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how to make a web site with zero coding skills hey welcome to my channel I'm Steve alright and I'm here to show you exactly how you can make a website without any coding skills it's very simple you don't have to hire a designer everything will be done for you and it's going to be very simple now if you like things to do it making websites make sure you hit the subscribe button and last video and I talked about how to start an online business where you need a website now in today's video I'm going to show you exactly how you can make your own website with very few clicks and no coding skills required at all so let's head right into it now the first thing there are only three steps the first step is that you need to choose a domain name and get hosting now the domain name is the name of your website this you can call it whatever you want and then hosting is like the house for your websites this is where your website would be stored and information the the data and such like this now you need a good hosting because when you're dealing with online business you need to be very very careful because your website is like your office I can say so if you have your website as an office then you need to make sure that you get the best hosting out there and I'm gonna show you exactly how to do that next you need a website builder there are so many website builders out there and I'm going to show you one that I've used before and it works up very very fine then number three you need to get traffic to your website this is where now interests are having people coming into your website because you know without traffic in your website then you don't have any website at all because you're absolutely they basically do now I say three steps but hold on there is a secret sauce at the end of this video so please watch it till the end secret sauce on how you going to make sure that you maximize and turbo boost you are process let's get into now screen I'm going to show you exactly the step by step from getting your domain name to your hosting and then to building your website and finally to getting traffic to your website now I'm going to show you the first step which is to get your domain name and hosting the best web hosting company I know is called Bluehost something to use it for this tutorial now first thing you need to get your domain which is the name of your website come here at domains and click domains then it will take you to this place away such now you can put their web name of your website here and such and see if it's available it could use a dot-com or you could change that to maybe don't blog dotnet anything you want but I recommend comm is more universally accepted so what you need to do next is to let choose the domain name this case I'll use Rambo now remember just means beauty all right click on such oh great rember group is available so what we need to do is just leave it because if you would if I I'll purchase this it just cost you about twenty three dollars elevates you a hack that you're going to get it for free for the first year so just go back to the Bluehost home page and here you now see that there are free domain name for the first year make sure you there and then you have all these other benefits so you click on the get started is real only cost you three dollars and ninety five cents per month and consider this the rent for your online business now click on get started it was right here you can see the different packages now the recommended package is the five door line ninety five cents but you don't have to start with that the next thing you'll click on select for the three dollar and it's medicines and write your domain here which is ramble group and of course the dot-com well media the next thing you need to do is click on the next and then follow up with a sign up process is going to ask you for a credit card and you're going to put it there you need to pay the $3.00 per month for your hosting now once you get your hosting the next thing you wanna do is to go to the website builder which I'm going to show you now my interest in this video is to show you how to paint your website but fast you need hosting so if you always want to start with the hosting always go for the Bluehost which is the best hosting I know so we're going to head up to the next thing which is to get the website builder so the free website builder is called which have also left a link below for you to check out if you just want to do it faster now mix builder is a very nice user-friendly beginner friendly website builder and you can literally build a website by just dragging and dropping now what you need to do is to click on here get started bring it here now if you have already an account with weeks you can just put in an email and password but if you don't see you have to come up and sign up you put your your email address then you have to take my email address again put in your password put in a password again and sign up now great you could save your password if you wish or not then it will take you through a series of steps that are going to help you to build your website now I'll take you through this just say let's do it you have to create it for yourself then you can put in your business now see it says I want to create a site for myself it should be an online store for them because they believe me the Rambo so you just click on that then just answer the next couple of questions never done this so here in in started a week's adi to create your website it is very easy to sister now and what its gonna do is going to ask you another series of questions just to see how you're going to how to build your website so this is automatic the weeks Adi is going to build your website for you and all you need to do is edit so let's say Citadel in a tremble and say we want to give it an online jewelry store so you click on next then you can see it gives you the recommendations for you so possibly you click on the chart the blog you need people to do some you need to have some events or subscribe it's very important to visitors type to your mailing list and then that's it let's let's have it better let's keep it simple for now but you can always come back until add anything that you wish here University to put semi circle feet maybe so you need to add the name of your store so you can little rainbow group and if you have an existing website you can type it here if you have a Facebook page you can put it here but for now I'm just demonstrating so I'm just gonna skip this step so ready you can add a logo if you wish for the Malaysian purposes it is click on this then will take you to your computer and you can choose picture that you want and now you can select a theme for example elegant just pick one of the teens here for the home page design so in this case every section is editable and what all you need to do is to just change and put all your stuff here so all the different things you want to do do sell online you can put them here or the GL RM stuff so you can see that it is an all integrated website so the next thing after you've done this you can always change anything on this site so it's up to you to just go and get creative and start changing it now the next thing you wanna do after you've done this is to publish so you campaign publish website right now willing to still use their weeks domain for free for these demonstration purposes since you had gotten your domain name and hosting you could come here and click here then put in the name of your website for example however for this demonstration I'm just going to use the free weeks domain for demonstration purposes and then you see so click on publish and continue so congratulations your website easy life now if you want to see the website for now go to HTTP slash rebel group 1902 week site so if I want to see there just come here and view site it's going to locally in rebel group until did we excited cop / website so this is how my website look like to my visitors now as you can see it is still a basic thing that is just a template but you can easily just change everything that you want so you can add all the products that you have here the bestsellers he wants it every other day say it's a very easy way that's how you build your web site with zero coding skills you just need to put in some time to edit this theme to make it a little better and that will be it the next thing you want to do is to get people to come to your website or capture their email once they get to your website and for this I would recommend that software which is going to get response forget response I'll just leave a link below for you to try out but I'll just show you exactly how it looks like just click on get response and you find that it is a very nice email marketing software for you to start getting a visitor spending trying to tell them to come back to you very perfect I use it everything is very interesting so it's free for the first 30 days and you can sign up free here now my interest today for this video was to show you how to get your website done which I did with the Wix ABI and you have your website here like remember group and therefore it will be easy for you to do this once you just follow the steps now I told you that is a secret sauce so for the secret sauce go and click on the link written secret sauce on the description below and is going to take you on a journey to see another opportunity for you to be able to build and market websites so click on the link in the description called secret sauce and Alain to get that's it from me today I'll see you on the next video please .

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