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How to Point a GoDaddy Domain to HostGator

So you bought your domain on GoDaddy (no hard feelings). In this video, we’ll show you how to point the domain you bought elsewhere to your HostGator website.

In this video you’ll learn:
How to point a GoDaddy domain to HostGator Hosting
Really, How to Point any domain to HostGator
How to change your DNS Nameservers
Basic DNS Management

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Hey everyone! It’s Josh from Hostgator. Today I’m going to show you how to change your nameservers if you purchase your domain through GoDaddy. Let’s dive in. In an earlier video I showed you how to manage and track down your nameservers through both the customer portal, and through cPanel. Today, if I want to change them at GoDaddy, I need to make sure I have those on hand. What I’m going to do is be logged in to my cPanel. I’m gonna scroll
down here on the right hand side, underneath general information. I’m going to grab my primary and secondary nameserver. I’m going to copy those over into a text document or somewhere where I can get to them really easily. I want to make sure that I’m logged in over at GoDaddy. Up here in the top right hand corner I’m gonna click my name. I’m gonna click ‘My Products’ to see everything that I have for this GoDaddy account. As we can see here I’ve
got one domain, and on the right hand side I’ve got a few different options. Today I want to click the DNS section. Automatically GoDaddy is gonna point your domain an its nameservers to a GoDaddy account. It’ll also allow you to manage the records individually, but that’s not something that we’re gonna change today. Let’s scroll down to the nameservers section. As you can see here it’s got ns05 and ns06 That’s the default
account for GoDaddy, but we want to modify that, so let’s click change. I’ve got a secondary option here. It’s gonna allow you to connect it to a website, but we actually want to enter our own nameservers manually. We’re gonna click this tab here, and it’s gonna bring us to a secondary page where we can insert those nameservers that we’ve grabbed from our cPanel earlier. I’ll paste that first one there in the primary and the secondary in, and
I’ll move myself that way so we can see the button. Now as you can see we’ve got a save option here so let’s click that once we know that the nameservers are correct. And that’s that! You will get a bar up here at the top that says you may get a confirmation email about this change, and you might not see the nameservers updated automatically in the GoDaddy portal, but once you get that verification email and you confirm everything’s been changed
you should be able to navigate back to your front page, go through that same process again to see that the nameservers have actually been modified. Click back on my products click on DNS and scroll back down and as we can see here, it was last updated today and my nameservers have updated automatically. In this case the nameservers for your domain have been pointed to your cPanel here at Hostgator, and all you need to do is wait about 24 or 48
hours for everything to resolve over the internet. That’s what’s called propagation. Then you should be good to go to start building your new website. Thanks all for watching. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below, and please feel free to subscribe if you want to see more helpful videos. Thanks y’all!