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I was in running through the installers so here's here's how you can get it working first you want to download think tank or sorry think up from github once you have it extract it all and then you're going to upload the whole thing think up folder to the domain you want to host it on in this case it's adam patch com / think up just going to wait a little while while it uploads okay and once the upload is complete you can go to the folder you uploaded it to and you should get an installation prompt for some reason at this point I think up dreamhost doesn't quite work with think ups set up inside configuration so what you need to do is manually create the database at your dream host web panel so open it up and go to my sequel databases and you're going to create a new database down at the bottom your database name has to be unique and since it's on a shared server think up probably won't work I'm just using my name plus think up at afterwards okay so once you've got the added go back to the think up installation and fill it out with your information at this point you want to use the database name of the database you just created and enter in your username and password from dreamhost you need to set the database house to the host you've got in your dream host account I'm using this one I don't think it's I don't know if it's necessary or not but that's your database port now before you hit next step we actually need to configure the config file so go to think up folder and I'm going to make a copy of this config file I'm going to edit it if you install think up just below the root of your server it should look pretty much similar to this on my dream host account this is the full path yours may differ well it's definitely going to differ because you're not using Adam patch com then you need to set up the database config down here using the same house that you use on the installer and the same username and password and the same database name you just set up you can save that and then on the server you want to rename the file so–but get rid of sample and copy now you can click through to the next step and you should be installed you'll get an email notification copy .

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How to Install ThinkUp on a Dreamhost Server Quick video guide for installing ThinkUp on a Dreamhost shared server. How to Install ThinkUp on a Dreamhost Server[/toggle]


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