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How To Make a WordPress Website In Less Than 10 Minutes – Easy Step-By-Step Guide

This easy guide will provide you with a simple explanation on how you can make your own business WordPress website in less than 10 minutes.

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In this guide you will learn how to:

– Install WordPress;
– Add a template and edit it;
– Install various useful plugins.

Feel free to ask your questions – we’ll surely answer them. 🙂

Many of us have this stereotype that creating a website can be very confusing time and money consuming, and also very complicated. But what would you think if I told you that this can be done in a very short period of time? You probably would not believe me. But today I’m going to prove you that you can create your own WordPress website in just under 10 minutes. I’m Rokas from and this is our guide on how you can create your
own WordPress website. Because we want to show you the easiest way on how to create a website, we’re going to use a building platform that does not require any knowledge of any serious and complicated coding. We simply press “Auto installer”, and choose WordPress. Just enter the information that you want to use to log in to your WordPress admin panel, and that’s it, WordPress is installed and ready to be used! Now let’s head straight to your
future website. Once you are in your website, in the URL section at the end of the, link add /wp-admin, this will take you to the WordPress admin panel. Login using your details that you have just created, and there you go you are in the admin panel of WordPress! WordPress usually comes as a blog-type website, yet I want my website to show some static information, so I create a page with my text which I will use later. We want to create a website
so we need to design it first. Go to “Appearance” and press “Themes”. Then press “Add theme”. Now in the search bar type “Ashe” and press “Install” once you have found it. Then press “Activate”. We found the “Ashe” theme to be very simple and attractive, therefore we decided to show you how you can edit it. Now we will move on to the customization section. Let’s say I want to give the website a different look: I want
the header image to be way darker and represent an urban feel. I can set it by clicking on “Header image group” and adding a new image there. In a pop-up window I can upload a completely new image or select the one that I have uploaded before. Crop it and see a live preview of this change. Once I set the new image, the color of my title doesn’t fit anymore so I want to change that as well. I simply get back to the main editing menu, select
“Colors group” and adjust the “Header text color”. It looks way better now! I want the type font to have a little twist to it, so I can change that as well. I simply need to find “Typographic group” and select the font from the list there. I will also change the font of the menu below the websites title. I can see that I’ve forgotten to change the description of the website and the default one is currently set. However, this isn’t
“Just another WordPress website”, so I quickly go to the “Site identity group”, and set my own description there. Do you remember me creating a page before? I can get back to it now. I just find the home page settings here select a static page as a display type and choose my previously created home page from the list. I don’t want my website’s visitors to be able to log in, so I go to the “Vidgets group”, select the right sidebar, and
remove the meta widget. Done! the login option isn’t public anymore. I don’t need the navigation to be visible in the very top of the side, so I can completely remove the top bar itself. I publish a new look, open my website and I can see the changes I have just made live once the website is refreshed. However, we’ll get there in a moment. We also wanted to show you how you can improve the SEO rankings of your page. You can install a free plugin
called Yoast SEO, which will optimize the WordPress website’s rankings for search engines. Once you find it, press “Install” and then “Activate”. Here you can see that Yoast SEO already started working. It scans the website and detects any possible search engine optimization errors or warnings for you to check. You should check those out in the most cases but for now I will mute the notifications and continue with a Wordfence security
plugin which you may want to install. It will help you protect your website. After installing the plugin, enter the email that you want to use to receive all notifications and alerts. If you don’t have a premium key just simply press “no, thanks”. Wordfence needs to alter some changes to your websites .htaccess file to be completely integrated but that’s not an issue. The plugin makes all of the changes automatically upon your request. You
can select the server’s configuration from the drop-down list if you know you need some particular one but in the most cases the default recommended selection will work just fine. I download the backup of the .htaccess file in case of any corruption and continue. Once you’re back to the plugin menu, press “yes, enable auto updates”, just to make sure that these plugins are always up to date. After you are done making your edits just simply
refresh your browser and you’ll see the new and updated version of your website! Thank you so much for watching our first 10 minute tutorial on how you can create your own WordPress website. Let us know what you think about this video in the comments below, what would be the best improvements that we could make, and what would be the next video you would like to see. Thanks again and I’ll see you on the next video!