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How to Make a WordPress Website On iPage Hosting

How to Make a WordPress Website On iPage Hosting

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In this video tutorial I’m talk that how to make a wordpress website. Properly watch the video tutorial and make a wordpress website.

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[Applause] [Applause] hello everyone help them to creating website our mission is to teach you how to create a website and today we want to walk you through a step-by-step tutorial on how you can build a website for your church your music group your ministry or your business okay there’s a few things that we’re gonna cover in this tutorial today it’s quite a few things one deciding a domain name – how to set up a hosting account 3 how to
log into your hosting account before how to go to your control panel 5 looking for your WordPress icon 6 choose the domain name where you would like to install your site 7 installing WordPress 8 install the WordPress theme 9 designing your home page 10 making a static page your home page 11 design a blog page 12 designing about Us page 13 these on a page for your sermons or your music and 14 design a Contact Us page we’ve got a lot to cover so
let’s get into this right away hopefully we’re going to teach you how to set up a website that looks like this one first thing you want to do is you want to decide a domain name so we’re gonna check them off as we go ahead and these do these things decide of domain name ours here at creating website our domain name is creating the domain name is what people will type into this search bar to find your web page you want to make it
simple you don’t want to put a lot of dashes or our fancy stuff that people cannot remember real simple creating it could be your business name your ministry name your group name whatever it may be but the simpler the better okay once you have your domain name number to log you want to set up a hosting account so let’s go ahead and try that now we personally hope would we personally host with iPage so I’m gonna put a link in the video
so you can click on how to get to the I page once you’re there your face is gonna look like this you’re gonna click on sign up now okay once you click on sign up now it’s gonna take you to a registration page this is where you’re gonna type in your domain name the one that you had selected in the first step let’s say we want to make a website called let’s make it up make a website today tutorial I’m sure this should be available then you’re gonna
click check availability it’s gonna tell you if your domain name is available the news our domain name is available kind of long but this is for tutorials sake make a website today to talk okay it could go live on I page real quick you gonna put your first name here last name here email address phone number street address city state and province zip code and whatever country you’re in then from there you can pay with your credit card or you can
pay with PayPal okay once you do that you’re gonna decide what you want you want 12 months 24 months for 36 months okay it’s gonna give you your total down at the bottom here you’re looking to pay $72 it’s not that much let me get rid of some stuff that you don’t need probably don’t need domain privacy you couldn’t click that you don’t want advanced site protection you could use it but I personally don’t use it so that saves you a lot of money I
don’t check that now you’re down to 30 dollars just that quick okay so for 12 months 250 per month it’s 30 dollars the more you go if you go 24 months it’s gonna be a little cheaper it’s only two twenty-five fifty four dollars to do it you’re gonna click checkout okay once you click checkout he’s gonna take you to the process of confirming your email account now once you get your email account I mean I’m one is gonna confirm your hosting account
once you get your hosting account your next step is to go to your control panel which I’m going to show you how to do that now okay now once your weapon your hosting account is all set up you went through the steps and you’re gonna get an email confirmation from iPage they’re gonna email you your username and your password what you want to do then is go to iPage comm and you’re gonna click on login okay now you’re gonna take that information that
you received in your email and you’re gonna type it in here okay once you type your information in there’s our username here’s our password we’re gonna click login we’ve decided on a domain name we’ve already set up the hosting account now we’re logging into our hosting account just show you how to do that okay and this is the page you get when you log into your hosting account okay next thing we want to do is you want to go to your control panel
and that’s where right now when you log into your account this is your control panel you can see it right there the next step we want to do is we want to look for the WordPress icon so let’s go ahead and find that out I see where that’s at where is the WordPress icon there it is right there boom just go down to your WordPress icon okay after that you’re gonna click explore explore Mojo marketplace you want to click there okay now once you click
