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How to Rearrange Order of Products in Your Wix Ecommerce Store

hey there welcome back to another tutorial it is sarah michaels here so in this video i’m going to show you how to rearrange the products in your wix ecommerce store if you are sorting them by collection or even if you’re not i’m going to show you how you can manually rearrange them so for example on here our client wanted the berkey water filters to be listed in a specific order so what you want to do and you can access this from two
different ways so you can either go in manually and you can go to my dashboard or i believe you can get to it from the settings and then when you go in here and click on manage collections that will also take you to the same spot so again going into the settings my dashboard and then clicking on the store or by clicking on this little thing right here clicking on the settings and then clicking all the way down on manage collections and that that
should both both of those options should take you to that spot in the dashboard where you’re able to manage them okay so the next thing you want to do and obviously in the dashboard category and i know this may seem like really simple for some of you but trust me um for the the average person sometimes it can be hard to find these options so in the dashboard click on store products okay and that’s gonna pull up um this it should take you to this
page right here okay so you can either if there’s a page where you’re displaying all of your products you could click on that and what it’s going to do is it’s going to show you where all of these are so that you can kind of like move them around right so that’s like if you’ve got a bunch of stuff now if you have sorted your products into different collections you can also drag those around as well by clicking on that specific collection so in
this instance we’re going to go ahead and open up his berkey water filters so he wanted them listed here so all you have to do is click on it and drag it into the correct position so in this instance we are going in descending order it’s a really really simple to do so i’m just going to go ahead and do this really quick if you guys don’t mind that’d be awesome and i’m going to move this over and there we go so then i’m all done with that that’s
how you rearrange them now obviously if you want to add an image to it or something like that you’d click here and then make sure that you click on save it may seem simple but i had so many people getting frustrated and messaging me saying oh my god it doesn’t work it’s not it’s like well did you click save and they’re like oh and then and then it’ll go so what we want to do then is um it’ll uh automatically update here and you can see then that
it it did the save and then obviously if your site is live and you’ve rearranged the products you’d want to go ahead and click on publish okay and that’s how you would be able to rearrange on your website so um the next thing that i’m just going to encourage you to do is check out the comment section down below where i put some freebies and trials i do offer a course it’s called style it yourself it’s a wix diy website design course it does not
teach you coding but it does teach you some of these things and also gives you access to an expert once a week to be able to help you set up your wix website so if that’s something you’re interested in check out down below if this video was helpful go ahead give it a thumbs up and click on the subscribe button and the little bell so that you don’t miss when a new video uploads i am uploading videos to help you design a life and business you love
so thank you so much for watching and i’ll see you in the next video