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Do you even need a website in 2020 and
are they still relevant for smaller businesses now in short absolutely yes
whether you're a restaurant or a yoga studio or even a social media marketing
agency a website is a great way for you to show your potential clients what
services you offer how to contact you and even sell products directly online
but this can be something which is very daunting to new start business
owners who don't have any web experience they're not techy and you don't even
know where to begin on creating a website it can be really daunting task and
that's why in this video I'm gonna show you in less than 15 minutes everything
you need to know step by step to create your first website today now firstly I
want to say thank you to Wix for sponsoring this video and supporting the
channel now we don't know what Wix is it's an online templated website builder
and AI platform with over 500 industry-specific templates and a
drag and drop editor which makes for uncomplicated web designing exactly the
way you want it so for context in this video I'm going to be making a digital
marketing agency website or social media agency website but regardless of what
business industry you are in you can literally follow these steps to create a
website for yourself today it's also important to know if you're one of my
regular subscribers and you're in the digital marketing space it's not
detrimental to your agency if you don't create a website right away in fact it
was months after I launched my agency that I actually launched my website but
that being said it is an exceptional way for you to get your clients to contact
you inbound and also show them what services you have to offer so without
further ado what we're going to do is we're going to flip round onto the Mac
but if you want to go and click the link in the description go over to wix.com if
you want to follow this tutorial today and you can start creating your website
right now but let's get started cool so we are on wix.com right now and what we
want to do straightaway is go over to the top right hand corner and hit sign
in ok so we want to create an account or we can click get started in the
middle here so get started or sign in it will do the exact same thing and we want
to create our account i'm going to go ahead and create a new account today so I'm
gonna put a email address in here click sign up so if you're new to the platform
you just want to follow the on-screen instructions so we're gonna hit let's do
it we want to create a website for
ourselves it should be a business site in this instance
we're gonna create a agency website and I have never done this before okay let's
presume that I'm an absolute beginner okay
we then gonna get the option to use the Wix AI platform okay so we can have artificial intelligence build the basis of our website for us but
we're actually going to choose a template today by all means you should
play around with this feature so we're gonna choose a template on the
right hand side and it's gonna bring us through to the template selections so we
have many options here we're on businesses and services right now but if
you're in health and wellness or travel and tourism landing pages restaurants
beauty and all these sub niches underneath okay we have so many options
as I said there's over 500 templates to choose from but we're gonna keep this
nice and simple we're gonna go on business and we're actually gonna be in
advertising and marketing we can either select that here or we're gonna do that
over here so advertising and marketing that see what we have got this is going
to bring up all the relevant templates although of course you can use
absolutely any of the templates on Wix and you just need to change the text
and change the layout so it doesn't matter what template you start off with
you can you can adapt it for whatever industry you're working in
so let's use this one this looks like it looks like a nice one to use so
we just want to hit edit ok so when we're on the editor for word the first time we
get the option to watch some training videos which we can go through we're
gonna skip that because I want to show you actually how you can do this today
okay so to use this editor you just need to understand how to use the navigation
bar on the left hand side here and the tools on the right many of this will be
familiar you've ever used any kind of design software in the past or even any
kind of word processing tool for that matter so if we go from the left and
work our way down we're gonna go on menus and pages first this is where we
can look at the way of different pages on our website and these obviously are gonna change depending on what template we are using but we've got works we've got
branding we've got an about page and we even got a booking page on it which
we'll come onto later on this but if you're building an agency based website
and you're a new start all you really need is a home page and about page and a contact
page or you can even have that all in one website or one page you don't have
to have a navigation bar you could just have that all you could have the about
you could have your services and then you can have contact us if you want a
really simple layout or if you've got a existing agency with existing clients
you want to create a testimonial page let's
say we we want to do that with an existing agency we hit add page here
and all we would do is we would type in testimonials and it's as simple as that
we have a new web page built out okay so we've been brought to this new page we can
now edit this page on Wix if we go over to the left we can change the background
if we want to so we can change the color we can change the color of the
background we could do site colors and hit change I really like this
feature actually this is where we can look at your different color palettes
this is great if you're looking for inspiration for your website maybe you
haven't even chosen your logo yet I mean I mean look at this this is a really
lovely color scheme it's a great place just find inspiration for colors that
you may have not even thought about before we're not going to do that for
now though we're just going to get rid of that and we're gonna add something to
this page so the plus icon here over to the left we can add anything we want onto the page
whether it's text images buttons a gallery videos a navigation bar social
icons a contact form I mean the possibilities are endless and what I
recommend you doing is many of the things I'm gonna be going through in
this video today you can you could spend ages looking into them and playing
around with him and tweaking little things and getting creative and that's
that's your job to do after this video after you followed this tutorial I just
want to give you an idea of exactly how you can do this okay so how to use the
functionality and the creative side of things and actually managing everything
for your website that's your choice to play around with and I really encourage
you playing around with all the functionality of Wix after you've gone
through this training so let's say we're doing a testimonial page and maybe you
want to add a heading so we could just click heading there or we could simply
drag heading so we can go add and we could drag this onto the page and we can
move this anywhere we want okay so no coding needed we can drag this around
if we want to delete this go over to the tools we click the trash icon very
self-explanatory if we want to duplicate it we could duplicate it just by clicking
the icon next to it and let's get rid of that and let's move this header let's
move it up here and let's do testimonial okay and some testimonials we can change
the font this is very similar to any other word processor change the font
size bold change the alignment anything like that and we can get rid of that so
let's just say we're doing this here now I'd recommend using a maximum of three
fonts per website okay because you want this to be brand continuous you want it
to look clean and I'd also recommend you using a maximum of three
colors okay to keep this like clean I like a simplistic design and it's just
