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How to link Godaddy or Namecheap domain to AWS EC2 using Route 53 (2020)

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How to point your Godaddy or Namecheap domain name to AWS EC2 using Route 53.

In this tutorial, I will show you guys how you can connect and configure your GoDaddy or Namecheap domain name to AWS EC2 using Route 53 and configure your custom nameservers.

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what is up youtube so today i will be showing you how you can link your goodreads your namecheap domain name with an instance running on amazon ec2 so let’s get started so i will be linking this domain to my ec2 instance so first of all login to your amazon management console and then navigate to ec2 dashboard from there select the option elastic ip to assign to allocate the ip for your instance when you are into the elastic iep tab click on
allocate ip select amazon’s pool of ipv4 address and click on allocate now you can give a name to the elastic iep address you have just allocated it’s completely optional but it will allow you to manage the elastic ip addresses more easily so now we can bind the elastic ip address with the ec2 instance for that click on the associate this elastic ip address button and in the instances select the ec2 instance you want to bind with let me
just reconfirm the name of my instance that i want to bind with so we’re gonna navigate to our running instances and i’m gonna copy the name of the instance from there so let’s just copy the name and now in the elastic iep tab i’m gonna select the elastic ip and then i’m gonna navigate to action and then associate elastic ip address and now in the instax tab i’m gonna paste the name of the instance and now click on associate this should find the
elastic ip with the ec2 instance now we can use this allocated ipv4 address to access the instance purpose is ipv4 address as we will be needing this in a moment now navigate to route 53 in the route 53 dashboard let’s just wait till this dashboard loads okay so now in the route 53 dashboard click on hosted zones and now click on create hosted zone in here enter the name of the domain and now we can leave all the other fields blank and now
click on create worship zone this will create a hosted zone and give us some name servers which we will be using in a moment now what we need to do is click on create record select simple routing and click next now click on define simple record in the value route traffic to field select the ip address and enter the elastic ip address in the text area leave all the settings as default and now click define simple record and this will create a
type a record that will be pointing towards the plastic ib we have just created and now we need to create another record again click on create record again select simple routing click on next and then define simple record and now add a prefix of www in the record name and in value route traffic too select alias to another record in this hosted zone and now choose the record we have previously created that will be your domain name without the
prefix of www now click on define simple record and create report this will create another a record as you can see now we have two new record which we have just created okay so now the last thing we need to do is update the name servers in the domain manager log into your godaddy account now another domain tab click on all domain scroll down to the domain you want to link to click on these three dots and click on manage dns now click on in the
name servers click on change button you might not have four name servers as i have because i previously have linked my domain to another pc2 instance you might just have only two name servers so now remove all the name servers if you have but most likely you won’t have any name server if you are doing this for the first time now copy the name servers provided in the route 53 and paste them here in the dns management after copying all four
domain name servers click on save this should give you a security concern type thing just check it and click on continue and we are done normally it takes around two to three hours sometime more sometime less to update the name servers so in my case it took me around an hour to update the name server so as you can see when i visited the domain name it still gave me the site can’t be reached error but when i when i refreshed the website after like
an hour i was able to pull up the apache page which is being served which is being served at the easy to instance so this is how you can link a domain name uh whether the domain name is provided by google id or namecheap or any other provider to your ec2 instance thank you for watching don’t forget to like this video and subscribe the channel take care goodbye