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How to List, Manage & Sell a Domain with Namecheap 2021

A detailed guide explaining how to list a domain for sale on Namecheap marketplace, manage the listed domain and sell it.
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This video explains and takes you through the process of listing a domain for sale from your Namecheap account, set the price, sale duration, adult content declaration if any, and go live on the marketplace. Also in the latter part, you will learn how you can redirect the domain URL to Namecheap’s marketplace listing so that any visitor visiting the domain will land on the domain sale page.

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hi my name is luxman and in this video i’m going to show you how you can list a domain for sale on name ships marketplace and then also how you can redirect the domain to your nameships marketplace whenever someone visits the domain so as you can see currently i have couple of uh domain names unlisted for sale so let me quickly show you how what i mean let me open this market place in new private tab and if someone okay so this is the domain
that’s currently listed for sale and so anyone visiting this space can uh buy this domain name from here and if someone visits the domain name here so i have redirected uh the domain name to land on this page so they can easily buy the domain directly from here so i’ll explain how you can redirect the domain from from the domains url to the marketplace url and also how you can manage the domain listed on sale so let’s get started so make sure you
are logged into your nameship account and then go to your dashboard or domain list section and then choose the domain name that you want to list for sale so let me demonstrate it by uh doing for this domain here japanese trading visa and then you can see a lot of options over here so i’ll go to the manage button here and then if i go to manage and then if i scroll down you will see so currently this domain is just landing on a parking page so
it it’s there’s nothing much going on here so this is just the name ships um part page that’s been currently displayed so so to list it for sale uh there’s here you can see sales domain option over here so if i click on this and then it will take me to the page where i can ask the price so it can be between five and ten thousand dollars so if you want to raise the price more than ten thousand you can you need to contact the nameship support so
let’s say i want to list this for 355 dollars and then it says it can be edited once saved and then 10 cards 10 percent commission will be charged and then how long you want to list it for let me say i’ll list it for 15 days and then you can write the description as as well and also the category there are lots of categories over here so let me just choose one you can choose multiple also and then if it’s adult listing if the website is about
adult content you can select the option here and then also it’s wiser to turn this option on is you will get notified once it has been sold so yeah so just clicking on this it will list for cell so as you can see if i go back to the dash sorry dashboard and it says it’s currently for sale and if i refresh this page here nothing will happen because uh it won’t the nameship won’t say anything it’s worth sale or anything so the visitor or the buyer
let’s say need to go to nameships marketplace to buy this domain so uh for now you can use this domain name state for sale as normal like you can host website you can use it for email purposes or anything like i showed at first if you want to redirect this website uh to the marketplace where the domain has been listed so if i go over here and search for not good any student visa but sorry and this open student visa okay so it’s currently uh on
sale here so since i’m logged in so it says that i can manage on this listing and if someone is some visitor comes and lands on this page they will see something like this so yeah so this is the austria uh not australian the us dollars so and this is the australian dollars so if you want to redirect uh your domain name to the marketplace page then what you can do is i found a quick guide written in forum of nameship here it says to add two url
redirect records and then point them to the marketplace listing so if you want to point it to this page just copy this link from here is is this link is the public link and then go to manage domain and then go to advanced dns and add to url redirect record one like this and then yeah and then save it and also let’s add another sorry let’s add another url to direct record for www so the visitor with uh www can also land on the same page and then
leave this as unmasked and then save all changes so this is what we were told to do i’ll leave this link in the description section below so now if i go here and refresh this page so i should be automatically redirected to the marketplace domain as you can see i have been redirected so let me show you once again so if someone visits the domain so they will be automatically redirected to the marketplace listing so as you can see you can see my
listed by name here as well so so if someone clicks on my name it will list all of my domains listed for sale so if you want to edit something when the domain is listed for sale so you can click here or you can also go to this particular domain and then edit from there so let’s say so i can edit the sale listing here as you can see i can’t change the pricing but i can change few details from here so i can change the pricing once the listing
period has expired so this is it you can also change the details here from the domain setting so this is it if you want to read this video as a blog i’ll leave the uh blog link in the description section below hope this video was useful thanks for watching have a great day