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why your website may contain a hundred percent duplicate content which is pretty bad because Google's algorithm docks you when you have duplicate content and it's weird that your entire site would contain it but actually when I show you it's going to be pretty obvious why if you go over here we're going to go to my browser let's just use an example here if you type in ww Dziedzic marketing guide com my website will come up if you if you type it without the ww Internet's running a little slow today it's odd see it has redirected to the site with the ww in front of it now with non www and www are two different sites so Google sees those is completely different and they but they but they see that they have the exact same content so you're really going to hurt yourself in regards to search engine optimization if you don't have one of those sites redirecting to the other to tell Google hey hey guys this is the same site you should look at it as the same site so I'm going to show you how to quickly do that now the first thing you want to do is go to your control panel or your cPanel of your website and if you don't know what that is you're going to have to look at another tutorial just search it in youtube and you'll be able to find something but once you get into your cPanel you want to go to your file manager you're going to select the UM you're going to select the domain that you want to work on so let's select my domain then you're going to want to go to this file the dot HT Access file this file is basically what the internet is accessing first and telling it how to boot up the website so let's go here let's go to edit first thing you want to do is download this in case you make any funky changes and you crash your site for some reason downloaded to be safe I have it dub so let's go to edit right here here's the code that I put in to redirect the non ww2 the ww site telling Google that that's the site i want that's the site that i prefer now you can see right here all you have to do is replace my domain name with your domain name in these two places and just stick it at the top all this code down here is just from other plugins and and things that i have installed on my site but that's about it if you like what you see here you can follow me on twitter at CJ force or i encourage you to subscribe by going to my website and entering your email thanks take care guys .

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