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hello and welcome to a video from guide to tech today we're going to look at setting up a custom PHP ini file using cPanel now I'm going to be doing this with Hostgator though it should be a similar process for any provider that uses cPanel so first thing I will do is login and now I'm simply going to click launch cPanel now once this loads up what we're going to do is scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page and we are looking for a section called software and there it is now so now what we want to do is click on PHP selector this is going to allow us to adjust our PHP version so it shows us that the default is 5.4 I currently have this folder set up to seven point one and as you can see it's telling me what folder I currently have selected so what you want to do is make sure you select the folder that your website is then so I'm going to use this example of custom PHP that is now my current folder now what I would recommend you do while you're here is update your PHP version if you haven't done so already since five points four has been outdated since 2015 so once we have that we'll click setup custom PHP ini and that throws us into this editor now it does have quite a few options in here that you can adjust though it does not contain all of the options of the PHP dot ini file but we can still get to those so we can go ahead and head back there and now we'll go to files in the left-hand menu and we want to open file manager once in here navigate back to the folder that your website is located in and now you see we have this PHP dot ini file in there so before we make any changes what we want to do is we want to make a copy of this so we're going to put it in the same folder I'm just going to rename it to dot back at the end and there we go now we have a backup copy so now we can right-click on PHP I and I and go to edit and click edit again at this window and there we are now we have our PHP dot ini file opened up in a text editor and now you can make any changes that you need once you're done go ahead and click Save Changes and then we can close and we can also now close file manager now if you want to undo this and remove the custom PHP dot ini file simply head back to your PHP selector now navigate to the folder that your website is in and once you're here all you need to do is click the button that says remove custom PHP ini now we can verify that that's gone by going back to files and then file manager well now we gave back to the same folder and now as you can see the PHP dot ini file is gone although we do still have our backup copy and that is it for setting up a custom PHP ini file in cPanel if you enjoyed this video please leave a like and subscribe if you would like to read a step-by-step guide on how to do this there will be a link posted in the description thanks for watching .

Video Discription

This video show the process of setting up a custom php.ini file in cPanel. I'm using HostGator in the video, but the process should be the same for any provider using cPanel.

If you'd like to view a step-by-step guide, visit the link below:


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