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in this video we're going to be taking a look at how to install WordPress using the all new Mojo marketplace powered quick install it all begins inside of your cPanel once you are logged into your cPanel scroll down until you see the software slash services section here you will click on the quick install icon and then you will select WordPress from the options on the left because the new quick install is powered by the Mojo marketplace this means that you now have access to additional products and services for example if installing this yourself is not something that you want to do you can always opt in for such services as a quick demonstration I'm going to scroll down here and you can see that they have various packages to choose from the starter package for example will include the installation the theme installation itself and a $49 credit towards the purchase of a premium theme that you can use to further customize your particular installation of WordPress in this case I'm going to show you how to do it yourself because it is very quick and easy let's find the install WordPress button which is right here let's click on that and we're going to select the domain name where we want our WordPress installation to go into now I have this domain name opened up on a separate tab as you can see there's absolutely no content here at this time and I want to install workforce directly on the domain name itself so I'm going to leave the install path completely blank but I am going to provide an email address for blog title just type in the name of your website for example roses jewelry or Frank's pizza or whatever it is that your website is going to be about next we'll provide a user name and type in your first and last name alright when you are ready to proceed just click on the install WordPress button after a few seconds your installation will be complete and there we go we can click on this little pulldown menu here and we'll see our credentials so we're going to copy this password at this time so that we can log into our new copy of workforce you will also notice the path to the administration area for your new installation of WordPress so let's take a look at our domain now if we refresh the page boom you can see that our installation of WordPress has taken place and everything is ready to go let's go to the admin area which is WP dash admin I have to do is type it in at the end or we can probably just click on that link hit enter we'll use the username that we selected and we'll paste the password in here so once we have typed in all this stuff we're going to click the login button and we are ready to get started now one of the very first things that I always do after a fresh installation of WordPress is that I go to the users section select my profile and proceed to change my password to something that means a little bit more to me all right and that's it so now we can log into our WordPress at any time using our own password and we are ready to go .

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