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and so here's how you install wordpress on to your website for the domain you just picked up on dream house do or just logged into your account here and you can click on manage domains right and when you click on manage domains you'll see this is the domain that we registered for free with our plan 3d crowd org so it shows a little bit of information about it right but what we want to do is you want to go to this link called one click installs so we click on that it shows us a number of different software's that we can install onto our site to make our site do something so we want WordPress that's the popular software for creating a blog or a website so pretty easy just click WordPress and then the next step is you click this custom installation button and it'll pop this up and I'll say in install to where you know so you select a domain you want to install WordPress on so right now we only have one domain listed that's three crowd org so we'll just select it there and it'll install it into the main site there in automatically create database that's fine deluxe install that's fine install it for me now you click on that button and sure enough it says it's going to be installed there within 10 minutes so then the next step is you'll get an email that will say hey WordPress has been successfully installed onto your site click on this link to select a username and password so you'll just follow those instructions select a username and password and then you'll be good to go but another cool thing that I think you want to do too is this clicking on manage email right so you can create an email address off of your new domain that you have right so it could be your name at 3d crowd that or info at 3d crowd or whatever right so that's what you do here is you just enter the information the mailbox name you'll create a password how much disk usage you want your getting increased that and if you want to keep it simple you could just forward that email to your main email so you can just see what emails are coming in so that's another thing I recommend to and creating that new site is also create an email for it and that is legit so those are the basic steps to what you got dreamhost to being able to get wordpress on there for your first website and then also create an email address for yourself too .

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