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How to Purchase Your Domain Name on GoDaddy for Your Kajabi Website (Travel Lifestyle Course) Get your free trial of Kajabi to follow along with this free course. In the last lesson you researched and picked out the perfect domain name. In this lesson, I’m going to show you how to purchase your domain name on I like GoDaddy for buying my domains because of their DNS settings. As we get further into this course we will need to modify the DNS settings for your business email and when we switch your Kajabi domain name to your purchased domain name. You can use a different service, but I’ll be showing you how all this works using GoDaddy. GoDaddy is always changing the look and feel of their Website, but the DNS settings always stay the same.

As a bonus for this lesson, I also show you how to forward another version of your domain name to your primary version of your domain name. I do this with common misspellings of my domain name.

Note: I am a partner with Kajabi and will make a commission if you decide to become a customer after the FREE Trial. This doesn’t cost you anything extra and actually gives you a free trial. I personally use Kajabi and highly recommend it. Kajabi did NOT pay me for this review and demo of their platform.