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How To Print Shipping Labels At Home | WIX edition

Stop wasting time at the post office and print labels at home! This was a quick straight to the point video. If y’all want a more detailed, step by step video let me know in the comments! Also, leave your questions in the comments 💛 don’t forget to shop and follow us on Instagram @sunnyblom_ 🌻

so today i’m going to show you guys how to create your own shipping labels and mail packages from your home without having to wait in lines at the post office or right on your packages or just wait time period it’s 2020 start printing labels at home and just drop them off at the post office and going about your day you’ve got other stuff to be doing it’s just a lot of other things to get done rather than waiting in line at the post office so
type in okay so i’m going to be showing you guys how i ship my orders based off of wix um that’s my website platform that i use so if you scroll down all the way to the bottom over here just click apps now you guys will have to go to the app market if you don’t already have this app integrated with your site the app is called shippo and you go search it and there it is click it and then yours would say install or add or something like that but
mine says open so i just open it up and boom this pops up right so this is these are all your orders from your site and it’s a good thing to have it integrated so you don’t have to create the labels manually they just automatically go on your shippo account so i have to create this label for this order right here you press create label i’m going to block her address out but the address would be right here and just make sure it’s correct and
shipping has a thing integrated in it where it like checks to see if it’s a correct address or if anything’s wrong with it but looks like everything is right with that this is what she ordered she ordered one kn 95 respirator mask and it okay on my website i put in the weights for everything per item so it gives me an ideal weight of how much it weighs but we’re still going to weigh it just to make sure now down here this is where you would you
can upload custom packages like how big your packages are like your mailers your bubble mailers um or your boxes or whatever you use you can just put them in here automatically and just click them but i haven’t done that yet i’m gonna get to that but i know for hers i’m gonna use a 6×9 polymeller and it always asks for a height i just put 0.5 and the weight let’s weigh our item hold on so i have this little postal scale that i got from amazon um
i’ll put a picture of the exact one i got while she ordered it was this mask and i’m gonna put it in this six by nine holly miller that i have oh and let me get a thank you card hold on all right so i’ll just put my little thank you card in there and then i’m just gonna close this up okay so now i’m just going to put it on my shipping skills turn that on y’all can see you just put it on there so right now it’s 0.6 ounces and this scale also like
has little things where you can just like put on there like that as well and it’s still 0.6 ounces you can hold it well it went down because i moved it all right so now you come back to shippo and you put 0.6 and you change this from pounds to ounces and boom save it and then you can add like um signature confirmation where they have to sign for their package or add insurance or create return labels or say if your shipment contains alcohol and
then this is the sender’s address so that’s from me and over here it tells you how much they paid for shipping so my customer paid seven dollars and thirty cents for first class mail now with shipping prices it entails the shipping and like the miller the everything that involves shipping your package is included in that price so seven dollars and thirty cents now with simple shipping gives a discount for shipping labels and that’s a good thing
with shipper they give a discount with shipping labels so shipping labels are a lot cheaper than if you were to go to the post office so first class mail is only 2.74 so you’re saving money and they have priority mail for seven dollars and two cents and us priority this is one day mail for 22.75 and they also have like this basic one for 6.92 now this is the one i would normally use or something like that which is why the shipping is 7 30 but
shipping gives me a discount so i’m going to use the 2.74 one and you just click buy and you press purchase one label and then this pops up and then you press download and you will just click print and you can print it out on your regular printer or if you have a thermal label printer you can print it out that way i’ll show you guys in a second i want to show you guys how to manually enter addresses as well and then we’re going to print it okay
now we’re back on the shippo homepage so if you want to create a manual label like say someone wants to order something from you but they didn’t order on the site and you still have to send it out to them you can do it this way just go in the top right here and press create label and then when that comes up all your info is already there you just have to put in the other person’s info so i’m sending my dad um a hand sanitizer so i’m just going to
put in his info over here no it’s already in there okay boom and then you press save and continue and it’s going to go through the same process as we did before he’s just going into six by nine as well now actually his is going above four by eight and i gotta weigh his package so i’ll be right back all right so i’m sending him some hand sanitizer if you don’t have some you might want to shop and get you some hand sanitizer it’s a
um spray sanitizer and it’s only five dollars and we also have a bundle deal where you get sanitizer and two masks for ten dollars or um 2k and 95 masks for 15 with the hand sanitizer so check it out get you some stay safe but with my um handsome palette i put in these little bubble protective things i don’t know if you guys can see but they’re like these little bubble wraps and they’re like closable which i really like amazon and then i’ll just
wrap it around and then he’s getting a smaller bubble melon so i’ll put it in here he doesn’t need a thank you card or anything you know what’s up so we’ll take that off they’re not glass they’re plastic but you still don’t want a bent up bottle so i turn my thing on put my thing on top is 3.3 ounces so that’s about right i hold that so i know so i don’t forget how much it weighs 3.3 then i’m going to put that in shipping all right so now i’m
just going to put it 3.3 ounces into shippo save it he’s getting the cheapest one the cheapest mailing so the two dollars this is going all the way to georgia purchase one label boom it’s it’s done so we’re not going to print it right now we’re going to exit out so i’m just going to click these two that’s the only two i did and then go here and press download labels for selected orders once you do that it downloads you open it up it’s gonna be in
a pdf format and then you just print it and that way it’s all they print out all at one time so if you have like a lot of orders to do you can just do it that way as simple and easy they print out all that one time in like five seconds if you have a thermal printer but if not i’m gonna show y’all so just print make sure you have your printer selected make sure the paper size 4×6 if you’re using a thermal printer if not it can just be a regular
size of paper and press print all right so this is the printer i have it’s a thermal label printer by um the print i think that’s how you say it but it was like 140 something dollars off amazon i’ll put the picture in of the exact one i got if you don’t have one of these you can just use a regular old printer and print your labels and just tape them on your package that saves you so much more time than writing out all the addresses and waiting in
line at the post office which i hate it so i started printing myself and it’s that easy and that quick and that simple and then you just peel it off of these um things and just stick it on your package so now when you go to the post office all you have to do is drop this in one of the mailboxes or put it on the counter or just give it to somebody you don’t even have to wait in line anymore just drop it off and you’re done or if you have like a
hundreds of orders or whatever they can come get it from your house and then you’re done and the only thing about shipple is they put their brand at the bottom but if you pay shippo you can actually put your own brand at the bottom