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How To Make A GoDaddy WordPress Website 2022 [Easy GoDaddy WordPress Tutorial]

How To Make A GoDaddy WordPress Website 2022
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Why I Love GoDaddy Website Hosting

When discussing website hosting plans, one of the picks that come to mind every time is GoDaddy. They have been in this business for so long, they have almost made a name for themselves as the father to all other hosting providers out there.

From the time when I started researching how to make a GoDaddy website to implementing some, I have found out a couple of reasons why this hosting service is one of the best to have entered the game.

In my opinion, here are the shining lights that make GoDaddy an amazing pick for anyone.

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1. Reliability
Nobody wants a website that keeps going offline at every turn and whim. One of the best things that could happen to a website is having it stay online for the most part of its lifetime, and that is what GoDaddy offers.

With a promise of 99.9% uptime, many users have reported only having as much as 2 downtimes in 10 years. If that is not a high level of stability, I don’t know what is.

2. Ease of Use
I was once a novice to how to make a GoDaddy WordPress website or any kind of website at all. When I started using the GoDaddy platform, though, I quickly found out that it was something I could do on my own.

That is not because the service lacks the advanced modules and plans that make it an ideal pick for large scale websites. It is, rather, because of the ease and simplicity with which they have explained everything on the dashboard.

Speaking of dashboard, this remains one of the most intuitive and beginner-friendly picks on the market. Once you pair that with WordPresses simple dashboard it makes for a very smooth user experience.

3. Cost
I am not a cheapskate, but I do love to get the best value for my money. That is why I was initially skeptical when I saw that GoDaddy was offering me its plans from $1/ month. At this price, I was almost about to laugh it off as one of those bogus offerings that will end up taking my money and doing nothing.

Was I wrong!

Combining the slew of features, customer support, bandwidth, storage and more that I have gotten from this service, it is an absolute steal at this price.

When you’re building your first website it is important to keep things as simple as you can so you don’t get overwhelmed. It can be difficult in the begging but if you stick with it for a little bit, slowly you will get the hang of it.

That is why I always recommend godaddy and wordpress. They are both simple options to go with and wordpress is free and godaddy is just $1/mo. In case you change your mind there is always a refund policy that you can use.

4. Customer Support

Anyone who knows me will know how big I am on customer support. No matter how good a product is, I would not put my money on it if the brand won’t care for me after taking my money.

So that this does not happen with GoDaddy, they have two different dedicated support lines.

One is the telephone line which you can access at any time of the day. Just call in and you will have an agent looking forward to making you a happy customer once again. The live chat feature also works well if you choose to use it.

With such options, there is no unnecessary congestion on any of the support lines, and I get to have my issues resolved in real-time.

GoDaddy background: They have over 18.5 million customers as of 2019. With over 8,000 employees working for them. The company was founded back in 1997 and has been a top hosting choice of many for years now. With over 60 million registered domains it remains one of the top domain providers on the planet. Get your wordpress website up today!

Getting started with GoDaddy

With a gentle learning curve, you can also learn how to make a GoDaddy WordPress website with relative ease – and in only a couple of hours at the max. That investment in time will be well worth it when you start paying the meager subscription fee that this service charges while enjoying premium features.

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