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how to install datalife engine in cpanel | Namecheap Hosting |

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uh hello guys uh my name is osama and uh today i will be teaching you how you can install data live cms on a cpanel okay as you can see i have the data live engine website open so very first thing we need is to download the cms files okay we can download the free version which is the trial version from here i will i will put the links in the description okay so we after we click download and download data live engine i already have downloaded
it okay and over here i have the dle english underscore trial in this we have upload file and all the file in it okay so what we need is to upload all these files into our domain root directory so like i have this site which is completely zero okay here we are going to install our data live engine framework okay so let’s go to our cpanel and go to the and go to the file manager okay okay in this after you go to the
file manager select the root directory of the domain in which you want to install in my case i have this if you have single or main domain you might have to install or copy your upload your files in public htm public underscore html in my case i want to install it on my this side okay so let’s go ahead and open this as you can see the directory is empty okay so what i’m gonna do is i will create a zip file of this
file i already zipped it so let’s go ahead and upload our file let’s drag it drag and drop it here and wait for okay so our upload is 100 complete and let’s go ahead and click go back to okay so here is the file i’m going to right click on the file and click extract so yes we need to ins extract it to our root directory extract here and extraction is completed go ahead and delete the zip file is useless now open the upload folder and select all
of the files and click move and move it to the root directory as this is our directory remove we okay here is all our files now go ahead your domain and now we click refresh and here we have the installation wizard of data live engine okay now click next and read all the description click accept this agreement yes yes yes next and okay so here comes the tricky part here we have the here we need to add the database that we need that you link to
the website so if you have already created a database you can link it or you can simply create a new in your cpanel from your cpanel in your cpanel go to my sql search for my sql databases now click on it and our database are here okay now create a new in this we will find create a new database and here we are going to write gaming’s apps you can name it whatever you want okay i am going to name it gaming’s app so create a database click go back
and as you can see our database is successfully created now we need to assign a user now we need to assign a user to this database now look let’s go to our here and we you can name it whatever you want i am going to name it as same as it is okay now give the password okay so after we created create after you create a user as you can see we have successfully created the user but the user is not linked to our database so go ahead and click add
user to the database so this is our user and this is the database that we are going to add our user in so after we click add and give all the privileges to our user now go back and click that database name our database name is gaming’s apps and our database password and and over here this is that that uh access to controller this is basically the site login that you will need in future to access your site okay so create a login for your i’m
basically going to put a admin and create a password and add any email you have okay so voila you have all your installation complete click next and here you have your website ready so this is how you install a data live engine on your website through a cpanel