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How To Make Money From HostGator Affiliate Program 2019

How To Make Money From HostGator Affiliate Program 2019
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Make a product and get others to promote it for you. Give 50% or even 100% if it is a low-ticket upfront offer. You get those customers emails, your affiliates are happy to promote you, and you upsell higher ticket offers e.g. $2k course, 4k coaching, 25k private mastermind group, etc. There’s no real upfront cost doing it that way.

Most people are promoting other people’s products which requires knowledge of how to drive profitable traffic (not to mention cloaking urls/ads). Affiliates can make good money but product creators make more (and it is passive income).

The big money makers are content producers that have hundreds of people promoting their products.

The way to make big money as an affiliate is to launch jack (more profitable since you don’t necessarily have to pay for cold-traffic). You can use Google Adwords, Facebook ads, SEO, video SEO, parasite SEO, and so on to rank the products branded terms online and capture organic traffic as well as branded keyword search traffic which is often low competition on Google/Bing compared to the more broader terms.

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so you want to make money from Hostgator as a filly program what’s up everybody my name is Ryan from Ryan Viacom and you’re here in this video because you want to know how to make money from Hostgator affiliate program and before I get started I want you guys go ahead and go to the right side of this video and go look for that Bell and go hit that bill really quick and let me know so you can get notified right whenever I go live or whenever
I download a new video and also since you’re there and you’re not that area won’t you go ahead and hit that subscribe button and subscribe to my YouTube my youtube channel because I know I’m gonna be uploading videos and every day so I can help so where I’m gonna where I can show you how you can make money from home and today’s video I’m gonna be doing exactly there I’m gonna be showing you guys how how to use Hostgator affiliate program and how
you can promote it and how you can make money every single month from there alright so really quick you know um you probably thought you know well since they have an affiliate program you know and they’re all from a Philly money why not get into the action right I mean hey I wanted I wanted an action tool you know whatever they whatever Hostgator but you have a problem right the problem is that you don’t know I mean you’re not sure how you can
promote their affiliate offer how you can promote you know Hostgator throughout you know social media or even through your you know online or offline right and that’s why I’m here to help you right because I was in the same situation as you were a few months ago all right and before I get started on into the next the next thing I’m gonna share my screen really quick and I’m gonna show you guys you know um know what I’m talking about here so let’s
go and I hope I am sharing it let’s see hey I’m sure all right so this is Hostgator zom website right and if you you know go into Hostgator right and if you in Hostgator and you know if you look over here you see affiliates right and if you’re not if you don’t have an account with Hostgator you don’t have to have an account with Hostgator to sign up as an affiliate believe it or not and its really great but if you do have Hostgator already and
you want to sign up as and you’re not signed a business really already well you can go ahead here and login and they’ll give you your affiliate information okay so I’m real quick you know like I said you click on the affiliates button and it’s gonna take you to this next screen where you know it’s gonna be there actually the screen and you’re gonna go here and it sign up for free right now once you hit up sign up for free it’s gonna take you
through a process where you know you put all your information in their language account you know it’s gonna give you some questions like almost a questionnaire kind of thing but just fill out the information here right and you know Philip address basic demographics and you’re gonna hit continue now when you hit continue it’s gonna ask you for more information as far as tax purposes and everything like that you know I’m sure you guys done this
before if you’re familiar with how the affiliate fill out their W nines and tax and all that stuff the same process okay guys so it’s not that bad it’s not that no crazy it’s real simple and once you guys fill that out they’re gonna email you and they’re gonna go over your application to become an affiliate with them and once you once you get accepted as an affiliate they can email you again and they email you your signing and login information
and it also gonna give you your your affiliate link or your affiliate name okay now they’re also going to offer you ways to promote hostgator it’s an affiliate but you know I to do it a little differently like to be a little bit different and well really quick let me go do it let me go through their actual program right so if you get a hunt I forget 1 to 5 signups per month I know they’re gonna give you $50 per sign up right so that’s about $250
right 6 of 10 you know signs per month you know let me give you $75 per sign up you know and that’s up to $750 okay 11 to 20 that’s up to 1100 to $2,000 okay now 21 and up a you know wait that’s the two thousand six hundred twenty-five bucks alright so this is the way they want you to promote it it is how you can per wonder what is you know somebody clicks to your link you know they get to Hostgator once you fill out the information on host gear
you know they get you know they get signed up and then boom get a monthly payout right then you just go through the cycle all over again right but you know what one way that you can promote it and the way I like to promote it or one way on one of the other ways that I like to promote it is through blogging because I blog I have a blog you know why not promote it through blogging in WordPress is one of the popular platforms that I use for blogging
and you know it and you know it’s free you can just hit download and download it and they have many different themes and plugins that you can use you know what and and and you know what and and this is like one of the best ones that I like use it all right so you’re probably wondering well how could I use you know Hostgator how could I promote Hostgator on a blog well mommy hold easiest way to install WordPress on Hostgator and that’s a blog
that’s a value driven blog right there right this is a very step-by-step way and how to command how to install WordPress and and Hostgator together how to put them together right so like I said here step-by-step it’s over present host very quickly and with quick install right log in to your host know launch WordPress and it gives you new pictures which is great great blooder how this is not my blog by the way guys I just really like the way this
