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How to Install WordPress on HostGator, Step by Step

How To Install WordPress on HostGator, step by step.
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Installing WordPress on HostGators Web Hosting has changed slightly since I recorded my last video on the subject, so I decided to record this new version of the video: Installing WordPress on HostGator Hosting 2015!

I have done this literally hundreds of times before in the past so I know from experience that this is the easiest way to Install WordPress on Hostgator!

In this tutorial video I am going to cover the following:
00:00 Introduction
00:24 Visiting HostGator
00:42 Choosing our Hosting Plan
01:52 Registering our Domain Name
03:13 Entering our General Info
04:13 Getting our first months hosting for ONLY 1 PENNY
05:48 Paying for our Hosting & Domain Name
06:22 Logging into HostGator (CPanel)
08:10 Installing WordPress
10:14 Logging into WordPress
11:13 Changing our WordPress Password
12:05 Who I am and where to find more WordPress Tutorials!

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hi guys my name’s Marty from let’s build WP comm and today I’m going to show you how to install WordPress on the host Gators web hosting I’m also going to cover the steps of signing up for who’s Gator as well so nothing’s missed out and I’ll also show you how to get your first month hosting for only one penny okay so the first thing you need to do is open up your internet browser and go to WWE door com or alternatively you can’t just click the
link below this video once you get the host Gators home page you just want to click on the top left where it says web hosting and then it’s going to show you the different hosting plans they have to offer to be honest with you the business plan comes with a whole lot of added extras you probably won’t require at this time so that really just leaves it between the hatchling plan and the baby plan the difference between these two is that the
hatchling plan allows you one single domain which is one website and the baby plan allows you to have unlimited domains which is literally as many web sites as you’d like if you’re only going to have one website I recommend going for the hatchling plan because it’s a little cheaper but if you’re going to have more than one website go for the baby plan and you can have as many as you like once you’ve decided what hosting plan you’re going to go
for you can just click here in the drop down menu and this is where you can choose how often you’d like to pay for it as you can see you can choose to pay for it once a month or you can pay for it every six months or you can even pay for it every three years it is a little bit cheaper the more you buy at one time so that might be something to consider I’m going to set mine to monthly just for nine and once you’re happy with everything he can just
click sign up now that’s going to bring you to this page here and this is where we’re going to register the new domain name for our website so you just want to type whatever you want your domain name to be in this box here so I’m gonna call my site Marty’s example site because it is just an example site I’m building for this video so Marty’s example site then once you’ve typed in your domain name you can choose the extension using this drop-down
and by extension I mean whether you want it to end in com or something else like dot org or dotnet for this example I’m just gonna leave it as com so my website is going to be Marty’s example site com once you’ve added in you do me a name it’s going to come up and say whether it’s available or not if it comes up and says added that means the domain names available but if it comes up and says it’s not available you are going to need to choose
something else for your domain name if you do already have a do me a name that you bought from somewhere else you can click here where it says I already own a domain and you can type it in but for this tutorial I’m just gonna register a new one once you’ve added in your domain name you can check the box beside any other domain extensions you want to buy as well so you could buy calm as well as org at the same time but I’m just gonna buy the one
which is Marty’s example site com once you’re happy with your domain name if you just scroll down underneath you’ll see it says choose a hosting plan just double-check that your package type and billing cycle are both correct so I choose the BB hosting plan and monthly billing cycles so these are both right then underneath you can choose a username and security pin for logging into the site under that it’s going to ask for your general billing
information so you just type in your email first name last name things like that your company name as it says is not required once you’ve typed in your general information on the right-hand side you can choose whether you want to pay using a credit card or PayPal I normally use PayPal myself but you can’t choose credit card if you want underneath that you’re going to see it says add additional services I personally just unchecked all three of
these boxes but you can have a read through them and see if any of them interest you underneath it then asks you to enter a coupon code and you might see there’s already one entered in you can see here it says snappy this snappy coupon code is worth 20% off but as I said I’m going to show you how to get your first month hosting from the one penny to get your first month hosting for only one penny just change where it says snappy to building WP
one that’s all one word building WP and then the number one once you type it in just click here where it says valid it and you’ll see that the price is not reflecting the discount so it’s 1295 for your domain name and then only one penny for your first month hosting I do also just want to draw your attention over here to show that you also get access to their 24/7 phone live chat and email support which is great if you run into any problems and
they also come with a 45 day money back guarantee so if you decide that running a web site isn’t for you you can just contact Hostgator and they’ll refund you for both your domain name and your posting once you’re happy with everything you can just click here in the box beside where it says I have read and agreed to the Terms of Service cancellation policy and privacy policy and then just click checkout now I’m just going to pause the video for a
