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How to register a new domain name – InMotion Hosting

How to register a new domain name – InMotion Hosting In this tutorial, we’ll review how to register a new domain name from within your Account Management Panel (AMP) How to register a new domain name – InMotion Hosting

we’re now at the amp login page so go ahead and login as you usually do entering your email address and password okay and once you log into amp find the additional services section and click domains this is the page that we need to be at to register a new domain name so the first thing that we need to do is enter the domain name that we want to register in this example we’re going to register Brad with in motion calm now if I wanted to I could
change it to Brad with in motion net or Brad with in motion dot org or any of the available extensions that are listed here you also want to check to see that the domain name is available obviously if it’s registered you can’t take it google com is registered so you’re not going to be able to register that for example so click check availability and in this case it says domain name is available so we’ll continue the next option is domain
registration and this is really the registration length how long you want to register it domain names are active for one year so after the initial year you need to renew the domain name otherwise the domain name will expire and someone else will be able to register it later on in the drop-down menu you have the option to register it for one all the way up to five years but by default it’s just set to one year the next option is to decide if you
want to have domain privacy on your domain name or not and for more information on domain privacy go ahead and click the learn more link right here and basically what’s going on is that whenever a domain name is registered I can requires us to submit the owner’s personal information to the who is in database and this is not just an inmotion hosting policy wherever you register domain name the registrar has to do the same when you think about it
though it’s going to publish your name your address and your phone number and information like that then becomes readily available to spammers and telemarketers and stalkers and so forth so what we do provide is domain privacy and what this does is this allows us to put our information and stutter yours and thus it will you know protect your private information if you look at an example here if you did not have domain privacy you can see that
your name would show your address your phone number shows for example but under private registration we put in or information we put in our address we put an hour phone number and so forth the only thing we do is we keep your name in there just to show that you actually own the domain name if domain privacy is something that you’d like to have added to the domain name just select the option from the drop-down it’s currently nine dollars per year
an additional nine dollars the next thing we need to do is fill out the billing information and this is basically how you’re going to pay for the domain name if you have more than one or you want to add another profile you can select add new or you can keep the current one that that’s on your account in this case I don’t have a credit card on the account so it may ask you to input another credit card or if you already have one you could choose it
from the drop-down you do need to agree to the Terms of Service before you register domain name if you need to see those go ahead and click the Terms of Service link here and then when you’re ready click the I agree checkbox finally it’s a summary of the current charges and then go ahead and click Submit and what that’s going to do is register your domain name new domains can take up to 24 hours before they’re fully active so it’s probably not
going to work right away for you so give it a few hours and then what you can do from there is