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How to install WordPress on GreenGeeks web hosting
This video tutorial demonstrates the installation of WordPress on a GreenGeeks shared hosting account using the cPanel control panel and the Fantastico Deluxe installer. To read NCM Online’s GreenGeeks review, and to see uptime and speed testing results, please visit the link above.

hello everyone today we’ll be installing WordPress on our green geeks hosting account as you can see we’ve already opened the new account information email and we’ll begin by clicking on the link for the control panel will login next we’ll click on the cPanel login button and here you can see the green geeks cPanel control panel green geeks is one of the few web hosting companies that actually gives you two ways to install WordPress you can
use the Fantastico deluxe installation method or you can use the soft Acula s– apps installer method both are fine but for our purposes today we’ll be using Fantastico deluxe as it is the fastest and the easiest way to install WordPress will click on the link for WordPress we’ll click on the link for new installation and this is the form we’ll need to complete in order to install WordPress we’ll begin by selecting our options install on domain
and CM test0 that is correct install in directory if we would like WordPress to be the content management system for our entire website we simply leave this form field blank if we wanted WordPress to be the content management system for only part of the site for example the blog we would fill in the directory name here for our purposes we’re going to leave the forum field blank admin access data this will be the username and password you
use to log into the WordPress dashboard we’ll enter admin and for the password will paste the secure password admin nickname this will be the name used in the byline of the posts that you create on your new WordPress site you can enter anything here and you can always change it later using the WordPress dashboard we’ll enter admin this is the admin email the default here is fine site name will give our site a name we’ll call it n cm test site and
we’ll add a site description the site name and the description can be changed later using the WordPress dashboard so don’t worry too much about what you enter in these two fields next we’ll click the install WordPress button we’ll click finish installation and it appears that it was installed if you would like the details of the installation emailed to yourself simply enter your email here we’ll click on the admin link which will allow us to log
into the WordPress dashboard we’ll login and here you see our new WordPress dashboard from this menu we can control all aspects of our WordPress site to create a new post we use then + new post link and we would enter a title for our post here we would enter our content here and click the publish button we will not be creating a new post today what we’ll do next is simply take a look at our new WordPress site by using the visit site link at the
top of the dashboard and as you can see WordPress has been successfully installed you can see our site title and our site description here this is the default hello world post this can be deleted using the WordPress dashboard I’d like to thank you for watching this video and invite you to visit NCM online for web hosting reviews coupon codes and more