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How To Host Godaddy Domain On Hostgator And Install WordPress

Step By Step Instruction on how to host a Godaddy Domain on Hostgator and Then Install WordPress

hey guys I’m going to show you today how to post your GoDaddy domain on Hostgator so I’m assuming if you’re starting on this video you already have purchased a domain and you already have a Hostgator account so we’re gonna get started I just purchased Brittney and Daniela com so my domain is just sitting there I’m gonna go back we’re gonna go to my domains from account and then right here you’re gonna want to go to manage DNS and the DNS is
the domain name server so we are gonna go to settings and see right here where it says domain control this is right now pointing at Go Daddy’s hosting account we want to switch these name servers to reflect Hostgator where we are hosting this website so I’m gonna go into my email address where I have my post Gator control panel information saves and and you don’t want to go to you actually want to go into your Hostgator control
panel so and when you get Hostgator they’ll send you this email so we’re gonna go to click here on this control panel and all of my information is already put in here so we’re signing on to the control panel and we’re gonna go down here and we’re going to add on a domain and the domain is Brittany and Daniela calm and you’re going to want to put in a password okay and add the domain sometimes takes a second I’m in Indonesia right now and the
internet is sometimes kind of slow so we’re gonna go back okay and home and this will show you this website should be on there okay there it is Brittany and Daniella calm so now we want to go back to that email that they send you and in the email that Hostgator sends you they send you the name servers so what we want to do is highlight this name server and we’re gonna go and put it into the GoDaddy name server so right now it’s on standard you’re
gonna do custom and we’re gonna enter custom name servers and I just ctrl and paste and then I know because I’ve done this a bunch of times the second name server is one number higher so I just go like this and switch it so it’s eight four one six after one five so you want the lower number to be on top the higher number to be on the or on the bottom and the higher number to be on top I guess it is opposite but push okay okay I don’t know why
it’s doing that okay okay so it give me a hard time for a second but it’ll take a couple of minutes for the change to take effect now I’m gonna show you if if that’s all you were doing on this video you can stop now I’m gonna go a little bit farther and I’m gonna show you how to install WordPress on the new website that you have so you might not be wanting to install WordPress I like to use WordPress so I’m going to install that on my new Britney
and Daniela comm so we’re gonna go get started with WordPress today and this looks a little different so that’s okay though install WordPress and we’re gonna choose what website we want to install it on you want this to be an actual email address this is going to be your WordPress login so you want it to be a website that you use so I’m going to do this website and the username I’m just gonna do it as Britney Britney and blog title is required so
I mean this Brittany and Daniela and install WordPress and you might want to find a theme when I am installing WordPress on that site I’m gonna install leadpages on to my site so I don’t need a theme right now and now it says your install is complete so now we will know that this all works by going to Brittany and Daniela calm and it should pull up a wordpress site google Indonesia okay so it’s gonna take a couple of minutes for those changes to
take effect but that is how you install everything together Go Daddy – hostgator and then WordPress on your hosted site I hope that helped you guys out today and if you would like to know about more about installing this kind of stuff on websites click the link below this video for more training tutorials alright have a fantastic day bye