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How To Install WordPress with iPage Hosting


How to install WordPress onto an iPage hosted account, the next video will contain steps for configuring your fresh WordPress installation.

all right in this video i’m going to show you how to install wordpress with ipage so let’s go to and would help if i typed it properly and we’re going to hit login and then we’re going to log in using our ipage username and password and once in we’re going to click wordpress it’s already in my favorites because i’ve clicked it before but it won’t be there for you you need to go down to website and hit wordpress down here and that’s
going to take you to their mojo marketplace and i i’m not entirely sure why they run things through mojo but they do and there will be a big old install button if you’re getting a warning that’s saying that your account doesn’t have a domain associated with it or something in a yellow box it just means you need to wait another day or so before you can go through this process so if that’s the case come back to this maybe tomorrow or the next day
and you’ll see this screen so we’re going to try install and it’ll ask you for some some details here which to which directory you want to put it in for you you can just have it in the uh the root directory so that just means when someone types in your domain name in this case t-y-e-s dot c-a that will be the wordpress uh blog and and website and if you wanted it to be in a subdirectory you could create one called uh blog but we don’t want
someone to have to go to blog we just want them to have to go to to get to our wordpress installation so let’s check this domain it’s going to take a couple seconds here maybe longer depending on your your internet connection just kind of twiddle your thumbs and wait for this to to inspect the uh the files on your server and the connection between your domain and your your account your hosting account and just making sure that
everything’s okay before it decides that uh it’s going to give you the green light and it looks like uh looks like i’ve got a message here it looks like files already exist in that location if you proceed if we proceed some files may be overwritten i’d like to proceed so it’s detected that there are some files already in that folder that’s true there’s a there’s a home file in there and there’s some other ones that will display a temporary page
we don’t care about that temporary page because we’re going to replace it with our wordpress site so i’m just going to hit continue and i like to see the advanced options just because that’s who i am so i’m going to click that and i’m also going to have the agreement checked because that’s necessary so this is the name of your site t-y-e-s for these guys the new the username and password these will be blurred out in the video but you guys are
going to want to copy this stuff down so select whatever your your user and password name are going to be here and your username and password and make sure to keep that stuff in a safe place because you’re going to need it later there will be a confirmation email at the end of this which will contain this type of information sorry not a confirmation email but a confirmation page with this information that you can copy it from yeah so in this in
this situation you’re gonna want to uh have that stuff available for later so make sure to copy it down and i’m going to change that to my email address because i’m the administ admin on this uh administrator yeah so that’s me and the password um i’m gonna change the password so it doesn’t matter that it shows up here so this this info is going to be redundant actually by the time that this video goes live so i can actually just leave all of this
and you click install now page new page will load and it’ll have a little uh arrow with view wordpress uh view progress here and there will be a loading bar at the top you can kind of see it grayed out behind the uh the the light box effect they’ve got going on i’m not going to find a theme so right down here there’s a no thanks um we’re going to click the no thanks and then we’re just going to wait for this this green loady bar to continue until
it’s finished and uh this can take a couple minutes so i guess maybe do some jumping jacks get out of your chair stretch your neck go make a tea cheese and crackers whatever you’re feeling like doing uh go take a selfie with your cat put that up on youtube hopefully you get some hits on that and when it’s done you can hit view credentials and i’m going to do that because i didn’t copy this i didn’t even listen to my own advice but i’m going to
view these credentials again these credentials are going to be different when this video goes live so it doesn’t matter that this stuff is visible to you guys i’m not going to bother editing and blurring this stuff out but this is very important information so you’re going to want to copy all of that and keep it in a safe place for me i’m actually going to leave this window open i’m going to create open this in a new tab so i’m going to right
click that and i’m going to do open link in a new tab and i will have my email address copied and ready to paste and the password which will no longer be relevant when you watch this video and paste that in and you’re going to want to click remember me i’m not going to do that for now and we’re going to log into our wordpress installation so now you actually do have we’re not going to save this but you’re going to want to save it so if you’re in
chrome or safari and it asks you to save you could save that password if you like and now we actually do have wordpress installed it looks like it’s struggling to load the full dashboard so i’m going to refresh that page just so you can so my my page looks like yours will and now we’ve got wordpress wordpress installed which is a small part of the battle and in the next video we’re going to configure wordpress because right now it’s just been
pre-loaded with a bunch of junk we don’t need and it doesn’t yet have some of the features that we’re going to want so continue on to the next video when you are ready to configure wordpress to look the way you want it to