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How To Install WordPress at A2 Web Hosting (Plus See How To Start a Blog for Beginners) – 2022

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Learn how to quickly install WordPress at A2 hosting in this how to blog tutorial made easier for beginners. You will also optimize your WordPress plan then install a new theme and write a blog post. Grab your A2 discount using the link above.

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hey what’s going on guys it’s Greg here and today we’re going to learn how to install WordPress at a to web hosting one of the fastest growing and coolest web hosts of today if you’re nervous then don’t be because we always manage to get the job done together and I’m gonna address a ton of questions you might have as you create your first WordPress blog or website along the way like what’s the best way to install WordPress and what’s the best
web hosting plan and how do you log in to start blogging we’re gonna do it all in one try together so you can easily just open up your laptop and follow along and we’ll try to go quick so that you can get the job done today and I’m gonna show you how to get a great discount so you can get up to 66% off your web hosting because I know when you install WordPress for the first time or even for the second or third time cost is one of the most
important factors so yeah thanks so much for joining in I’m really excited and let’s get right into it so the first thing I wanted to do is actually just to get a discount off the standard pricing that most people see at a – web hosting and to do that you can be on my blog right here at dear vlogger org and just hover on the deals tab and we have plenty of deals that we publish each week we try to review a lot of web posts so we stay unbiased and
know what’s the best one and let’s just click on a to coupon and when you’re here you’ll see that you can get 66% off which is awesome when I first got hosting it was only 25% off and that will be $2.99 per month hosting which is great so to get the coupon just click on this little mock coupon card right here that says discount and voila so welcome to a – and I want to show you a few things right now before you go ahead and install WordPress the
first is that you’ll be on the WordPress hosting page which is a little bit different from the shared hosting page right here WordPress hosting is shared hosting so you get all of this but you’re gonna also get a few bonus WordPress e features plugins and things to make your site even faster and I want you to have that little edge over other blogs and websites when you get started the second thing is that you’ll get the price of
just $2.99 per month activated so to move forward we can just scroll down it’ll say the best for WordPress hosting solution and now we can choose your plan so we’ll see the startup and the drive and that’s where I want you to focus so let’s do a quick comparative the startup hosting features and the drive hosting features so the startup you’re gonna get one web set hundred gigabytes of SSD storage free migration and any time money-back guarantee
which applies to all the plans with the drive you’re gonna get all that except for you get unlimited SSD storage and unlimited websites so that’s pretty cool and you also get free automatic backups in my opinion the coolest part of the drive is the unlimited websites maybe you have a side company or you know you create a website for your family that’s different from your blog you can host all those websites on your server or if you have clients
like I do that you build a website for you can say hey I’ll take care of the hosting for you we can just host your website on my server it’s a nice feeling and a service to offer and that way they don’t have to buy hosting so the drive is really good you can see it also gives you 2 times the resources which is great but because this is just an educational tutorial here we’re gonna get the startup plan and keep a budget in mind and you can always
upgrade at any time so let’s click get startup next we’re just going to register a new domain name that we can use and that’s gonna be the address of your website so if the domain is to address the hosting is like where we build your website and is like your home of course this all cost a lot less than building a real new home if you don’t have any domain name ideas yet your first name last name is a really good option because that
way you can start any brand that you’re into and that you represent and it’s also good if you become famous someday to control where your domain name goes so someone can’t make it go somewhere bad if you can’t get your own name you could get your middle name last name in there or you could try a keyword like WordPress is what I do and this will help your SEO and your rankings in Google because it tells Google what your site is about in my case
though I’m just gonna go super simple and go with a to WP demo because that’s what we’re doing here and it’s important to note that you could also transfer your domain from another registrar or you could simply use your existing domain name that you got somewhere else like GoDaddy and then update the name servers which is something we’ll learn about later on to connect your domain name to your hosting so if you want to use your domain name you
