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How to install DaDa Mail – InMotion Hosting

How to install DaDa Mail – InMotion Hosting In this video we will show you how to install DaDa Mail which is a great tool to send newsletters and set up discussion lists. How to install DaDa Mail – InMotion Hosting

now what that means to you is it’s a piece of software you can use to send out mailings such as newsletters the really cool thing about this program is it supports multiple mailing lists discussion lists and it has some really cool abilities like rate limiting how much mail you send out so let’s go ahead and get started installing dot Amell for point 8.0 and the first thing you’ll need to do is actually download the free version of data mail
you can do this from their website you’ll see on my screen that we have the data mail project com site up this is their main page to download we’re going to go to their downloads page and you’ll see the download right here in the center of the screen says dot a male 4 point 8.0 so go ahead and download that to your local computer also you’ll need to download the file underneath it now this is really important you’ll see next to it where it says
save link page as when you go to download that instead of left clicking on it we’re going to go ahead and right click and save link as and it’ll save it as a CGI script alright so once you do that once we have those downloaded and I’ve already downloaded that just to save time we’re going to go ahead and login to cpanel if you’re not familiar with how to log into cpanel we have some great videos on that as well so you maybe want to check those
out but once we’re logged into cpanel we’re going to work with file manager today so you’ll see right here my cpanel then I have file manager and so we’re going to go ahead and click on that now you see it opens up we’re going to work in the web route now I already have an installation of data male running currently and it’s currently in my main cgi-bin so for this installation video I’ve just set up a separate subfolder called testing and that’s
where I’m going to install it the key thing to remember is that we’re going to be always be working in a cgi bin folder so that’s really important so we’re going to go ahead and click on testing and you’ll see the cgi bin folder so we’ll click in there because that’s where we’re going to upload our files so now we’re going to go to upload now we have to upload both of those files so we’re going to choose the file dot a male 4 point 8.0 so we’re
going to upload that one I’m going to come down here we’re going to do the same thing for that compress dot dot CGI file that we saved as well so now we’re uploading both of those both of those are complete we can go back you’ll see both of those have been uploaded to my cgi bin folder now this is really important since we’re going to use the uncompressed data dot CGI script to actually install the rest of the processes we need to change the file
permissions so this is very important that we change the file permissions there it’s actually really simple what we’re going to do is go over here to perms find the file go to perms click on that and it’s set at zero 644 we’re going to change that so delete 0755 is the correct permissions for that click save now we’re all set so the next part we’re just going to access data mail we’re going to access this script here by our web browser and I
already have it loaded here so let’s refresh that and it’s ready to install and configure data mail so in our next video we’ll start working from this point on and we’ll show you how to finish the installation and configured a mail to work with your inmotion hosting account keep in mind that support is always available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and if you need further assistance please feel free to contact us and it’s been great and have a
great day hi this is tim with inmotion hosting this is our second video in our series about donna mail dottah mail is a contemporary mail list manager so you should already be familiar with it if you watched our first video if you haven’t seen that video I’d recommend watching that first are some steps in there that you will need to take before this video is relevant so let’s get right in if you watch the first video and followed our tutorial you
should be at this point where you see this screen now remember we saw this screen because we visited where we installed the uncompress underscore dotted CGI so we’re going to just go ahead and click install and configure dotta mail now you see this warning here this is because I already have an instance of Donna mail installed so you don’t need to be concerned with that so we’re going to just hop right in we’re going to scroll down here this is
where the mail program has installed you can see this here testing the cgi bin Donna forward slash mail dot CGI so the first thing we need to do is set a root password so we’re just going to set that here please do not use this password i’m only using it for tutorial purposes please pick a secure password when setting this up alright so we’ve set our root password and retyped our root password in there for da mail we’re going to scroll down then
the next section is related to SQL one of the great things with Donna mail is it stores all of its information in an SQL database so we’re going to need to set up a database in a user really quick to do that you will have to go into cpanel sorry I already have the link here we’re going to go into cpanel we’re going to go into my SQL database wizard in the new database you’ll always see that it starts with your cpanel username so we’re going to
call this a test click next step the username you’re going to set a user name to it so we’re going to call it test as well we’re going to set a password so and then we’re going to create the user now the next screen is going to ask you what privileges that use our hands we’re going to select all privileges click next step and you can see that we created the database are we created the user in modi six underscore tests and it was added to the
database there so it was that simple so now we need to go back to our installation and we need to put the information in so our database is the N Modi six underscore test our username remember it always starts with n Modi six because that’s our cpanel username and we set it to test I’m going to put in the password we set up for the database and now we can move on now the next portion is plugins and extensions that you can install since we’re
doing a basic installation we’re not going to use any of those and we’re going to go down here and click configure data mail now this warning here just you won’t be presented with this this is just presented because I already have an installation running alright so we’re just going to go ahead and tell that yes until it to configure now the last step it says is we need to remove the installer directory so we either need to disable the installed
CGI script or we need to move dadada installer directory so we need to go back into cpanel we’re going to go back to home and you’re going to file manager and we’re going to go into our installation file here you’ll see the Installer we’re just going to rename this I’m going to put a dot old on then click rename now that we’ve renamed that will go back here say start working with da de mayo you can see it’s led us into the welcome scream of da
mail and we’re ready to proceed in our next video we’ll go over working with dot Amahle setting up mailing lists and sending out your first email so please look back for that video if you need further assistance please feel free to contact us