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okay so this is a video on how you insert your podcast into your website and what I've got here is a website that I created for a book that I'm writing and what you need to do is create a separate page for this so what you do is go up to this button here this is pages home and just click on that and you want to add a page just click on add page and then you want to add a page so click on that I'm going to name this test 3 and click done and what it's done is it's it's taken me to the new page ok so now I want to add a music player that will play your podcast so you go into the add button and then go down to music and what I want to do is just grab this player that's sitting here and just drag it in what you see come up is a page that's looking for your data or your your podcast file so I've already have some podcast in here but what you'll need to do is hit upload tracks and then find a place on your computer where you've got your podcast store so I'm just going to once that comes up here you'll see your podcast listed here and then you just click on the one you want to add and then go down here and click apply and what you've got here is a totally drag-and-drop player and to know if it's working or not go up here and hit preview to preview and then hit the play button and I can tell that mines playing because I can hear music in the background so now you go back to the editor and that is how you insert a podcast into your website now the one thing you have to remember to do is hit publish when you're finished .

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