on explore Mojo marketplace is going to take you to a page that looks like this okay and you’re gonna want to hit install now here is where your domain name should be we have several but you should only have one so we’re gonna go ahead and choose directory tutorial check domain name see if it’s available okay could take a couple of minutes depending on your server okay it looks like the process is complete so we’re gonna click I have read the
Terms of agreement and then you want to hit install now it’s gonna take a little time says you’re currently running one process there’s your green bar there so it’s moving a lot okay looks like our process is complete now once it’s complete you want to click view credentials and this is gonna give you all your information here click view and this is gonna tell you how to log in to your WordPress dashboard now here is your URL here is your admin
URL your username and your password okay so now in order to log in to your dashboard you’re gonna click on admin URL there’s a pace it’s gonna pop up it’s gonna ask you for a username and password you want to come and get this username here copy it paste it in username and then you want to come and get your password and you want to paste it there get login takes a little while now you are officially in your WordPress dashboard congratulations now
that you’re in your WordPress dashboard it gets exciting and it gets fun because this is where all the fun takes place what you want to do now you want to install the theme we’re gonna show you how to do that if you go here where it says appearance you’re gonna click on themes okay here’s all the different themes that you can install we’re gonna install the Vantage theme okay so we click on the plus button and we want to search for Vantage
facticity there it is and we’re gonna click install so that’s probably gonna take a little while okay there you go click activate and now you have officially launched the Vantage theme okay now the one just want to customize the theme we personally have bought this theme I want to encourage you it’s a nice thing it’s really nice I want to encourage you to buy it also so let’s go from here let’s go to customize and what we’re gonna do is we’re
going to get rid of this and we’re gonna make our theme just have these three buttons here widget line ladies pose and all that good stuff there alright but before we do that we’re gonna go and purchase the theme we’ve already purchased it where you see where it says Vantage premium you’re gonna click there we’ve already bought it you could buy it for $10 15 or any custom donation that’s the cool thing about the Vantage theme there’s no set price
what are you whatever you would like to give toward it that’s what you can do okay so we’re gonna click already paid and we’re gonna type in our password boom and we’re gonna hit enable upgrade update theme click OK and everything’s loading up alright so we’re gonna go to customize now remember our goal is to get our website to look like this right so let’s see how close we learn first we’re gonna do is get rid of this I don’t particularly don’t
use it hey I just like to go straight to this theme here like this you know now having this slider work for you it’s pretty cool but we’re not going to talk about that too all right so we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna go to theme settings to get rid of the slider so it says layout a home navigation law social general we’re gonna go to home see where says the most ladder you’re gonna click none and you’re gonna hit save settings okay so now let’s
take a look at how our site looks now since that we’ve made that change there you go we’ve got rid of this slider one step closer okay let’s see how far we’ve come along we install WordPress we just don’t install the theme now we want to design our homepage let’s go work on that okay maybe we could go for the header we’re gonna install the header now so I’m just order to stall the header then go back to your dashboard okay and you’re gonna go to
appearance and you’re gonna go to theme settings you’re gonna click on late logo and we already have a logo so we’re gonna choose image upload files select our file and we’re gonna go get our logo so let’s do that there is there this is a logo that we want to upload we’ve already had a design and your Casey with these on your own personal logo I’m gonna click there set logo and hit save settings so let’s go to website let’s see how it’s looking
now what kind of progress all right we’ve got a header now if you notice there’s some writing here so we need to get rid of that okay so our goal is to get rid of this writing here so we’re gonna go to our dashboard and we’re gonna go to appearance and theme settings okay see where it says call me maybe take that out you hit save settings now let’s go view our website and see how it looks now okay the writing is gone alright once again our goal
is to get it to look like this so let’s go back to our dashboard we’re getting there we’re taking steps okay the next thing that we want to work on let’s see where are we at we’ve installed WordPress when they start the wordpress theme and we’re designing our homepage why don’t we work on fixing this banner here so we’re gonna go to a parent and we’re gonna go to customize okay we’re gonna see if we could fix up our background notice how this one
