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How To Register A Domain Name With GoDaddy [2016]

I’m going to show you how to register a domain name with GoDaddy.
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I started my first website almost 3 years ago and I got my first domain through GoDaddy.
The process was pretty simple and straight forward and I’ve been using them every since. There are many other alternatives out there, but my goal is to show you what I did and how I went from writing on pieces of paper to publishing my blog live on the internet. I want to help you go from idea for a website or blog, to actually getting it done!

Godaddy says that they are the world’s leading domain registrar with over 62 million domains under management. When you’ve got stats like that you can be sure it’s gonna be a pretty reliable service and again, the only thing I look for is domain name registration with GoDaddy.

Go to and type in the domain name you’d like in the search bar. If you type in something and it’s already taken, you’ll get a list of alternatives like: .net, .org and etc. I really like to have a .com website name because that’s what most people search first. Check out this article on choosing a domain name to get a little more insight.

Once you’ve found a domain name that’s available click “Select”. The next step is to click the “continue to checkout” button. Once you’ve done that, you’ll arrive to a page that will ask you: “What will you do with your domain name?” On this page I always choose to make my domain name private and it’s $7.99 per year, but to me it’s well worth it.
If you choose to leave your domain name public, “your name, address, email, and phone number are automatically published for the world to see”. This also leaves you more vulnerable to spammers as well.

I also make sure that I don’t check any other box that adds any other services, the only thing I get from GoDaddy and this is my personal preference, I only get domain names. They always tell you “you got a great domain”, gotta to love it!

I usually choose to register a for 1 year especially that 1st year. This is also a good time to double check your chosen name and make sure everything is spelled correctly because once your purchase it, you’re gonna own that name. Now go ahead and proceed to checkout and double check your billing information.

You have to first agree to the terms and then place your order. That’s how to register your domain with Godaddy.

The next step is to set up your hosting, don’t worry I’m gonna guide you step by step so stay tuned. I’ve got a lot more tutorials to help you along the way.

Have you gotten your domain name yet? Leave a comment below and share your experience.