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okay welcome to tutorial number three last time we downloaded wordpress files we created a new my sequel database we changed an edited the wp config sample file edited the content then we saved it and renamed it as just WP config that's essential to this and then we selected all of these files and transfer them into what we what I called where I wanted my blog to be is in the blog folder now that means it will be Wolfram calm forward slash blog will be the location of my blog you can call us whatever you want make sure it's lower case make sure there's no spaces otherwise it won't work and it's again it's essential it's all lowercase but anyway you can see that all of the contents have been uploaded successfully and now we're ready to go on and fix it up from there so we go to Wolfram River domainname com 4 / will Dave you've named your directory or your folder in my case I labeled it to blog and then we have the wonderful page that means everything has been configured correctly you can label your blog title no you can link whatever you want I'm just going to put in a new media class example your email put in your email whatever your email address is this is important allow my blog to appear in search engines like Google and technorati this basically means that your web pages or your blog pages will be accessible by Google and Google will go in and put them on the search engines then it'll give you your username username will always be admin and I'll give you an absolute nutter of a password simply select it copy it click login put in your password again admin put in that crazy or paste in that crazy password don't click remember me because we're going to change it as soon as we login so no okay and then it says here I notice you using you go to generate password for your account would you like to change it to something remember easier you say yes of course putting a new password down here and we'll just call the password whatever okay update profile and now your new password has been updated you just use that new password from here on we can go visit the site and this is your blog it's all ready to go and congratulations if you've got that far you just create your first blog or maybe it's your 700th blog and this has been a waste of time for you but anyway for most you guys this should be the first blog and that is how to create it and there we go that's the end of this tutorial round .

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