already bought somewhere else I would go with this option and then after you set up your hosting and wordpress we can connect your domain name to your hosting and this last one the sub domain almost nobody does so with our domain name stuff squared away we can click check and prease your minds available awesome and then we could scroll down and click continue so here we are on the order summary screen and the most important thing is going to be
to get our billing cycle correct aka how long you buy your hosting for so in my case I’ve had web hosting for almost 10 years now and I wish I had bought the 36 month option upfront because you get the biggest discount but let me explain let’s open these dropdowns and we can see that if we buy for one month we get a 1099 price twelve months we get eighty three eighty eight twenty four months we get 105 thirty six and four three six months we’d
pay 107 sixty forward today these are all just what you pay today now I went ahead and asked the live chat at a to the really nice people to explain to me the discount you’d get for each one of these options what they showed me in this package price summary is that if you get hosting for one month you’ll just pay 10 and after month forever there’s no discount and you just always pay ten ninety nine per month if you get the annual option you pay
$6.99 per month or eighty three eighty eight today and that means there’s a twenty two percent discount or a thirty-six percent total discount if you went with the biennially or a two-year option you’d pay for thirty nine per month or a total of 105 thirty-six today or you got three years of hosting upfront you’d only pay $2.99 per month or 1:07 64 today and of course the discounts go up as you go down now the most important thing in my opinion
or to me when I get hosting is having a low cost per month and saving over time as we can see – if you got two years of posting you pay about 105 bucks but if you got three years of posting you’d only pay two dollars more and that’s a really great thing to notice because you’d get a whole nother year for like an additional two bucks given that I think the annual option and the three-year option are really good sweet spots make sure to ask us any
questions you might have about your pricing summary in the comments below just drop those right below the video but personally I think pink $2.99 each month would feel great knowing that I’m getting a better deal on WordPress than so many other vloggers and website designers so back in our shopping cart I’m actually gonna change it from just whatever we had in there to one month because like I said this is just an educational video but I really
do like that 12 month and 36 month pace now we can scroll down and let’s get our settings looking absolutely perfect except we’re gonna pass up on Drive because it’s two dollars more per month and then we’re gonna customize your hosting I’m gonna choose Michigan because that’s closest to where I am right now in Minnesota it’s awesome you get a free SSL which I didn’t mention that means you get this padlock icon so your connection is secure and it
helps with e-commerce we’re gonna say no thanks to dedicated because that costs money no thanks to backup because WordPress actually automatically backs up your content for you within the software no thanks to barracuda and Auto install application is something that we need to modify so down here on the last drop down you’re gonna see that you can do none for nothing installed or one of these WordPress options which obviously we want WordPress a
to optimize is like a faster version of WordPress because you get the signature a to optimizing plug-in WordPress itself is just the default WordPress we’ve loved for 10 years now it’s just like the most basic WordPress WordPress plus elementary is gonna give you the element to drag and drop page builder and we’re press plus woo commerce will give you ecommerce features like your cart my account shop checkout and all those pages so if you want to
create an online store grab this one otherwise a to optimize is the best because you get that enhanced speed so let’s grab a to optimize right away a to is going to give us our username and password for WordPress so they just like giving it to you upfront what that means is you’ll need to highlight it and copy it and open a note tab so I’m gonna open a new note wherever you like taking notes in your computer just go ahead and paste it in and make
sure you do that step doesn’t matter where you put it just make sure you save it now let’s go back to a – alright and it’s time to click on continue okay awesome we just need to do a couple domains configuration so these are basically additional services that surround your domain name if you want them and I’ll cover them because a lot of people say hey is this necessary do other people use it well usually the answer is No so DNS management can
help speed up your website but we already have that optimizer thing from a two so we don’t need that I’m gonna uncheck ID protection because I’m generally not too worried about this BAM I get I have pretty good security on my computer here and generally trust people but if you’re someone who’s really concerned about getting spam phone calls or information from other businesses then you might want to consider ID protection like I said I just