is real tight but that ours has a lot of space see the spaces and then there’s white there but this was kind of grayish this is black that’s blue I see how we could change all that okay so we’re gonna start with our let’s start with our header we’re gonna change the distance of this or modified let’s start with the color first okay so you can see this color here we move this around see how it changes so let’s go ahead and move it to about right
there I like that okay so these select current color now it changed now what we want to do is want to get rid of some of this space you know this one’s really tight but this one has a lot of space so let’s go to page I’m sorry not page we’re gonna go to I think it’s menu and let’s see for sure which one this is let me see now menu let’s try general that’s in general okay right now your header spacing is 40 let’s take it to 32 see I got smaller
that’s still kind of big this blue the 27 last d7 is 421 okay I like that better see how remember it was 40 watch how big it gets see how big that is we’re gonna take it down to 21 lessons your space not only that let’s go to our menu here and let’s make that a little smaller so you go scroll down and see where it says 21 let’s make it 15 that’s decent huh alright whatever size is good for you you could do you could do 17 here whatever is best
for you let’s leave it at 17 you’re gonna hit save so now you’ve tightened your header you’ve tightened your menu bar let’s see what else can we do here to make it look oh let’s change this color here okay so we’re gonna go to once again that’s our menu see background color let’s try to go for some blue I like that right there let’s just leave it well it’s changed a little bit boom you can make again whatever color you want you could change it
you know whatever you feel we’re gonna make our blue okay so we’ll leave it like that and you hit save now if you notice what I come over the back it’s orange and that one’s orange too but let’s change that color so you got hovered background let’s change it to light blue so when we go here let’s give you like a Turk or let’s try to turquoise I believe that’s how you say so when you scroll over here it’s gonna be like a turquoise now our goal is
to get it to look like this but let’s be a little bit different okay so we’ll change our colors once again whatever color you like you could change it to that you could change it to red if you want so when you hover over here it’s gonna be your it could be burgundy okay but we’re gonna go with turquoise I believe that’s how you said turn color so okay and won’t even like that and we’ll hit save and publish it now the next thing we want to do is
we want to get our page to have these icons like that so we’re going to exit out of here and the way you’ve changed these icons you’re going to go to a parent and you’re going to go to homepage alright and see these three things here these are your circles one two three and you got circles one two three all right let’s so let’s change the first one and this is your writing see this writing here oh this is the writing here so let’s say what I want
to call this thanks for stopping by yes here are just put yeah thanks for stopping by and then we’ll put you can visit us every Sunday for church now once again we’re changing this here this is what we’re changing all right now we want to make this medium want to make it big like that so we’re gonna make our icon size medium and the text that goes here is this text here so us and our URL we’re just gonna put input creating website gorg you would
put whatever link you want people to visit wants to see how this is a clickable link so whatever they click here that’s gonna be the link they visit that you type in here and we want to make the link title and icon go to this URL so what what in order to make this clickable you have to click this little box there okay so let’s go ahead and save that and we’re gonna change the next one let’s see this one this video tutorial so why don’t we make it
video tutorials video and let’s put stop by and you our latest and let’s put a look can we put here let’s see census tutorials let’s choose something different let’s try let’s try you see not sure what look H is anything but let’s see try to get one that relates to our topic okay let’s put headphones video tutorial headphone yeah hey let’s try that good and then you want to put medium icon more text you want to put click for videos and your
more URL display yeah we’re just gonna put our creating website or like that cuz you want to make that link clickable hit save let’s go take a look at how our webpage is looking now alright you got some headphones and you have a pin for your uh visit but if you notice this one’s still small so let’s go ahead and change that one so we’re going to go to dashboard a parent’s home page you’re gonna go over here click Edit and see you have a live
webcast for your services here you can put a clip or you can say tune into our live webcast okay and you want to change your icon maybe we could change this to let’s put a laptop since they want to watch it on their computer put a laptop I want to make your icon medium here view we could type you live feed and this would be your the URL wherever your live feed will be but in our case we’ll just put our creating website link or and you’re gonna
