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In this video I am going to show you how to create a sub domain on hostgator and how to put a wordpress blog on that domain. I will even show you how to post your first post!r
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hi there this is my lincocin again and in this video I’m going to show you how to actually i’m going to show you two things i’m going to show you how to make a subdomain on hostgator and on that domain i’m going to show you how to install a wordpress blog so let’s get started first you have to login to your ad domain cpanel so that would be like wwu remain calm for / cpanel but since i’m here i’m just going to click this link and login and
here’s your Hostgator control panel and first off we’re going to create a subdomain on this on this main domain that we have in order to install a wordpress blog on it because of course I already have a wordpress blog on my main domain so i won’t be installing a new one there so i have to make a subdomain of course you can install a wordpress blog on your main domain but now we’re going to show you how to create a subdomain as well so you just
roll down two domains click subdomains and then we put in a test domain here click create and hostgator will make some server space for your new domain we’ll just let it finish thinking here yeah it has been created go back and we are going to go even further back i have a lot of domains you can see as a total in the last video you can have unlimited domains added to this domain it can be domain names that you that you associate with this account
then it would be yeah yeah add-on domain or you can do so Optimus like we just did well now we’re going to install the WordPress blog and this is actually very easily done in Hostgator because they have this thing on called fantastico deluxe so if you just roll down click on that and then over here you’re going to choose WordPress and we are going to put in a new installation and we’re going to choose the domain we created and you’re going to put
in a administration name and a password we’re just going to use test here because you want to put in something and a little more well I actually recommend that if you have a niche domain that you’re going to put up that you choose an and minister name that is related to that niche it all it all helps in the SEO and search engine ranking so and also for the admin nickname you’re going to choose a name that work is related well then you can put in
a description which one you can change that later but and you want to put in your arm and email if you want to have another email you have to change this as well and you just install WordPress finish installation and you’re all done you can actually go visit now and here you can see the link that you need to be typing in to your browser or here you can just click it this is where you log into your WordPress admin panel and let’s do that and here
you can see we can log in and this is your dashboard this is where you control your complete every every setting on on the wordpress blog I won’t go into details now I will show you in a later video how to use this stuff but then now you are all said and done you can start posting you can put up new pages you can change the appearances and put in plugins I’ll go into this in later video but I want to show you what your site looks like when it’s
just put up on your domain so click visit side and here is and of course you can change this later the name that you that is on here and i’m going to show you here you can see it is on the test Molina lessons and that come to me and this is where you the name you you type in when you visit your blog and if you have to go and administer it you just type in WP / admin and your back to the admin panel well I hope you enjoyed this video and yeah now
you are ready to go and set up your own wordpress blog and start posting well i think i want to show you just how to post and i’ll just show quickly here click post add new it’s very easy even go and play with this yourself and then he just click the the header are you type in the hair and you type in the subtext when you’re done you go and click publish and let’s visit this site now your post is on your blog voila well I hope you enjoyed this
and I’ll see you later in the next video where i’m going to show you more about using wordpress and i’m even going to show you how to put a and how to use a autoresponder associated with the wordpress so that you can put your autoresponder on your wordpress to to capture emails and make a list so i hope you you will stay tuned and I’ll see you in the next video and remember I see potential in you so use it bye for now