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How To Install WordPress On GODADDY 2018

How To Install WordPress On GODADDY 2018

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In today’s video Coach Angelito from Overcome Technicalities teaches on how to install WordPress on Godaddy. This simple step-by-step video was created to give straightforward instruction on how to easily install WordPress if you have GoDaddy as your domain and hosting service provider. It’s extremely important to install WordPress so you can easily create or edit your website.

Below is the timestamp of the simple steps you need to successfully install WordPress to your GoDaddy account.

00:45 – Step #1: Login to your GoDaddy account
1:18 – Step #2: Under Web Hosting, click on the Manage button next to your website name
1:31 – Step #3: Click on the cPanel Admin button located on the top right of the page
1:45 – Step #4: Scroll down and go to the Web Applications section
1:52 – Step #5: Click on the WordPress logo
2:08 – Step #6: Click on the Install this application button
2:21 – Step #7: Scroll down to the Settings section
2:34 – Step #8: Change your Administrator username, password and Email address
3:29 – Step #9: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Install button to start installing WordPress
4:38 – Step #10: Access your website through WordPress by clicking on the link of your own site with the /wp-admin
4:49 – Step #11: Once the Get Started Quickly Wizard opens, click on the No thanks button to skip the step then click on OK to confirm you want to configure WordPress on your own
5:10 – Step #12: Done. You have now successfully installed WordPress on your GoDaddy hosting.

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