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How To Send Automated Emails in Wix – Training Tutorial AUTOMATED FUNCTIONS

How To Send Automated Emails in Wix – Training Tutorial | Have you been struggling to determine how to automate emails and functions on your Wix website? I’m here to relieve that struggle today and show you step-by-step how to utilize Wix Automations.

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Join me as I breakdown how to use Wix Automations to not only send automated emails but also trigger automated actions in Wix, such as invoice payment reminders, welcome emails, new tasks and more.

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what’s going on wix nation mps here from witch training academy and today i will be showing you how to create automation emails on your wix website i’ve been receiving this question a lot lately it’s time to clear it up this goes for if you have freebies if you want to send welcome emails thank you emails any of these forms of emails can all be easily solved and sent using now i know that you’re sitting here wondering michael why are
you wearing a suit and the answer to that is actually and i want to preface this by saying that absolutely nothing is changing here on wix training academy but my father and i are actually launching a sales training business and so i will be in a suit for the next 90 days working personalized with a client excuse me and working through their sales systems to kind of get the basic premise of our foundational system off the ground launched and
proven so that’s why i’m in a suit and you’ll see me in this exact setting for at least the next 90 days if you guys are brand new to the channel thank you so much for watching make sure you smash that subscribe button and turn those bell notifications on so you don’t miss any content here on the channel and you’ll instantly plug into the largest wix training community on the internet and as much as i know you want to see this pretty face for a
whole lot of time today i’m not here to deliver you a whole lot of time i’m here to show you how to get these automations done here on wix and that’s going to be a quick video so let’s jump into the content okay guys so you’re sitting here in your wix dashboard um now again i’m gonna say this again these automations are for a variety of different types of emails to happen so for instance if you have a member register to your website and you want
to send them a welcome email that can happen if you have someone purchase from your online store you want to send them a thank you email that can happen instantly immediately you can choose the time delay we’ll go through all that so i’m going to show you how to make it happen so you’re here in your wix dashboard what you’re going to do is you’re going to see a send by wix and you’re going to see customer management you’re going to hover over
that and then you’ll see this other sidebar pop up and you’ll see automations you’re going to click automations when you get to automations you will see that wix gives you the ability to create some automations but i want to just give you some examples build customer relationships send a thank you email to anyone that submits a form on your website email visitors who submit a form and create a task to follow up yeah you can create task management
systems here in wix now too which is really evolving with their crm which is beautiful you can label contacts when they send a chat message so that way internally they’re labeled engage with your members you can invite people to come back to your website if they’ve been off for a while and inactive you can thank new members with a follow-up email you can send a welcome email and then there’s a bunch of different things maybe you’ve got customers
currently in your wix dashboard and they’re on an invoicing system or on payment plans you can notify customers that a quote expires you can remind them that an invoice is due you could do all of these different automations which is beautiful beautiful beautiful you would press create first automation and or use one of the pre-made ones that already exist and then you choose your trigger your trigger is when one of these things and right now the
automations work for all of these particular wix apps and wix functions so which forms price quotes invoices workflows members area spaces inbox and contact form so whenever an action is taken on one of these types of apps through wix it triggers a response and so we’ll just say for this one members area okay so select a trigger for this app when a member signs up to our website so when a member signs up to our website and that’s the trigger i
want this to happen so if this then this if-then statements if a visitor signs up to your site then this is the action do this and you would choose which of these actions you want to have happen do you want to send a welcome email to contacts do you want to get notified you do you want to be notified that someone signed up do you want it to create a task in your system do you want it to move a card in your workflow um through your project
management do you want to connect a web hook do you want to connect to zapier and if you don’t know what zapier is zapier allows multiple apps literally every app you can imagine software software software connect and talk to one another incredible tools zapier is do you want to add label to a contact do you want to assign a badge to that particular member and then you can choose what these actions look like now here’s the beautiful thing you’re
not limited to just one so if you want you can use this trigger and then have it create multiple actions you just need to make sure you create an automation for each of those particular functions you want to be carried out so once you use visitor signs up to your site it’s not like you can just use that one and then that trigger is only associated with one you would choose that and then you would choose your action so you can literally come
through here choose one and then go back and make another and say okay but i also want to be notified by email okay but i also want a task created when this person’s done registering and then what you’ll do is you’ll see um in this case i chose send an email to contacts you can choose your sender details here you would choose your from name and your reply to email and obviously you’re going to do that with whatever your name is and whatever your
email is and then if you came in here you actually have the ability to edit this email as well so if you press edit template it would take you to with shout out and you can edit the details you have to uh edit your sender details and get them approved through wix first because they have to ensure that it’s legitimate once that’s approved which it’s instant as long as you put in the proper stuff you just got to confirm you’ll be good to change
this but you would just edit template just like you would normally send an email with wix shout out in any marketing campaigns or anything like that you have the same ability to edit those emails and come through the email editor and then you can even preview and test the email as well so you could come in here and check okay i want to make sure my email looks good before it gets sent out nineteen thousand times twenty thousand in the case which
training academy and then you could come in here test it out you could click buttons blah blah blah blah blah and then it would take you to your site and you like i said edit that email now we’re gonna go ahead and go back and so that’s what we chose to do with the welcome email and then lastly you have timing so how do you want this timing to work do you want it sent out immediately after that person registered to your website or do you want to
set a custom time do you want it a day after do you want it hours after how long after and then do you want it a certain frequency do you want it to trigger every single time or once per contact or once per every 24 hours and obviously the frequency will vary depending on what your function is that you’re carrying it out and what trigger is causing it to happen and then you choose these things and you literally customize your automation and then
you could even add a follow-up action you could say okay i want to choose a follow-up action so after that happens i also want to blah blah blah i want to get notified by email or i want to assign a badge to a member you would come at a badge and then you can choose do you want to wait between actions or have it respond immediately and then you could choose how long after and you can literally keep coming in here and adding follow-up action
follow-up action follow-up action and then what you’re going to end up doing is you are just going to name whatever your action is so we’ll just say welcome email and then you’re going to press activate and it’s going to activate your automation so basically any basic functions you want automated on your website such as sending emails creating tasks assigning badges creating follow-ups for you workflows stuff like that can all be managed by
automations so that way you never have to click any additional buttons go through any manual work it’s just done for you through wix’s automation system it’s extremely powerful and it takes a huge load of work off you so i hope you enjoyed today’s video again i know you didn’t get to see this pretty face here too long but i hope you enjoyed the time that you did get to see me and i hope the content was valuable to you if it was make sure you drop
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there as well but uh you’ve got access to a bunch of free resources either way if you just go join the academy over at wix training thank you guys so much for watching today’s video i look forward to catching you on our next one you