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first we're going to do is install an SSL certificate which stands for secure socket layer and it means that when this is installed on your website your customers or visitors feel more comfortable giving their email and their credit card details because when they give those those details they become encrypted before going to the server so it protects your visitors and your customers when entering their important information into your website it's also really important to help you rank higher in Google in 2014 Google recommended that all web sites have an SSL certificate installed on their website and by doing so you will actually rank higher than competitors who don't have an SSL on their website eventually all websites will have to have this installed otherwise Google will punish you so what you need to do is we need to go into our Bluehost account so go to Bluehost calm and login if you aren't already logged in from the Bluehost dashboard down the side here we want to go to my sites and then we want to want to hover over the site that you want to manage so I'm going to go into this site and click manage site and then we want to head over the cross here into security tab click on the security tab and this will bring up a free SSL certificate on the left here you want to make sure that this is turned on so just click it on if whatever reason it is not turning on try it a few times maybe up to three times clicking it on if it still isn't working then you need to contact Bluehost support and get them to turn it on for you now the SSL certificate can take up to four hours to install and the way to check to see if your SSL certificate has been installed on your site is to just type HTTP before your website domain name and to see if it loads through if it doesn't it just might need some more time another way to check if your website has the SSL certificate installed is going to SSL shop comm slash SSL – check out HS the link is on your workbook there I need to do is type in your domain and check SSL so here it's saying that the certificate is installed and issued and when it will expire so the SSL two certificates that are the free ones that Bluehost installs for us they last for 3 months and every 3 months they get reinstalled so you'll get an email from Bluehost seen that they've reinstalled the SSL certificate if whatever reason it doesn't get installed properly all you need to do is go back into your Bluehost and contact them and get them to reinstall it now the best way to contact Lew host is to go into your Bluehost dashboard go into the Home tab setting go down and here you'll find help and support click this one and it will bring up a chat box so you just need to click existing customer your name your domain and your domain name here and then click Next and it will bring up someone who can you can chat with and then you can ask them that tell them that the SS sales – it hasn't been installed properly can they please install it properly and that's how you install an SSL certificate we're here on the Bluehost dashboard I'm just going to show you another area that we can set up while we're in here so go to my sites click on to manage site and then we're going to go into the settings tab now here it has the option to automate update so I've turned those ones on just to make life a little bit easier so every time WordPress gets an update it will update it itself now the Divi plug-in and the Divi theme you will still need to manually update those from your website in the WordPress dashboard this just makes life a little bit easier the next area we're going to go into is the performance and here it talks about caching which means where the browser takes memory shots all most of your web pages which makes it a bit quicker to load for visitors so what you want to do is just have it on the normal caching now when you make an update to your website and then you go to look at it sometimes it might not be refreshed because the caching has remembered the other page so all you need to do from your browser in the toolbar is just to clear that browsing data also on the blue Bluehost dashboard you can see who your users are and you can get an overview of what's happening on your site so how many themes are there many plugins are there and users are there so with the themes it says four themes we're only using one theme you only ever use one theme at a time but they're just the themes that were already installed on the WordPress site also on the Bluehost dashboard on the left hand side there's the marketplace area and this is where you can purchase other additions to other themes other plugins all those sorts of things which we won't be needing so you have the email which we access before all your domains where you can find your name server details and in the Advanced section or cPanel which is where all your files are stored for the backend of your website if you have any problems with Bluehost or any questions you just need to go back into your home go down to help and support and then you can open a chat box and ask them any questions that you need and they will definitely be helping you out .

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