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How to Install WordPress in 2 Minutes | Install Hostgator WordPress

How to install WordPress with Hostgator @ – thanks for supporting Traffic Generation Cafe!

This quick tutorial will show you how to quickly install WordPress on Hostgator hosting account using Quickinstall.

Hostgator is my hosting company of choice for Traffic Generation Cafe and should you decide it’s for your new site/blog, thank you for using my affiliate link:

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hi this is anna hoffman with traffic generation cafe and today we’re installing wordpress i want to show you how easy and quickly it is to do that with hostgator and the reason i’m using hostgator is because that’s what traffic generation cafe is hosted with because i’m familiar with hostgator so i can easily record this video and because this is one of the best hosting companies out there so if you want to continue searching and putting some
work into finding the best hosting company feel free to do that or if you just want to go for what works what i know works feel free to use my affiliate link at the bottom of this video and i would really really appreciate it if and when you do so here we go we are at hostgator homepage right now and we’re going to click on web hosting and we’re going to do the simplest plan that they have because when you start you don’t really need anything
fancy so we’re going to their hatchling plan right here and we’re going to order now now here you have two choices you can either register a new domain with them which i highly recommend because it’s much much easier if you host the same domain i’m sorry if you register the domain name where your site is actually hosted so you make one phone call and you’re taking you are taken care of so however if you do have your existing domain you can enter
it right here um that’s not my domain but it doesn’t matter and then we’ll just continue to step two and then we’ll continue to step two and at this point we’ll fill out this information your credit card billing whatever you need and once you’re done all said and done and paid for you will get to your cpanel this is your control panel for your future website and at this point we have your domain name you have your hosting account set up now we
just need to connect the dots and install wordpress the easiest thing to do there are two ways to do it with hostgator and most other hosting providers also use fantastico which is right here if you scroll down to software services fantastico is right here you can certainly do that and if you are using anyone but hostgator um this will probably be available to you however to me fantastico looks just a little bit intimidating if you’re just
starting so we’re not going to do that i’m going to go back and fortunately for us hostgator uses something a lot easier than that it’s called quick install so i’m going to click on that we are going to choose wordpress because that’s what we’re installing today press continue and well that this is all you need to do uh here you get to choose which domain name to install wordpress to so as you can see i have a few domains names here i’m going to
choose traffic generation cafe and the reason i’m going to do that is i’m going to create a subfolder and create a test site in other words create yet another wordpress install on my existing traffic generation cafe domain so that i can test different themes and plugins and not interfere with my web main web so here i’m going to add my email my blog title um and my name and now i’m getting flustered because i cannot type and we are going to press
install now and it’s going to take just a few minutes uh my connection is not the best right now so i oh there it goes and we are done it gives you your access right here we’re going to copy this keyword and this is my blog in order to log in i’ll just scroll up here and i will add w p admin i will log in as admin enter my password and i am in this is the dashboard for my brand new wordpress site so as you can tell this was extremely easy
extremely quick i’m going to see i think i did it under a couple of minutes um this is anna with traffic generation cafe again if you prefer to go with hostgator which is what i use for my web hosting please do click on the link below to get there and have yourself a wonderful blogging day