check the box want to hit save alright let’s take a look at our web page our home page and let’s see what we have now alright not bad it’s coming along yeah thanks for stopping by video tutorials and when you click the link it’s gonna take you to the creating website not hork it’s gonna take us there because that’s the link I put but you could put whatever link you want alright we’re making progress remember our goal is like this and we’re there
but how do you change this here how do you change this stuff here let’s go figure out how to do that so you’re gonna go to my site again the dashboard and we’re gonna go to a parent and you’re gonna go to homepage and see where it says Vantage headline you click Edit and here is your text that you want changed Thanks you can put the name of your church thanks for stopping it save now let’s go take a look at our site there you go thanks for
talking blogging on for our church we’re going to see you our next service and this right here is just your latest blog post so we’re not gonna really get into that here you could put whatever you want here phone number email for people to get ahold of you business your rap group your singing group your church your ministry everyone do it so we’ll make it some progress all right before we move forward let me show you let me go ahead and show you
how to get rid of this just in case you want to get rid of go to dashboard now remember anything with this page is located on dashboard then you go to home appearance and then you’re going to go to home page so you got a parent and then homepage so I’m going to show you how to get rid of that typing on the bottom it’s right here see where it says text you click that and you want to edit that so you can go to take that out you can go ahead and
remove the text or you can just remove the whole what do you call it widget you hit delete and then you hit save now when you go to your website there won’t be any writing at the bottom so let’s go ahead and see how it looks now okay so when you scroll down if you notice it’s there no longer okay all right so let’s go ahead and go to the next thing let’s see what kind of progress we are making we’ve decided on the domain name set up our hosting
account logged into our hosting account you got your control panel your WordPress icon you chose the name to install your site you installed your WordPress you installed your theme now we are designing our home page now what I want to do is I want to show you how to make this home page the page where people go to when they type in your site we’re gonna make it a static page okay because right now when people type in your website it’s gonna go to
your blog it’s gonna go to a sample page which is let me show it to you it’s gonna go to that okay but what you want them to do is you want them to go to your home page and I’m gonna show you how to do that you want to go to my site dashboard okay and then you want to go to appearance okay and then you’re gonna dump I’m sorry not a parents you’re gonna go to where we had here let me find it for you we’re gonna go to settings and then you’re gonna
click on settings alright and then after you click on settings you want to go to where it says reading click on reading right there see where it says static page front page you wanted to go to home page because by default it goes to your latest post you want to go ahead and go here click static page home page static page is the phase that people are gonna go to when they type in your name and the browser okay so let’s go ahead and hit Save
Changes now we have our home page as our static page okay and you can make it go to any page you want as you create pages they’ll show up here okay so that’s what we did we designed our home page alright and what else did we do we made a see me the static page the home page just did that now I’m gonna show you how to design a blog page so let’s go back and we’re going to be post okay this is your default blog so let’s go ahead and trash that
we’re gonna create a new one okay I’m hit add new and it’s gonna give you your post page what do you want to name your blog let’s name it say you have a ministry group called the on fire seniors okay so that’s gonna be the name of your blog and you can say hi everybody thanks for stopping by and here you could put to contact us for bookings email email us at info at the creating website of course you would put your information there then you’re
gonna hit publish alright so you got a blog now that you’re working on for the umpire singers and you can pull whatever on his face so let’s go ahead and preview the changes let’s see what we got okay there you go there’s your ball now how do we get this blog to show up on our menu in case you want people to be in your block you go to appearance and menus good see where it says let me see where we are here the homepage sample page sorry hold on
one second let me see what’s going on here you got your homepage to post on fire singers okay so what I’m gonna do and I’m going to show you how to make this page to put a menu here so this what you gotta do I’m gonna go to your dashboard okay and you want to go to post and we’re gonna go to you okay we’re gonna see that little text up there running grab that yeah anything we’re gonna go back to dashboard or I could have just grabbed it from here