an easy way if maybe you're not so designed savvy for you to look design
savvy okay free font max three colors max
really then we so again if we go on add here and what are we going to do for
the testimonial page maybe there's a video testimonial so we can go to video
and we could do video upload we could drag this onto here we could integrate
it straight from YouTube or Vimeo we could drag the video testimonial on to
this page and maybe for people who can't actually watch the video we might want
to add another heading okay so we could have header two and this could be like
it quote like so we're gonna do this for a company called Eagle Marketing by the
way you can marketing did such a great job of our marketing okay that's probably
not a likely quote we might want to make sure this looks a little bit better by
maybe lining it in the center maybe not doing it like that kind of a center like
this kind of center so it looks a little bit cleaner there of course we want to
change it so there's a really really simple testimonial page one thing I also
really like to point out on the add here is the the container section because we
can actually add entire sections onto our website so for example if we wanted
like a get in touch on here we could drag this on and we could add an entire
section on to our website okay I don't do the title I want to drag the whole
section I can just drag this down underneath the video and I can move this
all back up okay and we can format this all nice and easily so there we go
and we have our getting touch section now so we've got a testimonials
and then people can get in touch afterwards with whatever contact details
we want to put there but that's what I quite like about that with it's like
individual templates inside of a template all these different ones where
you can obviously change all the design to all of these so have a look around container I think this is a really great thing we even got one for
testimonials here see that so testimonials where you can drag some
quotes from somebody straight onto a website we can change the images we want
to change these images click on the image hit change image it's as simple as
that once we do that we can either drag the
image onto here or we can hit upload media and drag it straight from our
computer close that change all the titles if we want to get rid of this column
that we've just added we can click that and hit delete it's gonna get rid of it
and then we just need to move everything back to how it was but you can see even if you make a mistake how easy it is to just
correct it cool so that's us making a testimonial page we can also add apps if
we want on the left hand side here so we can feed things like a subscriber app
comments a Facebook Likes if you've got a Facebook page you can have a pop-up
which says hey like our Facebook page some kind of a form or a booking
form or a live chat have a look around at all the applications as loads of
them on here lots of agency owners use an app called calendly for their scheduling if
you type in calendly at the top here you probably integrate another calendar here
we go calendar and you can have bookings for a strategy call directly through to
your website in fact I actually think this template has a booking system
already built into it so we'll see if we can find that in a minute
then we've got media so again we can drag any of our media onto here so our videos
or images or even stock images we've got access to on here but also we can add a
blog if you were a marketing agency on your blog could be a really great way
for you to build authority and then we have a booking form okay so booking
manager we're actually gonna go onto that I think there was one built into
this website already so we'll have a look at that let's go back over to our
home page now we don't actually just have to select our pages from here we
can also select our pages from the top left here for a quick reference so go
back over to our home page and let's say we want to actually start editing
this website so I'm going to change the logo right now I'm going to delete this
text I'm gonna delete that register trademark click add go an image upload
image and we're gonna use a Golden Eagle Marketing this is the example we're
gonna be using let's make this smaller and let's get that straight in on at the
navigation bar make that the right size there we go now we've got these green colors it's
not brand continuous with what we're trying to achieve here so we want to
make sure that we can change the colors and so if we want to change that so
we're using this template we want to change the colors used here we can click
on any of these buttons and we can hit change text but we want to hit change
design if you want to change the layout of these buttons and we can go around
this again you want to play around with this depending on what design aesthetic
you want but we're going to click customize design we're going to go on
fill color and opacity go on the green and we are going to change the
color so what we're going to do is we're going to hit change colors hit this
little button here and we have the ability to change this we can obviously
do this from a hex code if we want to we can change it to the exact color of the
logo but I would say something like this is pretty similar so there we go we hit
add done close that and we would do the same for every other individual element
on the website okay so we can change the the colour of this strategy call there
for example as well now this strategy call this is actually
a built in booking system as far as I'm aware on this template itself so to
click on this yes it is so we have the option to manage different services now
this booking system is not just used obviously for marketing agencies this
can be if you're a personal trainer this could be for scheduling in a free
transformation session or a personal training session you can even charge for
these so it could be an optician and it could be a eye checkup or something
like that so to do this I mean we click on settings and we can change a design
and all of that as always I mean you can change the design aesthetic of
absolutely anything on these templates but we want to hit manage services and
what we're gonna do is we are going to be able to actually edit this service we
can add other things on if we want to we could for example have a a paid strategy
call if we wanted to but if you're an agency owner I recommend you just having a
free one so we've got services on the side on here hit these three buttons
hit edit and there's a couple of things you want to make sure you do if you're
setting this up do your strategy call title change the description session
probably around 15 minutes is about right and we don't want any fee you
could put a price in here though you could put a custom price or fixed price
and charge people for it depending on whatever you're trying to build with
this website for location business address but really if you're an agency
owner you want to do add video conferencing that's going to enable us
to actually get a link sent over to the person who books are calling with us and
they can click that link and have a video conferencing and have a video
conferencing link with us we can have a video meeting via zoom zoom.com so here
we can integrate our zoom account if you don't use zoom go on zoom.com and you
can really easily have video conferences with potential clients video meetings
and you just hit connect there and link your account up so save now there's
loads of other functionality on here there's lots of other things that you
can do but very simply what I'm just going to show you as if we go onto the
calendar and hit more actions here you can sync this with your Google Calendar
so you can make sure that this is synced across all of your platforms
another thing you want to do is set work hours so you want to make sure that if
you're an agency owner you're not busy you're not free all day okay so you
don't want to be free 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. you want to add different times in
here and maybe put like for example 9:00 a.m. – for example 10:00 a.m. and then
we could also set 11:00 a.m.

