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How To Group Elements in Wix – Wix Website Tutorial 2017 For Beginners

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Grouping elements on Wix has become so simple with their easy-to-use tools and editor. Now, I know grouping elements in Wix seems like an easy walk in the park, which it is. However, for someone that has never done it, this video is probably suggested. This one simple feature will save you MASSIVE amounts of time when designing your website. The reason being is that now you don’t have to worry about moving multiple elements one at a time in Wix. Instead, you can now group multiple elements in Wix and move them as one whole unit. It is so convenient.
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hello everyone computer I’m Gilbert here and in today’s video I wanted to show you guys how to group elements and Wix this will one make your life so much easier when it comes to moving things and copy and pasting elements in your Wix website and – it’s just a cool feature to know to enhance your knowledge and keep learning more with Wix first for anyone who celebrated I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving last week the reason I didn’t have
really many any video really many any videos up last week was due to me being gone for Thanksgiving break it was a nice little break for sure but now I’m here finals gonna hit hard now for the next three weeks but before we get into that guys make sure you come here and check out Wix my website com I sign up for these weekly Wix tips guys I’ve been helping people so much and I love to help people through this email list and just all my clients
it’s such a cool experience so go ahead sign up for those if you guys are interested in learning more about my services I do offer full build web design consulting website reviews anything regarding your Wix website I can help you with I’m your dude so you can check out my services page and go ahead and you can even book a free consultation with me if you’re interested in my web design or you could pay for consulting calls and book consulting
calls anything like that so make sure you check that out and other than that guys let me show you how to group elements here in Wix alright when we’ll bring that there so let me just go a page can we go to I’ll go to my podcast page and I will add two elements on here I’ll add you know let’s do a box I’ll add a box and I’ll add button now this is just random no design behind it but let’s just say we wanted the button right below our box here I’m
going to take it down to this part of the page make it easier for you guys to see let me show you this here this is why grouping elements makes this so much easier so let’s just say we have this right here we have a box and we have a button and we want to group these two so that way they’re then combined so when we move one we move both of them and we even have the ability to work on either one of them or both of them at the same time you’re
simply just going to click off here into white space you’re gonna click with your left cursor your left click and you’re gonna drag until you have both elements selected and then once you have them both selected like that a little message will pop up that says group elements and it’s this simple you simply click group elements and then BAM now we can move both of them at the same time aha makes a world of difference now doesn’t it I think this is
an extremely helpful feature in Wix and a lot of people don’t know about it or don’t know how to use it but if you don’t i highly recommend you start using this it will first off cut your time as far as how much time you spend moving elements around and on web design because as you can see I can now move these entire boxes full of elements around so it really enhances out and – it’s just convenient it’s convenient for you it’s convenient for your
web designer it’s convenient for whoever’s building their website or yourself it’s just easy guys if this video helped you out even though it’s very quick and simple drop a like down below comment if you have any questions at all I’m here to help you out and don’t forget to subscribe to me here on computer I’m Dave Gilbert on YouTube last thing make sure you go to Wix my website comm check out this website check out the services page and get on
these weekly Wix tips I highly encourage it I look forward to helping you all out feel free to message me on my website message me anywhere and come check it out they guising in and I will catch you on the next one