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How to install SMF in HostGator cPanel Fantastico – HostGator Tutorial
In this video we describe step by step process of SMF installation in HostGator cPanel Fantastico.

welcome to video tutorial series my host Peter discounts calm this video will explain how to install SMF and host peter cpanel fendt has to go let’s get started step 1 log in to your cPanel by accessing at your / cpanel step to enter your username a password step 3 in turn to the fantastic Oh installer by clicking on the fantastic OT looks icon from the software services box of your cPanel step 4 Fantastico panel will appear select
SMF under discussion boards throw sidebar menu to install SMS step 5 click on do installation link from the page step 6 provide information about installation location admin access data base configuration and click install SMF button step 7 this page will show the summary about installation just click finish installation to proceed step 8 congratulations you have installed yes ms on your domain step 9 visit your site and you have all gone thank
you for watching be sure to check out hostgator discount scom for more tutorial videos and hostgator coupons