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How to make a website using Hostinger!

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My name is Brianna and I’m an aspiring web developer and tech enthusiast! Join me on my journey as a woman in the technology industry. I aim to educate and inspire women to work in the industry as well as have some fun at the same time!

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hello everyone and welcome back to tech girl Briana this is another episode of tech Tuesday’s here on my youtube channel thanks again for stopping by today and before we get started if you could just like the video and subscribe that’ll mean so much to me anyways let’s get started so today I will be teaching you how to make a website using hosts senior hosting there is a web hosting service and on there you can make all sorts of cool websites
either from scratch like maybe you just want to have some sort of service to host your website or if you know absolutely nothing about making websites like I’m talking about zip nada like you know something that even my grandma can figure out then I highly recommend using hosting there because they have very easy-to-use tools as well as 24/7 365 days a year support so literally anybody can make a website through hosting there it’s very easy and
these days most of us need a website some sort especially if you are freelancer or especially if you’re in this field which is computer science or graphic design photography you’ll be surprised how many professions these days need a website for their portfolio or just the way they showcase their work or maybe you are starting your own business and you need a website to host it on hosting there is great for that so I will be showing you guys how I
am making my very own website tech girl Brianna comm through hosting her let’s get started all right let’s create the website let me just log in first so this web hosting service hosting ur is what makes it unique in the market they are focused on maximizing customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality service for affordable price the proof is simple hosting ur is able to provide such low cost service because of its custom-built control
panel it enables us to serve much more reliable fast and intuitive website hosting solutions with better performance and 24/7 365 wide supports so the type of plan I have is the premium shared hosting plan I recommend this one you can also upgrade to a higher up one if you need that but for my purposes I like the premium so this is my active sites tech girl Brianna calm for fun I added a template before but it needs a lot of work so we can
actually just go ahead and just change that all together because I was just playing around with it so let me go ahead and show you how it looks like so this is what my site looks like so far it needs a love work I just added like a few things on here I haven’t even changed the About section or contacts I think I’ll go ahead and stick with this template and I’ll fix it up with you guys here in just a second but I just want to go ahead and show you
guys how you can add your own templates so if you want to quickly make your website in five minutes after you go through all the prompts in the beginning raise up your server and the domain name and just like verify its you and stuff like that then you can go to this section so you first go hosting and then you click the site that you want to work on just like this so from home hosting and then tech girl Brianna comm which is website I’m working
on there are all these different settings on here rights pretty good but if you want to import some sort of template and just quickly just set it up so it’s not much work to do you just click website builder go to website builder and they use zero calm for the templates and they have lots of beautiful intuitive and very responsive templates see you can either make them for a white screen a desktop which is what I want even a tablet so this is how
it looks like on my iPhone what are my sorry my iPad with these dotted lines a phone so that’s how it will look like on my phone like this like I’ll crop my photo a lot actually so but that’s okay like you can also change that around you can like click on and be like hey actually I don’t want it to crop so there will be a setting here like you can lock it in different settings and stuff but there are so many templates you can choose from they’re
really beautiful as well I am in love with this one so because I like this one so much I’m just going to go ahead and with this one I’m going to go ahead and change some of the things on the website here I’m gonna make this like a nice dark grey awesome looks good so I’m pretty much done with the website I’m just going to publish it now and then show it to you guys I’ll give you guys a little tour of my website tech girl Brianna comm so if you’d
like to see any important updates on what’s going on with me make sure you to always check out my site so this is tech girl Brianna comm this is my home page it’s very easy to fill out I just used a template and I just change around the colors a little bit because I want a more minimalist looking I don’t want all these like bright colors I use like a stock photo image here the came up the site and then this is the about Me section and yeah some
good information and then a contact section there’s a little forum here you can fill out and then you hit submit when you know it’s done yet sign you fill out the field and then when you click YouTube channel it just goes to my channel so yeah thank you so much for watching if you would like 15% off your web hosting services then go ahead and use my code Brianna when you are checking out on their sites and I hope that helps you out alright I’ll
see you guys next Tuesday bye