generally trust people and lastly we have email forwarding so that would forward new emails to an alternate email address which we definitely don’t want because you probably want to keep using your own email and with those two unchecked we can click continue okay guys almost there now we’re on the checkout screen we’re gonna review and check out and it says okay great startup web hosting which is actually the startup WordPress hosting we got that
we got our domain name the pricing makes sense right here it’s just the monthly cost of the hosting plus the standard 14.95 of a domain name we’re just gonna get that domain name for one year and that’s pretty much the price everyone pays for a domain name about fifteen bucks so you get a nickel off and then down below let me know if you have any questions about the applied promo code section in our case like I said the 1019 for the monthly
doesn’t apply to any coupon codes or discounts but I’m hoping you’ll choose one of those one year to your three options and then you’ll see a discount right here but let me know if you have any questions and I’ll help you secure that discount and apply the right coupon code all right all set on this screen let’s click checkout all right guys I’m just gonna pop in my personal information here alongside yet and probably flare out the screen so no
one can go on a shopping spree with my credit card information alright scrolling down it doesn’t matter if you don’t have that number or GS 10 number we’re gonna make sure we use the default contact for our contact information and for the domain registration information next go ahead and give yourself an account password for security to log in to a to again choose a security question and the answer and scrolling down we can see our total due
today at the top next I’m going to choose to pay with the credit card so I get some points but you could also pay with PayPal if you’re an international user if that might help out or Skrill check your money order Bank wire transfers or even probably some day Bitcoin okay so I’m going to enter my credit card and let’s scroll down and let’s get our hosting order purchased so all we need to do now is check that terms to the service box you can
choose the email list or not and I’ll join their mailing us because we’re becoming customers and lastly all we need to do is click complete order and on the next step we’ll have our wordpress site up and running so if you’re ready I’m ready let’s go ahead and complete the order together let’s do it alright guys and by the power of our own patience we now have an order confirmation and you’re a2 hosting is set up you are being welcomed to the a2
hosting community so yes on behalf of a two and myself welcome and scroll down and now you can click continue to client area and I’m so sorry about that scratchy sound I think Leroy the cat is ready to finally go out and get a treat well we’re gonna make sure WordPress is working first and to do that we’re here in our email inbox so as you can see a – took the liberty of sending us a ton of emails like a greetings from their CEO or with
confirmation in West payment confirmation a to optimized installation details and so on and so forth but the one I want you to open up right now is immediate verification which is for your domain name open this one up and click here to verify your address otherwise you know maybe something will happen to you know so now you’re great you’re good to go did I say email I meant domain but in any case now you own your domain and you’re all set the
email I want you to open up next it’s gonna be the Welcome Gregory and right into a2 hosting we’re gonna open this and you can see you have name servers so if you did choose the option of using your domain name you bought somewhere else you’re gonna need to enter in these name servers over at that registrar and that will connect your domain name to your new hosting so that you can see your WordPress site when you look at your domain name and the
final email we need to look at right now is gonna be the e2 hosting your WordPress installation details let’s click on that and we can see down here when we scroll down it says you were your WordPress was installed using Softaculous right here which is a twos one click WordPress auto installer awesome but when we open this email and scroll down we can see that a 2 is so secure they don’t even give us our admin password in this email and I really
want you to be able to know how to log into a 2 and not just login to WordPress so we already have the WordPress login that we put down in our notepad but to login to the a to control panel itself let’s go to a to themselves just a to and hit enter and now we’re going to click login and then forgot password make sure you’re human and submit it we have to choose the airplane to your first I guess alright check it and then just pop it
in the email you use to sign up to a – and hit submit and they’ll make us do the security answer that and now we can go back to our email and we get yet another email from a – so click on the password reset validation and click on the link and now we can give ourselves our own and brand-new password – a – so whatever it is you usually use go ahead and pop that in and then save the changes and we’re in so awesome we can click on the portal home