to 11:30 a.m. so we're setting our intermittent
time throughout the day so it looks like we're busier than we are as a new agency
owner you don't want to look like you're free all day it's not gonna look
professional so gonna hit save and yeah we're gonna come off this for now okay
so you again you can use this booking platform however you want to you can add
payments on there depending on what business you're running but that's
already built into this template that is a premium feature so I'm going to be
running through how you actually use premium and yeah how are you upgrade to
that and the cost implications of that in a moment but let's just say we are
finished editing this website okay all we really need to do is change the
images and I would recommend you changing these images you don't want to
stick with the template images you want to ensure that you use something
different because you don't have the exact same images as loads of other
websites out there so you want to ensure that you change the text you change the
images and yeah you make this your own you personalize it as much as possible
if you want to change the image all we do is click change image there okay
but let's just say we're finished editing this website and very very easy
to do and we want to publish this right now okay so all we need to do is we
can do site and we could hit publish or we could go publish in the top right
hand corner here if we hit publish now when we have published its gonna publish onto a Wix domain name but we want to make sure that we have a professional domain
name for our business so we can over upgrade our account here or we can do
this straight from the editor and connect a domain name so we want to have
something like the Golden Eagle Marketing if we can find something like that so we
go over to settings at the top here we can click connect domain name and if we
already own a domain name because we bought it elsewhere
we can either connect it straight through to Wix by clicking connect a
domain name you already own or we can buy a new domain
straight from Wix so let's see if we can find anything simple which is relevant
so can we get Golden Eagle Marketing we could do Golden Eagle
Marketing .net and then we have the option to either upgrade to a yearly
plan on Wix and we can get the domain name for free or we can just buy the
domain name itself separately okay so it's completely your choice whatever
works best for your business if I click up right now just and run you through
some of the options as the upgrade options because of course if we do want
to have a booking system we will need to have a premium account and it's again
your choice to weigh up what works out best for you for your business I'm not
gonna advise you on what option you should take because it depends on your
business or your website and what you're trying to achieve out of this if you
want a booking system then you're gonna want to have a business or e-commerce
one it's gonna have to be one of these options weigh up everything underneath
here if it's just a normal website you don't need the booking system or
e-commerce then you can be any of these ranging all the way down to three pounds
per month but you will have to pay additional for your domain name which
will end up depending on the domain name be around 10 pounds per month if it's a
simple domain name so that is very very simply how you can create a website for
your agency today and literally with no experience whatsoever from a template
and any other business for that instance let's go over to the beautiful website
that we we have actually just created let's go back onto that and hit preview
now of course in any given circumstance I would spend a lot more time
absolutely building this website out but I just wanted to show you exactly what
Wix it's capable of and just how easy it is for you to create a website even if
you have no experience whatsoever this doesn't have to be a daunting task and so
many people spend a lot of time procrastinating when they first launched
their business about what their website is going to be like what they need to
include on it and building a website from a template is it just relieves
absolutely all of that stress and it means you don't have to worry about that
and you can focus on getting it out of the way getting your website done so you can
ensure that you're spending your time signing up client so you can ensure
you're spending your time driving revenue into your business instead of
building out all of the mechanics okay you can get something built very very
easily very quickly and you can build something up yourself without having to
stress out about code and without having to pay somebody for
thousands of pounds to do it for you so guys that is the end of this video I
hope you have enjoyed it please do share it with somebody else who will get value
from it if you have any questions whatsoever
drop me down a comment below and whether that's about Wix or about building an
agency website and everything that entails I'll get back to absolutely
everybody and if you're ready to start building your website today you've got
all the tools you need after this video click the link in description and visit
wix.com right guys I'll see you all very very soon thank you so much for watching
Cheers .

