only going to be
choosing backpacks i could go in and specifically check backpacks but um i’m going to just sort of keep myself a little bit more open and just kind of have a look at all the different bags that are available and some of them might not be sub-categorized already into backpacks so there might be some that you actually miss so keep that in mind i’m sorry my dinner is just here but you know we’ll we’ll finish early i promise okay um so what you want
to look for is products that have really good photography um for example this is well photographed this not so much you can’t really see any of the details of the backpack so i probably wouldn’t want to put that in my store let’s keep scrolling also if there’s only like a lifestyle shot available but you want to keep it clean and simple and white background then you know that’s something to consider all right so here is a nicely photographed
backpack i like that one this one has a terrible image the backpack itself is not too bad but it has this really ugly background so i hate that um here’s another one that is from that same supplier and just looks rather tacky so just just saying i’m just saying um so i know that within this category there is literally hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of uh products um but yeah you can kind of get a sense of what’s in there so what i’m going to
do is add this to import this so just click on this button okay and we have my drop shipping and you can go into pricing rules as well and you can go with what they’ve suggested as the pricing rule so like what you will earn what you mark it up as or you can create your own pricing rules so i’m not going to get into that usually at the moment i’m just going to click on import list okay and then i am going to tick this little box and i’m going to
go add two weeks and you can change the different um things in here as you can see other variants that it might come in you can see the pricing and you can see the different images that it has um we’re going to add this to x okay and then we’re going to go back to our tab for wix and don’t worry about that close that i’m going to click on manage i’m sorry let’s go to my store and go to go to dashboard and store products and choose products all
right and we have the straw backpack in our wix store so i’m going to click on that and just sort of show you what it comes up looking like so this will look like any other kind of backpack that you have so you can actually add you can have drop shipping products within your store but you might also have other products that you actually ship yourself if you sort of have your own little brand or something so definitely key to have a look at so you
can see you can change the um different thing on here you can add more photos you can add videos to this as well um and yeah there’s lots of different things that you can adjust and it is that easy so now if i click save and i’m going to go to the live website i don’t know if you can see my kitty’s hand right there but uh she wants some of my chicken cubes all right so let’s go to um publish and we’re going to go to the live site excuse me cover
all right and we’re going to go shop the collection and we’re going to click on the straw backpack and there it is so now if somebody buys it now then you get some money and you don’t have to do anything isn’t that cool all right so that was a lot of information to digest but what i suggest you do is go and um just go into modal list and just have a look set up a free account in monolith and just like have a look like see what’s in there see if
you can figure out what kind of niche you want to do set up a free gmail account set up a free wix website and obviously you do need to pay for um to host a wix website so you can put it on a professional domain name you do actually get a free domain name usually if you go with a yearly plan with weeks and you will need to pay for an e-commerce plan within wix the hosting you can only host your website with wix it’s got its own in-house hosting
um and you do also need to pay to be a part of modalist um there is a free plan so you can just check out i think it’s like 15 products that you can or five or 15 products you can kind of have a play around with and test and then there’s also different levels so there is different costs associated um i’m not going to tell you how much because you’re all from different countries my audience so i can tell you in australian but that wouldn’t be much
help if you’re in the eu so have a look for yourself this is definitely an easy way to get started in dropshipping when you don’t know anything about building websites and you don’t know anything about drop shipping i hope this was helpful see you again next time subscribe to my channel and also uh drop down below what kind of niche are you thinking of getting into um and maybe i can give you some advice on you know how whether that is a good
niche um maybe i can suggest whether you can go into a further sub-niche and yeah thanks for watching guys