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How to Migrate or Transfer WordPress website to Hostinger Server

Learn how to transfer your wordpress website from old hosting to new hostinger hosting.

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Index :
0:00 – How to point your domain to Hostinger dns name servers
1:16 – Using temporary preview domain
1:56 – How to login to wordpress admin dashboard and install migration plugin
3:00 – How to migrate old website data to new website
4:31 – Checking imported data on new website and update permalinks

Part – 1 How to setup an hosting account on hostinger –

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and if you’re migrating the next step is to click on this control panel okay so on the top here you can see this um message error message domain status not pointing to our name servers you just click on this how to fix this option and um i was searching for this name servers so um you have to paste it in your so if you are using namecheap you can follow this exact tutorial and if you are using any other domain registrar you will have to um go
check their different tutorials but it is pretty simple so i’ll just go back to my namecheap account and here click on manage this is the domain okay and from here i will change the name servers now once this is done um you can see the message here that it may take up to 48 hours to take effect okay so the domain updating process is complete and now the wordpress the bonjour dot website is accessible on this hosting server so just click i will
click on this done and okay they also give you a preview domain so you can take advantage of that somehow i missed it before but anyways just click on done and by click on this preview domain you can access your website too so this is a good option and once you have done that so now what i’ll do is just go to my main website website and um now go to the wordpress admin area and doing so it’s very simple just add slash to groupie admin
and just enter your email and password so if any of you sign up for hosting a hosting using my affiliate link you will get priorities of book email support from me so if you have any issue with wordpress you can contact me and you will get priority support so i will just save the password for now and you can see it is loading pretty smooth and it is very quick so now let’s um complete the migration um the plugin is already installed on it well
this is a bit surprising so now we’ll have to select import and there is a limit here so if you have watched my other video let me um increase the limit let’s check the limit now it should be 512 mb okay the limit has been increased so okay so the download is complete so um and um in this tutorial i’m sure not showing you the complete migration process step by step if you want to watch that you can watch my other videos so in this video i will
just um show you how to do it quickly so i’ll just drag and drop it here and let the import process complete so right now if you go to the mojo note website you will see it is a fresh wordpress installation with just hello world and the loading speed is actually very fast so i’m really impressed with the um loading speed okay so it became slow because of the importing process probably so let the import process complete and then i will continue
with the video okay so the import process is almost complete i will just click on the proceed now the files have been uploaded and now it will just restore all the files okay so the import process has been successfully completed so you can see this um now and um let’s see if what it shows now okay it is asking us for login so um what i’m going to do a try is try from this whole single um panel you can see it is not like the cpanel it is a
different panel and i will also create a detailed video about this panel so make sure to subscribe and let’s try to log in from here um dashboard okay there are several useful options here and um you know i will cover all this in the next video let’s see um if it allows us to indirectly login okay once you log into your wordpress admin dashboard just go to permalinks and um from here um this is the correct permalink so i’ll just um update it