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How to Secure Your Site with InMotion Hosting for FREE

It seems every day we hear about a new company getting hacked. As a new website owner, you NEED to make sure you secure your site from day 1!

Luckily if you use InMotionHosting, the entire security process couldn’t be easier! In this video I’ll quickly show you how to enable SSL security for your website in under 5 minutes – completely free!

hey everybody John here from convert – calm and in this video we’re going to continue on with our starter series on getting your website up and running fast and easy using in motion hosting in the last video we got our WordPress up and going and you got to see the basic start page of your blog but one thing you’ll probably notice when you first get in is that you’re going to have this not secure icon at the top of your screen there and that is
something that Google has been very vocal about that they want to make sure to keep all of the users safe that you need to have secure connections to your website so even before we go through and add a bunch of blog post and add a bunch of things to our website I want to go ahead and clean this up and make sure we have a good secure site for browsers to come on to our page and really have that trust with us it’ll also in the future help your
search engine optimization ranks which we’ll get into all that in later videos but in this one I’m gonna show you the easiest way to go ahead and get that secure setup on your site so the first thing you want to do is go into your in motion hosting account so I’m here in my account and if you scroll down in the account management panel you’re going to see the manage free basic SSL and SSL stands for secure socket layer not that you really need to
know what that means it’s good enough to know it’s what makes your site secure so by default every plan on in motion hosting offers free SSL and in order to do it it could not be easier so over on the side you should see your eligible domains and at this point I’m switching over to my conversion sandbox account this will be where I can do these tutorial videos easy for you let’s go ahead and just do a quick check all here and check eligibility
and you should be getting a green check box on your domains there if you don’t get any of those green check box leave a comment below let me know what’s going on or you can just go ahead and start a chat through the support center of in motion hosting so at that point it’s about as easy as clicking from enable free SSL from off to on and it says feature successfully toggled and go ahead and run a check you’ll notice it can take about 20 minutes
to complete so we’re gonna go and do one last thing while this is going and what we’re going to do is avoid all the code avoid all the the mess that you might have to go into to get the setup on your own and we’re going to do that through a simple plugin in WordPress so back on our WordPress website here I’m gonna go ahead and login okay so we’re here on the WordPress dashboard and what we’re going to do is add a plug-in to our website and
plugins are just little pieces of Lego blocks of code that you can tack on to your existing website and give it a new functionality and this functionality is going to be security so we’re going to type in really simple SSL then you see it shows up right here so there’s over a million active installations when you’re looking at new plugins just really take a look is it still being developed it hasn’t been updated in the last six to eight months or
so that’s a good sign that I want to look for how many installations are on there you know a little bit of social proof there reviews you can read through it but really this is the the simplest way to get your site secure with an SSL it’s all good install it now and activate okay so it’s it’s gonna tell you it’s almost ready to go telling you what it’s doing and really all you’ve got to do now is hit activate and as we see really simple SSL is
going and let’s go ahead and get over wet website now so I’ll open a new tab conversion sandbox comm boom we now have the secure we can see here the certificate is valid this is using the certificate through in motion hosting and we are good to go so just like that and you know under a few minutes we have a secure web site and we’re ready to start developing on it hope this is helpful if you like these types of videos go ahead hit the subscribe
and the like button and hit the bell if you want to be notified when I make another one so thank you guys I’ll talk to you the next video