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these beets beets beets welcome back to the Chandler stations brothers and sisters peace and blessings to you all peace and blessings to every man woman and child peace and blessings to peoples all walks persuasions or existence of life you know who it is you know what time this is back in time but yet another pristine file a motion you mind video brother Henry I hang soul conscious number four thousand four hundred or 4400 wishing you all the
best in life I hope everyone’s doing well if not I hope you may get better soon I hope everyone has a blessed month I’m just coming on here because I wanted to make a major announcement as you all know I’ve been mentioning most recently that I’m gonna have set up a additional site or blog site for you to contact me on or to message me so if anything ever happens that I’ve deleted or no long on youtube for a while and since my facebook has been
disabled and it hasn’t been fixed yet once I get a new and I let you know you have my Twitter you have my Pinterest you have my profile name @ww toddler calm which is lowercase soul conscious 4444 hundred this is thanks to WWE week’s comm which some of you may already know is the brand new site where you could set up a free basic blog or website or you can also down the road I’m gonna update it upgrade it if I can but for now I’m just coming on
here quick to let you guys know this is what it currently looks like as time goes on I may adjust or change the design but just so this is my alternate back a blog site so in addition to my you to much my – Twitter’s my Pinterest my tumblr as well as all you know stumble in my over media you can now come to you know the new free build your own website this is my new blog site this is what it currently looks like this is I wrote it out I’m
gonna put it I’m gonna try to type it out in the description of the video but I’m gonna write it here as well just so in case it doesn’t show right or you have any trouble finding it or you don’t see or the audio you can’t hear me that well it’s HTTPS semicolon ford slash forward slash henry the hard worker Wix site wi x Wix site comm a forward slash my site – 1 or HTTP HTTP me I got a little tongue-tied there HT t PS semicolon ford slash forward
slash had me the hard worker dot website calm for its last by site – 1 so if you go into Wix calm either of those two you’ll find it all so it is interconnected its link to my Pinterest and my Twitter so if you have any trouble you can go to my Pinterest board you know which is Henry ac you know it looks like this currently and you can type in two weeks calm and it should take you there as well if not you could go to one of my two both of them
either or my Twitter’s this is one of them and if you search wix4 Winx comm it will take you to Wix calm sea it’ll show you who I’m following and then if you go there it’ll take me to the weak site where you can type that into or search me to bring that up but like I said I will be typing it into the description of this video so that just in case also please don’t forget if you like if you may please if you like subscribe to all three of my
channels this is the newest one brighter Intel from black race space forms this is the URL info of course our Moi’s a comet an email away lowercase G G Newton Mahatma calm Lord King’s Henry or Hank alpha male 4400 or 4480 male calm lowercase you know Henry lowercase Henry or Hank 7700 at or lowercase Henry the hard worker at and of course don’t forget this is our secondary main site black or bright latino zone this is the URL
info a la dollar info and of course as always this is the main home page please if you’d if you don’t mind subscribe to all three but if not if it’s not for you feel free to share it with friends relatives co-workers acquaintances authors that you may know so anyway here they are again each one more time a little bit slowly so you can make a note of it but like I said the main reason is to let you know about my new blog site this will be the main
general page you can scroll through and read the infos my tumblr how to contact me make sure if you you know to make it a little easier you can sign up to subscribe so that as I post new blogs and posts on there also you can click to this part of it for some strange reason it doesn’t allow me yet to put videos directly from YouTube to there I think it only allows me to paste a link in the blog but maybe if I upgrade it later it will let me to but
in the meantime in the future I will be slowly posting the links to my videos as well as offer important information basic announcements when you click into blog it will bring you to the blog part of my site which currently looks somewhat like this usually these things have a mind of their own let me refresh the page thanks for your patience but basically this is mainly what it currently looks like you’ve got some great articles and information
there some beautiful imaging website see it’s very nice and professional it also has my welcome paragraph and post that I put a couple of you there you welcome you click into them it has a link that you can copy or paste to some of my past videos and motion more recent our past videos subscribe to me here as well on this site my blog site here if you want to message me you can click add a comment this way you have an additional site to keep in
touch me when I’m away from YouTube in addition to my YouTube page you have my emails as well as this blog site if you have tips common suggestions if you want to ask a question or you have a topic you’d like me to research and do a future mini video for you on let me know but basically that’s the blog section this is the member section here so if you want to you can explore that too it’s got some great articles and sections like information on
travel about different things from the week’s people also when you go there if you have the time I suggest you sign up and get your own blog site at a walk you do it step by step but if you have trouble from the Wix site directly you can message your Help Center or you can search on YouTube go under how to set up like type in a search in YouTube on how to set up a free Wix website and it will take you to a bunch of people’s videos as a matter of
fact in the future I might do a video to help you guys on that as well so I might you know but you know but in the meantime you know look into it it’s a great extra site to have you see how nice and beautiful mine came out a little humor to it the joint going places because I’m a brother that’s going places about helping educate my melon native people my black bright Latino as well as you you know all the people of all cultures and races in
general I love you guys remember positivity or negativity like share subscribe spread the word if you have a positive channel cause program endeavor of course as usual I’ll do the same for you as well remember think right love right refractive right – right be right enjoy the smooth music as we cruise out remember to make a note of it again I’m gonna sign shinned it verbally I’m gonna try to put it in the description but I’m gonna show it to you
here so you could jot it down as well if you have any questions you got them always a comment and mill away and like I said in the future I’m gonna do my live streams coming up later this month I will give you the text and voice me Alliance in addition to my emails that you already have as well as this new site on Winx so if you have any questions you could message me always try to check my medias as often as I can you eager each month so I am a
busy person though so if I can’t respond right away don’t get upset it’s not because I’m trying to ignore you you know I love you guys you’re all important to me it’s just that I’m a busy brother I’m juggling more than one job along with my responsibilities on YouTube in all the places but I will get back to you as soon as I can so with that being said peace and blessings I’ll catch you guys on the fly in the next one peace peace peace [Music]
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