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with just some screenshots of my October 2014 display ad revenue Adsense a little under ninety four thousand and media net is a little over eight the reason I'm doing this video series to get a lot of questions about well exactly how do you set up your sites I use a particular theme and the reason I do this is because I've tested a lot of themes and it just happens to work really well and one of the videos will explain that in detail so check out the videos is step you right through from domain registration the wordpress install theme install and how i actually set up the blog itself moving along here I'm in my Bluehost account I'm gonna show you how to set this up on Bluehost shared hosting I started I start almost every website regardless of how Grandda plans I have for with Bluehost because it's very inexpensive you can have multiple sites on one account and so that's a really inexpensive way to see if something's gonna work out and if it if it becomes a big hit but then I will migrate it over to more robust hosting but I definitely recommend starting off with shared with Bluehost I've been using them for years it's very inexpensive easy to set up as you'll see so the first step we need to do is we need to register a domain you don't have to use Bluehost for your domain and all registration I do just because it's a little bit more but it's just easier faster when it's here so I'm you're gonna register a domain here and we're gonna do that statics demo I've checked already that it's available so then it comes up and it'll show you all your different options here we want the dot-com definitely so we just click that go to next in we're part of the checkout process here you have some options here you can choose privacy or not I generally do and you obviously will want to automatically renew because the last thing you need in twelve months is for you to lose your site just because you didn't do that you do have to proactively click that agree and then you add it to cart pretty much done here getting this domain registered so we are in the cart the final checkout all you got to do is input your little credit card go there and then hit process order and that's it we're done thank you for your purchase and you can manage your add-on product so I'll wrap this video up that at that point just domain registration carry on you'll see how I have to get the domain assigned in the account and then set up the whole site with WordPress and the pain .

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From the Register Sub-Tab :

– Login to your Bluehost Control Panel.
– Click the Domains tab.
– Click on the sub-tab Register.
– Enter your desired domain name.
– Click the check button.
– Click the green cart button to add the domain to your cart.
– Under your cart on the far right, click next.
– Review the Registration Settings and click add to cart.
– Apply payment details, and checkout.

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