no I don’t wanna grab them in there okay so then you go to appearance menus then what I’m gonna do is see where says links I’m going to create a custom link we’re gonna call this my are put it call it our ball our latest or just put our put your link there add to menu okay so let’s get rid of the sample page and get rid of these whole plate one of these whole pages you know create menu and we’re going to refresh okay so now it should have home
and our blocks which you got to clip these two things I forgot to click that you want to click those two then you hit save menu now when you go to your page it’s going to give you an option to read your blog see there’s your blog so now you’ve got your home page boom and you people can visit your blog from your menu not bad huh all right let’s see what else we said we’re going to work on so that’s designing a blog design and about Us page pretty
much the same way if you want to design it bought us page you’re going to go to pages instead of post you go to pages now let’s get rid of this sample page okay let’s put that new and then let’s call it about us type that in the title on the fire singers is a group bow tie bow tie talent talent and we can wrap you put whatever you want talk about your group your church your business however you want to do it you didn’t publish okay whatever you
want to type in here is gonna be published I’ll show you what I mean so let’s go ahead and preview the changes and I’ll show you how your page will look there you go about us the umpire singers is a group that is multi-hop multi-talented we can rack or whatever however you want to however long you want to make it people to leave comments okay now if you notice it showed up right there so now you got a home page a blog and an about Us page once
again I’m just creating some real simple pages but however you want to do it you can get into or detail okay so let’s go back here let me see let me refresh this continue so now you’ve got three pages you got a home page and let me add the about us to or menu to add anything to your menu you go to appearance menus and all your pages will be here you click on what you want to add to menu and then you’ll see a pop up right there close so now you
got three pages let’s go back and see how it looks fresh go to our home page there it is home page blog about us now better thanks for stopping by video tutorials my webcast thanks for stopping by the on fire church here’s your latest post the on fire singers now if you want a picture to show up the way you add a picture to your to this little box here give you a little extra extra credit right here okay you want to go to your blog and you want
to hit edit and then you scroll down see where it says featured image click that and let’s just say we want to use what image can I use let me just use the one we have already so you put set featured image and it’s gonna that’s the image um I don’t like it but it’s what we have already so let’s just use it you can use whatever you want I just I’m just doing this so you can see how to look good so then you go here let’s go ahead and refresh now
our pictures gonna show up there for our links block there you have it there’s your picture a little bit too big but I think you get the point okay so we’re making some progress let’s see what’s the next thing we said we’re gonna do we redesigned the about Us page now you want to do something for your sermons and your music let’s work on that okay everyone what we want to do now is creating a website our creating we want to show you
how to do Saima peso you could upload your music sermons for your church maybe music for your ministry group our singing group however you want to use this plug-in but it’s a pretty good plug-in so what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to our dashboard and we’re gonna click on plugins ok then from there you want to go to add new and this is how you add any plug-in from here on out and WordPress has a lot of plugins that’s the good thing
about WordPress and you’re gonna type in easy digital download ok hit enter and like I said this is how you can install any plug-in in the future so let’s go down easy digital downloads let’s see or let’s just do like this easy digital download let me try just digital download say that looks okay there it is so I shall take out the easy then you can just type in digital download we’re gonna click install now and then you hit OK it’s gonna take a
little while to install probably I’m sorry did install ok see what we got here ok the plug-in has been installed so we’re going to return to plug-in installer hold on ok let me see where we’re at here let’s go to plugins make sure this thing is installed just to make sure welcome to behind the scenes at creating website ok there it is easy digital downloads us activate it ok now from here you’re gonna click on downloads and let’s add a new one a
new down once again this could be your music your sermons so say I’m a rap group and we have our latest single or just call it our latest single that’s gonna be the title here is let’s give it a description this single is hot off the press and you want to give your copy today okay boom that’s gonna be your description how much you want to charge for your later single $0.99 okay dollar ninety-nine okay ninety-nine okay boom product type in single
