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How To Make a Website | Easy Steps

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How To Make a Website | Easy Steps
In this Episode we will design our portfolio Website. I am updating all of our clients project completed until now. I wanted a clean and simple website to showcase our works. In this episode i will show you the step by step process to to design your website in the most easiest way. Check out the video to see the process!

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hey guys welcome back to another episode of creatnprocess. today will be designing a website for our portfolio. if you check out our creatnprocess website you’ll find that it’s content mainly revolve around products and tutorials. so we will create a separate website to showcase our portfolio. There are two things that I’m looking for, first I should get a design of my choice and it should be easily editable. the second thing is the designing
process shouldn’t take more than one or two days. I know some of you want your design to be completed within the shortest period of time, but frankly speaking. you can learn the tools and techniques but it will take time to finalize your design. You have to edit your image and text as for your website requirement. for my portfolio website, i’m using the wix tool. I find this tool very easy and user-friendly. so let me open this website. i’ll
click the start now button to begin. This will open the login page. Here if you’re new sign up for free, enter the email address, password and sign up. For me i have already created my account, so i have my email and password to login. now you will get this interface. here i’ll click this small triangular icon and choose create new site. Since i’m creating a design portfolio website, i’ll choose designer. And here you got two ways to get your
design done. First is using artificial design intelligence. which means you just give the instruction and your website will be created automatically. the second way is using the editor tool and i’ll choose editor, because i want to customize my website. This will open a page with a collection of web templates. You can choose your favorite template and customize it. For my website, i’ll choose creative studio template. This will open the template.
Click preview to see the template. I like this design because it has a big slider on the top and image gallery to showcase our work. Rest we can edit it as per our choice. The best part is, if i click on any of the project. It opens in a new page with a project description and an additional project images. so let’s get back to editor. Here first we will change the logo, so select and delete it. Now go to add image to upload the images. Here
upload all of your content images. I have already uploaded all of my content. Let me choose the logo and add it to a page. scale down the size and place it here. i’ll reduce the opacity of the header design to make our logo visible. Select it, click on design and choose no color. Review the website after every steps. it looks good. Now to remove the empty space, select the slider and using this icon, click and drag it up. Next I’ll change the
slider image. Just select the slider and choose manage slides. Here we can add new sliders or you can edit the existing sliders. choose change slider background, select image and choose the cover image from the library. Doubling on the text to change the title. We will give the name exp network. Do the same for the second slider. Change the image background with one of our client project image. Inch was a logo design project designed for a coffee
shop. I’ll edit text with a double click. Now we replace the gallery image with our latest design project. So select and choose change image. It will open the gallery here will delete all the existing images and replace it with our project images. Selected it from the uploaded library and add it to the gallery, than done. it’s looking amazing. It has got only three rows, so let me increase it. Select and choose layout. Increase the number of
rules to 5 and let’s drag down the about section. Click on the icon to drag down the section and align it properly. I want this section to be about services. so let’s fill this up with our services information. I’m using Playfair display font for our website text. Align the fonts using the alignment. next I’ll delete the images and add a new element from the list, Product and services. I’ll choose this one, drag it down and let’s customize it.
Click on design for different look. I think this one is better. click customize design and lets removed date and button. Next under customized title, change the font to playfair display and increase the size to 31 pixel. Click on add and manage item to add the individual items. Here you can change the image, description and title. I’ll do this for all the other three items. Next the contact section. Select and reduce the size of the background
shape. Then using the icon, shift the position upward. let’s change the address and email address. Now to link the contact to our business email address. I’ll just click on the box and set my email address. click on preview to see the edited version. Now i will change the client images. it’s the same process as before. Now that’s add a new page. So go to the top and select menu. Choose the manage menu, here you find all the pages. if i click on
the about, its going to the service section. Let’s delete and create a new page. Give the name ABOUT. Now this page is empty. so let’s design this page. First let’s add a slide show on the top to show our services. Edit each of the text. Use arrows to go to the next slider and change the text. Next I’ll add a description section about WHAT WE DO. Use title text for the heading and normal text for the description. Adjust the font size and the
placement using the options. next I’ll add a strip from the strip section. I’ll choose this one to add a description about us and our team. Add the description and adjust the font size. let’s say I want to add a Quote between what we do any about a section. So go to add and choose the strip. Now it’s on the bottom, so select it and drag it out, just above the about section. Use the icon to adjust the spacing. Add the page Title text and type out
the Quote. Next I have added the client section where I have listed down, the list of clients we have worked with. Also let me add a contact us strip. For this I need only two columns. So let’s delete the middle column and delete rest of the details. Now let’s add a team section, so go to add, strip and under team, let’s choose the classic look. Lets place this just below the client. Now let’s manage the columns. i’ll reduce it to two column and
adjust the size of the images to circular. Let’s changed the image, i’ll choose the image from the library and change the name and designation. By the way that’s me. The second image which i’m using is one of my colleague. We have been working to ever since one and half year and it has been a great experience. Now let’s change the font to playfair display and title to people. Next let’s edit the project pages, so go to the pages. Select the page
you want to edit. Then change the background image to one of our project image. let’s select EXP Network project cover. Type the project title and description. Change the image related to our project. I have four images for exp project and done. After this rename the project to exp. Now I want to link the page to our cover title. So select the title and click on link. choose Page/anchor > EXP and done. Now if you preview it, Click on the title.
It will open the EXP project page. In this way i have created the pages for all the projects. Now let’s add a new work page, so delete the previous one and add a new page. Type out WORK and done. On this page, will display the work gallery. So choose the gallery from the collection. I’ll choose collage snapshot, where it covers the whole screen. let’s do some setting. i’ll choose JUST A LITTLE, so the title is visible when you hover your mouse.
Next I’ll edit the layout to set the number of section to 3. Now let’s change the images and import all of our project covers. Also select individual images and Link it to our respective pages. Select the page and choose the project. Do this for all the other images. Once done, preview it. And our portfolio website is almost ready. Save it, give a name for your link and publish. To design this website it took me almost two days, to get the final
output. Still there are few more changes to be done. Now the portfolio website is ready, you can find the link in the description. It showcase all of our latest projects which we have completed. Go and check out and let me know, how you think about the website. If you’re looking to get your website designed. you can try this wix tool. You can also contact us for graphic or website design services. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Don’t forget
to check out the next tutorial coming up. If you want more updates on designing. Like, Shares & Subscribe Thank you!