and then click secure client login and here we are at a – awesome guys thanks for all your patience and finally we’re in the a – control panel it’ll say welcome back every time then it’ll tell you how many services domains tickets and invoices you have you can close that password window and I’ll be honest guys most of the stuff will make sense as you need to use it for example when you need to open a support ticket to get help you can click here
or just post me a comment I don’t probably help a little bit quicker and you can also refer a friend for 50 dollars not bad so play around at your heart’s content but for now I want us to really check out the cPanel login option so let’s click that and you can see you now have access to cPanel as all the professional designers and developers do super awesome this is where you can manage your WordPress a to optimized or install new
word presses on new domain names that you might choose to run you can do all sorts of cool stuff like take advantage of the email address creator so you can make your own email addresses you can go to the file manager where you can manage websites via file transfer and lots of fun developer e stuff you basically have your own WordPress development empire and you’re at the gates to it right now and there’s actually one task I want us to perform
while we’re here which is to activate your SSL certificate so you won’t see that insecure or can’t access the web page err when you try to visit your blog so come down with me to the security section right here and in this row you’ll see SSL / TLS so click on that and then you’ll see a link for SSL status but because mine’s already working here I already set it up I’m just gonna click manage SSL sites so yours would probably say SSL status and
then in the manage installed SSL website section you’ll see a link for Ron Auto SSL so click that but like I said mine’s already active so you don’t see that but keep an eye out for that run Auto SSL button that you’ll need to click next we can click the a2 hosting logo to go back to our cPanel homepage and in order to log into WordPress a to actually does a really advanced security step which is to block the WP admin login screen so people can’t
hack into your new blog what that means is when you’re on your new WordPress blogs home page like this now our site is a 2 WP demo com you’ll be able to see your new theme and your content but if you go to the forward slash WP admin page and hit enter you might not be able to see this WordPress login screen that everyone celebrates when you finally get to after you install WordPress for the first time so back in the cPanel homepage I want you to
come down and click on PHP my admin then click on your temporary username which is something like this and click on WP users and this is where you’re gonna find the username and password that’s been generated here to access WordPress now I know we thought we had one with each you when they gave us this admin and this password back in the hosting order form but we chose that a to optimizer but it looks like they’ve made us another even longer and
more secure password right here with the same username and of course our email so in order to control this password and username I want us to click Edit right here and then you could highlight the second password I guess that they generated for you and copy that and we’re gonna pay set in our notepad um and just for the sake of convenience I’m gonna change it right here just so I can remember the password and then we can also change the admin
while we’re here to something easier like our first name because admin is not very good in terms of being unique okay awesome and then we’re gonna click the Go button to save it cool and I guess maybe I should have warned you at the start that a to hosting and installing WordPress at HP hosting is a little bit more complicated than it is other web posts but now that you know this stuff you’re more prepared for WordPress tasks in the future for
example being a professional or developer and you’ll have much faster hosting like they say it is so now in terms of logging into your new WordPress blog we can leave the PHP my admin area which is super complicated and I didn’t get to it until I was like two years into WordPress but now you know about it and then we can click into the Softaculous area so anything to do with Softaculous from this screen right here I’m gonna do it come and find
for Softaculous and then just click on WordPress a to optimize button okay now go ahead and click on the bin right here that’ll say all installations very cool and now with our domain name right here we can click on the admin person which of course you should know means login I’m being sarcastic and voila here we are in our dashboard for the first time congratulations welcome to your wordpress dashboard this is what everyone sees and thanks so
much for following me on that bit of a wild goose chase right there let’s close some notifications here we’re gonna not allow that one and you’re gonna click to our blog here we can click on the home icon in the upper left that will take us to the front-end if you don’t see that WordPress toolbar just refresh it sometimes likes hiding and then you can click on that icon again to go back to your dashboard which is the backend so click it to go to
the front end as the world sees it and you can preview what you made and then click it to go to the back end which is where you edit things in the world can’t see this that’s just how it works okay guys we have a little bit of time left in the video still so why don’t we learn how to change our theme and then make a blog post to change our theme you can go ahead and hover on appearance and click themes and you can see our new wordpress blog at a2
