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How To Make a WordPress Website (or Blog) with HostGator 2019

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Learn how to easily setup a domain name and hosting at HostGator then use their 1-click WordPress install to make a WordPress website or blog. Great for beginners and so far it’s my favorite way to create a new WordPress website or blog in 2019.

Get a discount too so you pay under $3/month on a 12-month hosting plan. This is a better deal than GoDaddy, Bluehost and most other hosting providers.

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Section 2: 10 Steps to Master WordPress
Section 3: Google Analytics
Section 4: Google Adsense
Section 5: Online Marketing

Seriously, if you need a dirt cheap way to make a blog or website at Hostgator in 2019 aka a WordPress Tutorial for 2019 then this is it! With HostGator you always get the most updated WordPress website software. And if you get lost you can always view our updated 2019 hostgator guide as a complete article right here: With that said I really hope to guide you as I’ve done for so many before you, and am always here to help!

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Alright guys and gals. Let’s do it. So for starters You can visit the site if you want to I guess meet wordpress But you don’t need to be on this site, and you don’t need to click download wordpress either because our web host of choice today Hostgator has unlimited copies of it, and it’ll set up wordpress for us, but sometimes clicking showcase just to see who else is using wordpress like Bloomberg Angry Birds and the Walt
Disney Company Alright, so we’re going to visit hostgator in a second to see what they’re all about but I’m also going to bring in our handy stopwatch so we can see how getting web hosting and Getting a domain name if you need it takes about as much time as it does to check our emails which for me is Four minutes alright, so let’s click start, and we’ll keep an eye on that as we go through first step is to visit hostgator at [wwh] [ost]. Geto are
calm Alright, and we’re also going to keep track of how many different [Snappy’s] we see throughout the tutorial that’s snappy right here So I choose hostgator because they’re always the first to come out with new products like these They have award-winning live chat support up here and You pretty much get more features than you could ever need To try out on your new blog you’ll never run out of new things to play with so first step is to click
get started now right here and We’re going to get the hatchling plan today because it’s the most basic cheapest plan One step up would [be] the baby plan no, and that’s just good if you want to run unlimited sites But the hatchling plan is perfect if you want to run one wordpress site or blog same thing And we can see that it starts at 395 per month, but that’s just what the general public pays. You’re my audience So we’re always going to get
better stuff, and I’ll show you how to get a special discount in one second I just want you to know that you can also click compare all plans and you get this epic detailed list from [hostgator] Showcasing what their three most popular plans hatchling, baby and business come with things like a $300 credit to try Google Adwords or yahoo bing and most importantly hatchling comes with amazing wordpress hosting right here Alright, so that’s all we
need today, but this list is obviously pretty cool [too]. [so] you know about it [alright], so [now] it’s time to see how to get our discount This is just an example from a previous video tutorial that people followed But what I’m going to do is Leave you a link like this one, beneath the video believe me not everyone sees or finds it but it’s going to say something like get biggest discount at hostgator, and then you just click through it and
The discount will be applied automatically so already we’re going to get the hosting down to three dollars a month that same amazing hats and hosting and Also gets a domain name thrown in and custom email thrown in so you don’t have to use your hotmail anymore alright So the discount will be applied automatically And I may earn a small credit if you sign up [through] my link that comes at no cost to you So big thanks for helping me by the way
alright. So now we’ll click on get started [and] We’re going to go to the hostgator order form so you’re in the right place Step one we just need to choose a domain so enter your new domain name if you want to register a new one if you help with Any ideas let me know in the comments this part is fun But I already found the perfect one and I already bought it. So I’m going to click already [on] this domain I’m going to enter in my word log
Tutorial [side] spell alright, not bad, [and] I’m just going to choose the dot-com here We don’t need to get any of the other extensions because I’m not worried about copycats at this point But the dot-Com is the best if you thought net or something It’s not going to hurt your site people. Just think of the dot-Com right away, so I like that In step two. It’s time to choose a hosting plan just make sure you have hatchling selected And then
for billing cycle. We can see that 12 months is a good price It’s actually the lowest price right here but even more importantly perhaps 12 months is the ideal amount of time to make your blog a success and make some money from it or Move on to another online adventure, but it’s important to give your blogger website a chance of success And it looks like even hostgator knows that so we’re going to choose it for two dollars and 58 cents a month
that would just be three dollars if you get a domain name [to] Next choose a username and a password and come down Enter your billing info in step 3 so I had autofill take care of that In step [4] make sure to uncheck all the additional services you can add them later But we don’t need them at the moment because we want to pay the least amount possible [and] in step 5 or done all right so it’s going to be 31 dollars if you just get the web
hosting or [Thirty-six] dollars if you get the domain name that domain name will just be five dollars a month which also is a Discounted price all right, so these are both insanely amazing deals And you have my personal word that these are actually the best deals available today It might [explore] in the future if it does [just] let me know in the comments And I’ll help out but for now let’s keep moving check this box and then proceed and click