you could also do a bundle a two or three you know songs like an EP okay so you want to up your load your file I already have a file uploaded I’m just gonna use that one let’s just use this spot it’s called it’s a little spot we did radio spot so I’ll just act like that’s my single now if you want to upload your single let me show you how to do that you go to upload select your file and you go to on your hard drive where your song is that say
your song is this one here radio spot okay hit open and it’s gotta upload it for you okay so you could actually go to your single or your sermon that you have whatever you’re trying to get the people to purchase on your website or download on your website you go there so this thing is uploading so I’m showing you step by step no really taking our time to walk you through this thing so you can get on the map it’s 2015 get your church on the map
get your youth ministry on the map get your business on the map get your group your ministry group on the map your rap group singing groups its 2015 okay so you click radio spot insert to download so now you have your radio spot as your file okay or your singular your sermon you could put some notes for people that buy it I don’t want to do it and then let’s hit publish okay now after this is dumped up machine we’re gonna go ahead and view it
let’s go ahead and view our latest single on our website now our sermon we called it our latest single this thing was hot off the press then you want to get your copy today purchase dollar ninety-nine boom there you go and of course if you want to go you got to go in and set up your your payment options and all that which you plug in which we’re not gonna discuss here but let me just show you really quick see if I could help you out here’s your
top of your shortcode excuse me if you want to place this this um this link somewhere on another web page on your Facebook your Twitter however you want to do it okay and then to do your settings let’s go here and this is where you set up your payment gateways you could use PayPal everyone to the PayPal Discoverer just press bisa and you can walk through that okay you got to go get your PayPal information your email and that’s pretty much it you
click that won’t put your paypal email there boom whatever pay style you want hit Save Changes so then people will be able to purchase your music your service don’t PayPal all right alright let’s see how far we’ve come along now we’ve done all these things domain name hosting account control panel WordPress icon chose the domain name to a start your site install WordPress install the theme and design your homepage you made a static homepage you
designed the blog you design that about us plate and right now you just design a page for your sermons and music and last but not least let’s go ahead and see if we can design a contact page so pretty much just like your blog and all the other pages that we set up we’re gonna go to dashboard okay you gonna hit click on pages and we’re going to hit add new and let’s call this contact us okay if you if you would like to contact what do you want
business so let’s see creating website you can eat know that ww info creating website now I want to show you something real cool here I’ll show you something really cool let me show you something here if you go to Jack form calm this is an amazing plugin I’m gonna give you a little promotion I’m not an affiliate but this this contact form service is it’s amazing let me show you what you can do let me log in real quick okay I want to show you this
awesome plugin Jack form calm I logged in and you just click my form these are all my forms and a half now if I click by creating website contact form that I created let me show it to you real simple all I did is I just put a name email and if you have a question and then a submit button I wouldn’t really encourage you to get to know this this service it’s real good so then once you go there you go what you’ve created your form right I’m gonna go
to my forms and I’m gonna click here and I’m gonna click on more and I want to end up in bed the farm okay he’s gonna give me the embed code let’s go here copy it to close that okay and then we’re back to our Contact Us page I’m gonna go to text and I’m gonna put in that code right here okay and then we’re going to hit publish and you can set up an email that you would like this form to be sent to it’s awesome I really encourage you to look at
the giaffone comment see how that thing works and get familiar with it okay so let’s preview this page and let’s see how it looks this is our Contact Us page so let’s see how it looks and there’s your form right there boom contact us put your name email any question you may have when they hit submit it’ll go directly to your email and that’s pretty much it you guys that’s a basic website let’s see how it looks let’s go visit our site good there
you go home blog about us check out if you want to buy some of your sermons or music and our contact us page here’s our little widgets right here yes thank you for stopping by them on fire church we’d love to see you in our next service here’s your blog post you can put your information down here and I think we kind of reached our goal our goal was to get our website to look like this I think we’re pretty close