is running the 2020 theme and you also have a couple other free ones but let’s click add new and get a new theme and so of course cuz you’ve made it to the end of this video and you deserve reward for all the work we’ve done together I thought I’d get you the best theme in WordPress that everyone’s talking about now called Astra theme and my personal experience I went through a ton of themes like daily theme so many themes and I wish I just found
Astra right away so it’s really good umm it also comes with starter templates and it’s lightweight which means it’s gonna be good for Google SEO because it’s not heavy like Divi even though Divis good and can be the best choice too for maybe a more further down the road like a bigger extensive website but yeah that’s why Esther is amazing and we’re gonna install it and it says update fails which I’ve never seen before maybe because the Internet’s
not too good right now let’s try it again so it’s kind of cool we saw a new button in WordPress that’s never been seen before and I know people are nervous when they install a theme that it won’t work but thankfully did and we just need to click activate all right that works so we’re not wearing the Astro theme and if you click to your home page you’ll see things look different really nice subtle gray and white and perfectly structured for a logo
menu all that so before we go while we have everyone here why don’t we write a blog post to write a blog post you can just go back to your dashboard and click on posts and here’s hello world which is the default post from WordPress so this is just what it looks like right now in the new WordPress block editor but we probably want to get rid of this post it’s not written by us it’s written by WordPress so let’s go back by clicking on that
WordPress icon and then we can click trash and now we’re gonna go add new at the top and you’re gonna get this new WordPress block editor which has become sort of the new standard although a lot of people still use the old classic WordPress editor which you know looked different up to you I think eventually we’re gonna have to get used to this so we’re gonna try it out and start getting used to it so we have a title called welcome to the blog
smoosh mark and we could just click down here where it says start writing and go ahead write a post all right and so yeah a welcome post is one of the three types of blog posts I recommend because you can tell people what to expect who should read your blog and what your plans are and where you’ve been and then that is all stuff we could write here but for now I’m just gonna sign it we’re gonna say best and our name and then a PS okay cool to add
an image to your blog post I’ll show you how to get those for free you can just open up a new tab and click over to and we can see I’ve used some living room images from them because that’s what came up but what I really like is just a workspace category of workspace workspace am it is and you might even see some of the stock images you see him on different adverts around the web right here cuz they probably came from here so that’s
cool I’m gonna grab this one because it kind of looks like my little workspace right now and you can click free download choose the size and download and I’m not a robot and download and make sure to give credit to the author all right cool so just call this one workspace and save it so now it’s gonna go from pixabay to your computer and to get it into WordPress go back to the post and you can just drop that anywhere like in the middle for
example we could click plus and then go to a mid right here and now click upload and it’s going to search your computer and usually we’ll have to go to our downloads folder there it is just select it and click open or double click on the image and it’ll be the same thing and it’s thinking and now it’s all in WordPress so that’s pretty cool just a random image and you can make a caption if you want just click on top of it right and then oh we got
to scroll down and then we can write a caption down below ok cool and of course you can take pictures of your own stuff on your phone and then for example you can email it to yourself and then download the email attachment and then put it on WordPress as well and let’s go ahead and publish and publish now we can click view post and there’s our post so nice job we have a new blog post we have a new blog and the world of WordPress is your oyster so
I hope you enjoy it I know Astra theme is gonna do great things for your blogging business and yeah it’s been a pleasure to teach it thanks so much for watching cuz I really enjoyed making this for you if you can rate the video with a thumbs up or thumbs down that would mean a ton to me it does a lot for the YouTube algorithm and make sure people see this video and not some other video by someone who doesn’t care about you as much as I do and you
could also comment if you have any questions and we have a great community so people will help out make sure to check out our Facebook group – called the dear bloggers coffee chat and yeah that’s uh that’s a wrap guys I’ll talk to you soon I’m Gardner Lyon and thanks for watching this video on how to install WordPress at a2 hosting Cheers