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How to Install WordPress on GreenGeeks

In this video I cover how to install WordPress on GreenGeeks. GreenGeeks is easily one of the best hosting companies out there for beginners. They have great support, fast speeds, and great uptime. I hope this video helps you install GreenGeeks on your site.


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hey everyone it’s Tom from WP with Tom calm and in this quick tutorial I’m going to show you how to install WordPress with green geeks hosting so if we get two green geeks com there’s gonna be a link in the description it is an affiliate link WP with Tom DICOM slash and green geeks and on that link we can go to WordPress hosting to get started with installing it and here we’re gonna be brought to three different plans the eco site Lite eco
site Pro and eco site premium the biggest difference between these plans that you have to know is the domain names host that you only can host one with this eco site light and then you could host unlimited with these pro and premium plans now to get this pricing you have to sign up for a longer-term plan I believe would be three years to get that pricing so let’s just say we wanted to get started here we can click it get started and here we would
find a domain name I already put one in before it’s just a random one I’m gonna check the availability on it and it says congratulations this domain name is available now here you would want to fill out your information for your account and here you get down to your plan it says three years is 295 and you can see if it’s one year it’s 495 a month two years it’s 395 and three years it’s 295 a month so it pays to have a longer plan they also give
you the highest value coupon and it automatically when you go to the site and I would recommend leaving this check for this who is if not your information can be public that you sign up with if you want to take that risk and maybe get a couple spam emails or phone calls and you don’t really care about that you can uncheck this and save 9.95 a year and bring that price down from 116 to 106 24 this three-year period here so after you do that you’d
fill out this information down here and you would create your account so I’m going to go to the next page here where you’ll actually get an email that will give you all this information after you create an account and pay and then from there you can log into the backend of your green geeks count and start setting up WordPress so let’s dive into that alright so once you’ve gotten that email you can go to where it says customer login or there will
be a link in the actual email itself and here you can input your email address and password and now we’re logged in to the backend area of the site for green geeks after we login through there we’ll see this cPanel login option and that’s where we’re gonna click right now and it will bring us to the cPanel or the control panel of our site now if you sign up with a domain name it through green geeks you don’t have to do anything different but if
you sign up through a different site with a domain and let’s say you’ve got the domain name at GoDaddy you wouldn’t need to change the name servers and point them to the ones in the green geeks email and go to add-on domains and then add your domain there if you purchase it through geek green geeks like I was just showing originally in this video we can skip that step and go right onto the next one where we’re gonna scroll down here and find
where it says Softaculous apps installer and then we’ll click WordPress and here we can click where it says install now in this page we’re going to be brought to where our site is so we have the protocol I’m gonna leave that as is for right now we’re going to change that to be HTTPS in the next video in this series and make it more secure for now I’m gonna leave it as is and I’m going to leave my domain name as is for this site it’s WP
fundamentals comm here is our site settings we can change that later once we’re within the dashboard in the settings section so we don’t have to go through that and if you need help with doing that I have a whole series on the WordPress dashboard that I’m gonna link to on a card in the upper right of the screen and then down here we’re gonna choose our admin username and password so you’re gonna want to change this I’m just gonna make this one WP
fundamentals in my case and here I will hide my password and create a password here and I want it to be a strong secure password here for this admin email you want to make it an email that you can actually receive so if you cannot log into your account you’re going to be able to retrieve it to this email so you want this to be a good email so I’m just gonna put in my gmail account here and then I’ll scroll down now these are some good plugins if
you want to add any of them you can I’m just gonna skip through that right now and go tour it says install to get our WordPress install started that’s just gonna take a few seconds here and we’re done now right here it gives us our login page to our website here and we’re gonna have to use that each time so it’s gonna be your domain Vanetta or whatever you selected slash WP – admin conversely you can actually get to that by going slash
login so either one should work if you want you can save this link somewhere or jot it down save it in the document email to yourself something like that if you need to remember this it’s WP – admin and if we open this in a new tab it’s going to take us right into our site now let’s say you wanted to change the password you can go in here in the upper right edit my profile scroll down generate password and change it right here and update your
profile I’m not gonna do that in this case but if you want to that’s where you would be able to do that now that’s just how we get WordPress setup with green geeks now if you have your domain hosted elsewhere it may take a few minutes to actually set that up and propagate to this hosting name server so that could take hours it could take minutes so if you’ve done it all through ping geeks it’s gonna be a faster start to get your website up and
running so I hope this video was helpful and next video in this series I’m going to cover how to add SSL or site secure lock to your domain name I hope to see you in the next video