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hi guys this is Carrie krrish Nick we just got off a really exciting webinar tonight about blogging I noticed that a lot of people were asking how to host their wordpress blog on their own and there was a lot of recommendations of hosting companies that you can use I personally use Hostgator and that's what you see here this is my cpanel to Hostgator and I will show you how I host blog login here when you sign up for Hostgator they will ask you to register a domain name with them to get yourself going my first one that I registered was my name Carrie Krishna calm and that's the one we're going to be using tonight to demonstrate how to load a host a blog what you need to go first is you need to create a sub domain where you want your blog to be I've already created one under carry Krishna calm called blogs right here where you would want type in blog or whatever you want to call it here and your document root will automatically get put in there and then you just click create and it will create it for you as you see down below ok when you're done with that just go down to home and scroll down to software and services Fantastico deluxe is what you'll be needing okay Fantastico is awesome they have a lot of things that they offer that you can use if you decide to build a website i highly recommend using a lot of these things right here under blogs they give you three options on blogs use wordpress of course is one of them i haven't tried the other two yet but I'm going to I'll check those out and see how those do as well but since the webinar recommends WordPress that's what we're going to do okay as you can see my first blog that I've made is already there so we're going to make a new one so you click on new installation okay and you want to call it give it a directory I already have one named blog so I'm going to call it blog too actually i'm going to rename it because i don't think that's going to work new blog I'll just put that okay and your administration an administrator I pass or username you need to put that in so that you can log into the back office of WordPress and create your blog from there so it's very important just any password you can put a nickname for yourself for the admin and description you can put that in if you want it's optional you can always update that later in the back office of WordPress and then click install WordPress okay installation has been completed ok so here it tells you where to go to your admin and make sure you bookmark it it's very important so that you can go in and edit it anytime ok so we'll go there now ok i'm book-marking it my username password login and there you go you should be into WordPress and start blogging away I hope this helps if there's any other questions let me know and I'll be more than happy to make more videos on other things about blogging .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”] . Quick training video to show everyone how to host their WordPress blog using their own host. I recommend using HostGator (link: ).[/toggle]


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