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Let's start by answering the underlying question everyone is asking, β€˜Do you still need to have a website in 2020 and are websites still relevant for small businesses in 2020’? The answer is yes!

Whether you’re a restaurant owner, yoga teacher, fashion designer or a social media marketing agency owner, having a website builds authority and adds professionalism to your business or brand.

A website can be utilised by your customers to find out more about you and your business. You can showcase what services you offer, use it to present a portfolio of creative work or most importantly help customers find correct information about your business; including the best contact methods to reach you or your staff, or to locate the correct address of your physical location.

The importance of a website for sales cannot be overstated. By having an online presence through your website, you are able to reach more consumers. The more consumers you reach online, the more opportunities you have to make a sale. With a website, you can sell your products and services around-the-clock all over the world.

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3:34 – How to Use Wix (How to Navigate Around Wix Editor)
4:30 – How to Add a New Page to Your Wix Website
5:55 – How to Add Text & Media to Your Wix Website
9:01 – How to Add Applications to Your Wix Website
10:08 – How to Re-Brand Your Wix Website Template
11:30 – How to Add a Booking System to Your Wix Website
14:48 – How to Publish Your Wix Website
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15:53 – Wix Pricing Information – Choosing a Premium Plan
16:34 – Wix Website Tutorial Conclusion

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