checkout now Congratulations and welcome to the hostgator family when you see this screen It’s now time to check our inboxes okay, so we’re in our email now And I want you to look out for two emails this hostgator will send you Which will help you do the next two steps we need to do right [now] before we install WordPress, all right. I’m sorry for going 34 seconds over Greg owes you 34 seconds redeemable however you want all right? So the first
[few] look up for is billing all right if you don’t see these emails. Just ask host Gators award-winning live chat they’ll send them over manually so open up billing and The first step we need to do and need to know how to do is just to log in to that place We were before where we got that congratulations welcome to the hostgator family message Get back there because that’s [also] where we install wordpress, and I closed all my browser tabs So we
need to see how to get back there all right, so to do that we just click on this link that says so skater billing portal and then log in with the information from that billing email So that first next step is done. You now know how [to] get back to your hostgator Customer portal which is the other they also call it the billing portal customer portal sounds a little better But this is where you do pretty much everything in terms of managing what
you just setup You need to have a lot of hosting packages, and this is also where we install wordpress all right? So let’s click on hosting and Get ourselves to the right place, but what we need to do now the second thing. We need to do is Go back to our inbox and open up the no reply email [alright], and this email contains first name server and second name server which are two important pieces of information we need to Connect our domain name
with our hosting everyone needs to do this step especially [if] you registered your domain name somewhere like Godaddy or namecheap just log into those registrar’s and Follow the instructions, or ask their live chat where to put your first name server and second name server [and] then make [sure] to save so your domain name points – you’re hosting [alright] It’s a necessary step and I’d show you how now, but this is a hostgator tutorial So if you
want I’ll let you know in the comments how to do that at a place like Godaddy or namecheap for now We’re going to move forward and enter the first name server and second name server at Hostgator should take us about a minute So let’s continue [alright] continue Okay, so we’re just going to write these down or copy them in our case it’s a little easier highlight, right click copy and [we’re] going to remember that the other one is just nine eight
instead of nine seven come back to your [hostgator] customer portal and Then let’s click on domains at the top And what we’re going to do. This is just an [example]. You’ll see your domain name right here. You’re going to click on the gear Alright, and then where it’s a name servers You’re going to click change, and you’re just going to write over these two name servers alright, so delete it And then I click paste and then right in [the] new one
as well alright, so that one was just an [eight] and Then once that’s done. You’re just going to click save name servers, and you’re good to proceed Good job Alright. I think we nailed that [one] at one minute great job. So let’s come back to hosting [alright], so lots of fun new easy tools to play around with in this section of hostgator, but for now It’s time to move forward with the main event of the tutorial and install your copy of wordpress
[I] think this should take us about two minutes and after that we’ll learn as much as possible in wordpress as we can today All right, and if not got plenty more tutorials on the channel, so let’s do it go ahead and come down to where it says get started with wordpress today and click that link and [now] all we need to do is select your domain name from this list which should be pretty easy unless you’ve made like a million wordpress sites like
me um All right there. We go there is and we’re going to leave the directory box blank don’t write anything there and just click next Now you need to enter [some] information like a blog title So this can be changed later I’m just going to go through quickly The only thing you need to focus on here is your email Because wordpress will send you some login details and your admin user. This is what wordpress will understand that you’re using them
So when you publish a blog post It’ll say Publish by whatever you write here like Greg or you know tennis guy 22 or something That’s what it will say so make that one serious and good All right now check the terms box and click [install] [now] and cross your fingers This is the famous wordpress one click install you might have heard [about] And we’re doing it together [alright] success. We got the green checkmark installation complete you do not
want to click on the installation details [you] just want to take these and copy them and put them someplace safe [like] in a blank note file Or you know a word Doc what you do want to do now is click my installs upper right and change your password All right, so let’s log [deck] [dissident], huh? Thinking we’re going to come down to our new install at the bottom click reset password You might just have one word processor. You know a lot in the
future choose your name and just writing new password alright So obviously I’ll do something different click update password and now [let’s] Click Admin login [all] [right] So I just paused the video not to tell you three things the first one is that if you visit your wordpress Admin login link Like we are at right now, but [you] don’t see this wordpress login You see some sort of blank or error page Then it’s either because when you just install
[wordpress] it can take between [2] and [4] hours For this screen to start working because your server and other servers in your area are Updating to understand where your website is also, if you just connected your domain name from somewhere like godaddy to your hosting it can take up [to] 72 hours to Start seeing your website live because of what’s known as propagation That’s just so you know if you don’t see this wordpress login screen But you
did follow the instructions you probably didn’t do anything wrong. Just [take] a break and come back a little bit later The second thing I wanted to say is we’re now going to start [10] steps to master wordpress in 10 minutes [I] hope you’ll stick [with] us because this is where we’ll learn [how] to make a complete wordpress Blog or website It should be a lot of fun and the third thing I wanted to say is we’re going to get rid of the stopwatch
because I think we want the full screen But I’ll just use that for my reference