minute while I fill out my information up here and once I’m done I’ll restart the video and we can click checkout now together so I’m just gonna pause the video now and I’ll be right back okay so that’s me now back and I filled out all my personal information above and I’m going to click checkout now only it turns out that Hostgator have slightly changed the way their site works and now when I click checkout now it’s going to bring me to PayPal
so I’m gonna pause the video again after I click checkout now I’m gonna fill out my PayPal information and then I’m gonna restart the video so if you just want to go ahead and click checkout now this is where it’s gonna ask you for your billing information so just fill like that and once you’ve done it and submitted it restart this video and I’ll be on the same page as you okay so that’s me now back and as you can see I’m on this page that says
welcome to the Hostgator family hopefully you’re on the same page and if you are you’ll see underneath it says check your inbox for the welcome email so just head on over to your email inbox and you’ll find this email that thank you for choosing Hostgator if you click in there you’ll see it says thank you for your order with Hostgator you can now log into our online billing system to manage your account it then gives you a link to your billing
portal your login name and your password this is an important email so keep it safe but it’s not the email we needed the minutes if you just go back into your inbox you’ll hopefully have this other email that says your account info it sometimes takes a few minutes for this to come through because they do have to get your account set up so if you just leave it a couple of minutes if it hasn’t showed up and refresh your emails it should show up so
once you get this email that says your account info just click into it and you’ll see here it says your control panel with a link and then it also says your username and your password so for now this is what we’re going to do we’re gonna click this link beside where it says your control panel and this is where we’re going to log into the Hostgator cPanel where we’ll install WordPress so just click on the link beside where it says your control
panel then go back into your email and copy your username and then paste it in and then just do the same for your password as well just highlight it with your mouse right click copy and then paste it into the cPanel login screen once you do that just click where it says login then once you’re logged in you just want to scroll down to where it says quick install it’s just under where it says software and services it says quick install so just
click there and I on the left hand side just click where it says WordPress and then if you scroll down on the right-hand side you’ll see here it says install WordPress just click there and it’s gonna bring you to this form where you want to choose your domain name from this drop-down you should only have the one if you’ve just signed up your hosting no but if you’ve got more than one domain name just choose the mean one you’re wanting to use for
know where it says install path here I would just normally leave this box blank I’ll explain to you what it does if I was to install Marty’s example site comm with something typed into this box so I typed in the word blog into this box I would actually be installing WordPress on to Marty’s example site comm forward slash blog if someone went to Marty’s example site comm there would be nothing on it it would actually just be on forward slash blog
so you want to leave this box blank and that will make sure that it goes to the right domain name then underneath where it says admin email you just want to enter in your email address then where it says blog title this is literally just the title of your website don’t worry this can’t be changed I’m just gonna type in Marty’s example site then it’s gonna ask for admin user this is maybe gonna show up in a few different places so you want to
write something like either your first name or admin or something like that I’m just gonna type in admin then for first name just type in your first name and last name obviously type in your last name that’s not my real last name by the way it’s just what I use for videos then once you’ve typed in all your information you can just click here where it says install WordPress once it’s installed you can see here at the top it’ll say your install is
complete click here to view your notifications so just click on that bar and then here on the right-hand side just click where it says my installs now here you’ll see it says your domain name and admin login so just click here where it says admin login that’s going to bring us to our new WordPress installs login screen where we’re going to type in our username and our password so our username we just set up I used admin you might have used your
first name or something like that then for your password you just want to go back to your email inbox and you should have a new email called install complete and if you click in there you’ll see it choose your username and your password so just highlight your password right click and copy and then go back to the login screen paste it in and then click login the first thing I like to do after logging in is change my password because it’s very
unlikely that I’m ever gonna remember this one so to change your password in WordPress you just want to click on the left hand side where it says users then hover over the username that you created I’m going to choose up click where it says edit now if you just scroll down to the bottom you’ll see it says new password just type your new password in here then underneath it says repeat new password so just type it in again once you’ve done that
just click underneath where it says update profile and that means next time you come to the WordPress login screen you’ll just use that password instead of this one so that’s how you install WordPress on the host Gators web hosting I hope you find this video useful and if you have please give it a like and leave a comment underneath also feel free to subscribe to my channel for more wordpress tutorials like this one once again my name is Martie
from let’s build WP comm and thank you very much for watching my video