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How To Make A Website With Elementor Pro

In this Elementor Pro tutorial, I will show you step by step how you can create a professional WordPress website from scratch. You will not only create an amazing WordPress website, but you will become a pro in Elementor Pro. After watching this tutorial you are able to create websites for clients. I did my best to show you as much as possible without making this a 7-hour tutorial.

Elementor Pro is in my opinion the best premium page builder there is. It gives you the ability to create every single aspect of your website. That is why you don’t need a theme for it. Normally you use a page builder in combination with a theme. That can cause problems since they can have overlapping settings.

With Elementor Pro and the empty theme Hello (made by Elementor), you can create everything from scratch. And that is what I will show you in this video. How to create your own header, footer, blogpost template, blog archive template. We will cover a lot! We also talk about importing pre-made optimized templates so you can save yourself a ton of time!

After watching this tutorial you do not only have a website, but you will have a ton of knowledge about creating websites with Elementor Pro. You can decide to become a Web Design Agency after watching this tutorial.

00:00 Intro
10:42 Get A Domain name and Webhosting
19:10 Install WordPress

21:45 The Front End and Backend
22:38 Clean Up Your WordPress Website
25:04 Clean Up The Dashboard
26:37 Optimise Your Permalinks
27:24 Configure Your User Account

Elementor Pro
29:48 Get Elementor Pro
32:43 Install Elementor (Pro)
33:38 Activate Your License
34:27 Install The Hello Theme

Create Your Website
35:56 Add A Few Pages
38:31 Change The Homepage Display
39:49 Create And Add Your Logo
41:14 Create A Site title With Keywords

Elementor Pro Templates
42:46 Create a Header
45:09 Display Conditions
47:31 Active The Editing Handles
48:05 Change To A Dark Elementor Interface
50:50 Configure The Navigation Menu In Elementor Pro
53:38 Global Colors
1:04:17 Optimise The Header For All Devices

Elementor Templates
1:07:39 Import Pre Made Elementor Templates
1:14:10 The Elementor Navigator

The Homepage
1:15:20 Create The Homepage
1:19:09 Get Inspiration For Your Homepage
1:22:31 Motion Effects Entrance Animation
1:27:44 Add a Button
1:31:33 Inline Positioning in Elementor
1:33:38 The Shape Divider
1:35:29 Add a Youtube Video To Your Elementor Section Background
1:39:09 The Animated Headline
1:42:05 Professional Images

1:44:51 Create A Second Section
1:47:08 Copy and Paste Elements
1:53:33 Create A Section With A Quote
2:00:11 The Power Of The Flip Box
2:04:59 Negative Margin
2:17:11 Optimise The Page For All Devices

Free Elementor (Pro) Templates
2:26:51 Import The Complete Homepage, About Page and Services Page
2:34:17 Import And Adjust A Page Using Elementor Pro Templates
2:37:28 Change The Look And Feel Of An Element

The Blog Page
2:41:51 Create Blogposts
2:43:10 Create A Blogpost Template
3:13:21 Create A Second Template For The Header
3:18:30 Create The Blog Archive Template
3:27:35 Display Conditions
3:28:08 Create Multiple Templates For Blogposts Based On The Category

3:35:39 Add A Footer
3:46:02 Custom Post Types and Advanced Custom Fields
3:47:22 Global Elements
3:52:29 Thank You