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How to install a free lets-encrypt SSL certificate to godaddy for site – windows hosting

Installing a free lets-encrypt SSL certificate to GoDaddy for site – windows hosting

Following these steps:

1. Go to
2. Online tool
3. Free SSL certificate wizard
4. Enter details (Email, domain with www, domain without www)
5. Accept terms and conditions
6. Next (CSR file)
7. Next (Encrypt Key)
8. Download both generated files and store safely
9. Next move to the verification page
10. Download the 2 verification files
10. Log in to GoDaddy site control panel
11. Navigate to the site root using the file explorer
12. Hosting webroot create a folder called .well-known
13. Inside .well-known create a folder called acme-challenge
14. Upload the 2 verification text files that you downloaded in step 10 to the acme-challenge folder
15. Since this an ASP.NET site you need to add a new mime type to support files without extensions
16. Create a file called web.config in the acme-challenge folder and copy the following content into that file and save

< ?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″? >
< configuration >
< system.webServer >
< staticContent >
< clear />
< mimeMap fileExtension=”.” mimeType=”text/html” />
< /staticContent >
< /system.webServer >
< /configuration >

17. Complete the verification on
18. Now you need to install the certificate on GoDaddy
19 Go to the SSL/TLS Certificates module on GoDaddy
18. Click Add SSL/TLS Certificate
19. Complete all the information
20 Upload the certificate
21. Click upload certificate
22. Navigate to the hosting settings module
23. Enable SSL and select the certificate

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