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let's talk about purchasing and hosting your domain now this might be a little bit early for you at the moment but what we're gonna be doing is editing a site so you're gonna be choosing a template any of the ones that you know we've been looking through or just choose something that's really appealing to you they're already pretty much customized to look brilliant but you want to personalize it and drag in the apps and features that are gonna make Wix the most useful platform to you so what we're gonna do is edit the site first but in advance I want to show you how to upgrade your Wix site to remove ads and have a domain and your domain is whatever you want calm again ww you get to you know choose a domain name.com or dot CA we can have vanity URLs like dot cafe dot store or a shop so what we're gonna do is when you're ready you're gonna hit upgrade now you can do this before you start editing because you can always use the Wix editor but I'm going to show you this in advance if you want to go ahead and turn this into a real site you hit upgrade now and it says to check out our premium features first click save site and then come back again so you're actually gonna save the site because I haven't saved this site yet so we're gonna instantly save it right now the link is not in a jazz media dot Wix site comm slash my site I'm gonna call this example site so that's your Wix domain what you can do is connect your own customized domain so you click here you go to save and continue' it's gonna bring you on to a new page I'm not gonna do it because my credit card is actually attached and I don't want to you know purchase this site for real but one great thing to do is to simply you know create your own domain it'll take you on another page you choose your domain name it'll give you a price and it's very simple it'll just make sure the domain name is available so your website name is available and then you'll have options for a Wix account to buy yearly or bimonthly what I recommend doing is just buying monthly to see if you like it first it's very simple it'll walk you through it but it's simply this upgrade a button and that's how you remove the editor Dexcom that's how you get your real WIC site you know WWE site name com now as we progress we're gonna be looking through you know customizing some of these things building your pictures adding paragraphs looking our header and footers if you have any question about turning your site into a real domain site just ask me in the Q&A section I can make a more comprehensive lecture I hope that was self explanatory enough I know I didn't check out and actually buy the site myself but it's pretty simple just to keep moving forward hit upgrade now choose your website domain choose your plan hit enter insert your card and it's that simple so let's continue making our Wix site .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”]Let's talk about purchasing and hosting a domain in Wix. We are going to choose a simple template and edit the site first in order to do this. If we need a personalized website for a client or our own we need to get rid of the ads and have more functionality. For this particular purpose, we need to pay for the hosting plan and the domain name. To do this simply hit upgrade.[/toggle]


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