guy said this person set up or the way they have it set up and fill out WordPress configuration it tells you everything here and word for work right now this is one way that they’re promoting their affiliate Lake here they have a banner right they have a banner for Hostgator that shows get 20% off now and if you see how it’s clickable right if I click this it’s gonna go to Hostgator right it’s going to go to their feelingly because it’s affiliate
to them right and it’s gonna it’s gonna it’s gonna take you straight to them if you keep reading here and hit the install bond VTL as you know you can also find WordPress installation because you can go here and go visit the host which probably gonna go to their affiliate program I mean their affiliate with WordPress right so now you know like I said they’re very very detailed very value driven now now for you guys you know I mean hey one another
way that’s another way that’s one way you can promote Hostgator another way is you know as far as blogging because you don’t have the specific I have to do this you can have another another way you are none another way but another title or another form of blog that you can use you can blog basically just what is hostgator you know you can blog about what hostgator risk me not many everybody knows what hostgator is people Google what is Hostgator
and they’re gonna come into a blog and you could be the one that they could explain to explain to that person or you could go and blog about you know how to set up a domain or set up a subdomain or even you know set up how to set up web hosting you know something like there you know you could blog about you know how to sign up as an affiliate with Hostgator you know instead of doing a video like I don’t know you could actually blog about it and
I’m saying since it’s another way you keep you to actually promote Hostgator alright I mean another way is you can actually go and create a YouTube video or create a video and put it in your blog that you just created right for Hostgator which is probably what I’m gonna do right now after this video but that’s just like I said it’s another way you can do videos right now is the best way to go with social media it’s really on the come-up people
like seeing videos people like seeing tutorials people like seeing a lot of informational stuff and even the how to’s you know that’s what that’s one of the best way to bring out value in to the community and give value back into the people who want or like the do it for years do-it-yourself videos you know how to you know big people should do a lot of do-it-yourself videos and people get so much value from it that they start following people and
they start making money through their affiliate links right and those people know they can get Damon can make so much money just through affiliate links right and now I also talked about do going offline with this right so the reason why I mentioned going offline with this because it’s real really easy to do it just takes a little bit of time and a little bit of effort to do alright so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go on google right and
you’re gonna search for certain mom-and-pop shops or certain independent shops or businesses that are out there for instance you know a dentist a pharmacy nail salon a barber shop you know something like that where they you know because at this name age there are a lot of people that want to go online and build a website but they just don’t know how to do it or they don’t know who to trust it to it and what better person than you somebody who’s
in the neighborhood that they have their business in to do it for them so what you can do on Google is for instance if you want to Google a pharmacy the name of pharmacy type in pharmacies near whatever whatever zip code you’re in alright and type that and and its gonna put gonna pull up a directory of people or pharmacies or whatever that’s in your neighbor within whatever radius you want to choose right now what you can do is you can either
call them up or you can go and introduce and build a relationship with them and tell me hey you know what I live in the neighborhood you know are you interested in promoting your business online are you interested in you know building a website because I can do that for you right and you can give them the offer or you can often what your services are you could know put up build the website you can um you know take care of the content that’s going
there every month and you can do monthly maintenance on them every month so that’s three three things that you can do for it and guess what if fillings you’re gonna be using your Hostgator you know whatever domain user you use it those are some things that you can use and then now they’re also gonna pay your monthly income a month every month just to maintain the vid the website for them now that’s three forms of income for one business so
imagine getting ten businesses around your neighborhood you know you could be making you know a couple thousand dollars every single month right that’s three for appreciation income for one business I multiply two by ten no I don’t know about you that’s a lot of money I know what I could do with that money and I could probably pay off a car pay off a mortgage you know a paid mortgage payment you know I don’t know pay off groceries but there’s so
much things that you can do with the money and if you think about it there’s so much money you made out there you know I’m saying so I mean that’s just like I said this is one way that you know you can promote um you can promote Hostgator right I’m gonna stop my tweeting really quick I share with we don’t just talk to you guys really quick like through here right so like I said that’s just another way that you can promote Hostgator you know
offline and online and I’m saying and you know if you got you know and if you really think about how you can promote your affiliate links in online and offline it’s not that difficult you know it really isn’t that difficult to promote these things right so you know I mean that’s a few ways that you can promote go ahead promote the hostgator I know I kind of bounced around a little bit you know you can make some money every single month from them
you know and you know what if you got value from this guy’s know what I want you guys to go ahead like I said go ahead into to the bottom right of this video go ahead and hit that Bell real quick you don’t say like I said get notified get notified when I go live get notified when I go live just got some bars in there right so go get notified when I go live you know or upload a new video you know like I said I wouldn’t be starting uploading more
videos where I’m gonna show people more anymore you know how to have make money from home and you know what if you want to know if you wanna know my number one recommend a source to making money from home you know what I’m gonna drop them and drop that in the link you actually know what I got one better for you I just show you guys I got one better for you here we go boom number one we recommend the source to making money from home Ryan Bank on
force that simple – four steps alright guys and I want you guys to go have fun enjoy you know what if you have any questions a drop it in the comment section below and if you have any you know I would love to hear what you guys have to say you know I’ll respond to you guys you know and you know what have a good one all right guys talk to you guys later