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How to get my Wix site to rank in Search Engines

How to get my Wix site to rank in Search Engines

Made a short video highlighting my way of getting your site quickly indexed geographically

This Includes social media tips about sharing


1. Good short Domain Name, no hyphens straight to the point ie no need for a business name in there

2.H1 Tag Include again service location

3. Meta Description Ideally 155 characters Include Name services location/s

add keywords as I say Google is not the only search engine

4. Submit site to google webmaster tools Submit sitemap .xml Fetch your pages as Google

5 Share your page with social media accounts you may have or set them up. # Hashtag all your keywords and locations

Link to social media accounts that are pertinent to your products or services, Ie Florist may link to a “wedding planner” “party planner” ect.. you get the drift

6 when setting up social media channels keep the branding the same throughout ie same as your website

7 Create a YouTube slideshow video using all the same descriptions you have

8. Blog and comment on other relevant blogs within your niche

9 Create backlinks if you can via other associated websites


Thanks, Michael

My Wix Website Projects & How To Optimize Wix SEO/Branding


I run it’s Michael for frontline web um in asked to make a short video what wasn’t hard to make a short video I was asked to describe how I best optimize my Wix websites for my clients to rank high within search engines so I thought be a better idea to make a video now the first thing I do with any website the most important thing is obviously the domain name well I personally think that so here we’re on a page for a car valley in in lowest
often suffer crew UK now his name is Otto Sean and he’s a car Balaton company in lols dot now I did say to the client that I would prefer him to get or I should buy car Valentin Louis Tov which sends clear signals to the search engines he’s a carpenter based in the lowest off area no but he was adamant he went the word although shine I tried to explain to him that no one own those who were shinies and that would show up in search when they when
they clicked the link they’ll automatic see the description and your name anyway but never mind let’s get that out of the way so he’s gone with Auto Show lovin Auto shine lower stuff was absolutely fine but I would prefer if you’re buying the domain name keep it as short as possible no hyphens in it because Google understand your words anyway so if you’re a florist in London basically but the area cover so it could be florists Camden for example
or any geographical location right number two what we normally do then I normally do is obviously we set up the page everything set up so Wix we’re given this option here page SEO so you can see I’ve already filled by him so basically covers Carl balance in in lower stuff which is a smallish town or say about twenty thousand habitants in a town called Mosul but also around nice office towns called Beckles South Walter Gosselin which you way to
cover so obviously we put them in because sending circle signals again to the search engines it’s Carmela in these locations then we go on to page description which is important as well so again we put in the word card balloting and other stuff description of services that he may provide and a contact number now you should keep the description down to the google do say about 155 characters but I’ve seen people with 329 characters but trunk keeper
can size but what the service is and where the location is then I go into keywords now a lot of people say keywords down there but remember Google is not the only search engine so I put in car valley and lowest of Beckel self well goostin you know I put them in anyway because I think they do work in other search engines and that’s just a personal thing SEO is very subjective and you know people never talk arouse about I’m just showing you what I
do and I’ll show you how my sites rank so that’s done and then basically we just publish the page yeah so also obviously got a fair bit of content in about us there but they’ve put too much content in the people’s span like they just don’t want to read loads and loads of scripts so basically I put on the site this is what this guy offers these are the different services straight-to-the-point easy to navigate there’s a portfolio make sure any
point coco portfolio also that all your images have old tags on them so that Google obviously can see the actual images Google can only read what you tell them about the image so again on these I would have per car wax in automotive car wax in lower stuff Beckles loads of different description just make sure they’re old tags you’ll see that when you go into your description yes so that’s pretty straightforward so imagine a site it’s all published
now which is it’s been on for about three or four days I should imagine now so we’re all published now the first thing I will definitely say is go straight over to Google search console or Google Google Webmaster Tools the first thing they do anytime is a register the site or verify the site with search console they all know my size here so we just go to bear to Oh showing lower stuff and I’ve done another video how to add search console to your
Wix website if you go into our YouTube channel so we go to crawl and the first thing I’m going to do is sit submit a sitemap now this is very important because otherwise you’ll be waiting around for the bots to crawl your site it could be an eternity so you just had a sitemap straight away and we all know that it’s sitemap dot Tex ml so we just submit that straight away refresh the page and Google will instantly start crawling that time pre
industry in any way and next thing I do is fetch as Googlebot they call it fetch as Google fetch as Googlebot so basically we tell the search engines this page exists and start crawling it so basically I’ve done online already so you’ll go through the different options you fetch a page so basically fetches the home page at the moment just goes for their number submit to the index I’m not a robot but I’m sure I sound like one and then we just I’m
not generally per quality Shore around you stride direct links so there we are so that is pretty straightforward and we say so now we go back to the Wix editor so we’ve done there so we can come out of there and Eve so what I’m gonna do now is go to my sides I’m not very organizing I’m sorry everyone’s there we go we’ll go to the site although shine Lois cough decoder okay and after submitting your search your site to search engines another
important thing to do which I do I start pushing this site out I mean if he’s paid for say SEO package he wants you so I start showing up or you want people to see your site does a great tool I add it’s called to share this so automatically I can link all my accounts and I have like a fair few accounts and then I push this gentleman you know spray out just wait for it to load you’ve got a lose no connection today is probably because my so I still
know them I’ll bear with me everyone I think you get the point anyway so we can share they’ll connect me to LinkedIn so you can do base I think you basically get the idea what will happen there is a box will come up and show you all the information about the site and an image so look we could share it automatically tall these social networks or the social networks you got and necessary you have to be all of them but put it in there put your
hashtags where your location is and it’s a pretty in some way of getting straight out there again so that is number three now number four why not only do is I make a slideshow it’s easy so easy to do on YouTube so basically I upload some images and then I make a short video probably about a minute so also is how to tie to me my website relative good it’s also getting brand awareness or how shine your local look at the keywords to use again in the
description scream again now that will get picked up within about two or three hours on Google and if you open the location in a small town or wherever you may be it’s going to be a little bit harder if you remain City you need a little bit more it will work too it is very very very achievable I’ve got loads of videos that read one page one in in cities so that is tip number four get some views on that share it to social media don’t deviate from
any plan at all so and what I’m going to say also is when you set up your social media ie Twitter for example or Facebook keep all the branding exactly the same so basically keep your image your logo the same keep the same word in when you’re doing your Facebook page as this this gentleman hasn’t yet but he should just put car value in lower stuff as his name know Google’s and all the other search engines I’ll be seeing all these lovely links
coming in and associating different words and different phrases to show shade with them or show nice stuff now what else do I normally do so we can have a quick looking search and we will I will type in car valeton say for example one of them I think was Nichols wasn’t it so let’s see what it brings up for us so so we’re not on page one yet but can you see the video that I made the slideshow video is already on page two and also his actual search
result is on page two so I expect that to move up to page one wigs two days three days with a little bit of work so see you know it is really achievable and really easy if you’re doing things geographically if you’re not doing things geographically and I’ve done that for a lot clients I’ve done the timeshare was just three hundred thousand search results something ridiculous but not to about page one when about took me six months you know just
organic search results and um the best way if you want to get into higher rankings or cities that his object would recommend AdWords if you own other ways is going to be obviously link building a lot of people put the import in building I’m just talking about geographical search but obviously if you’re going to do link building you need to do link building with your same kind of niche companies of your car value you need to go to car value in
products or a blog that does things to good car detailing car value and you hope so you don’t go to a pawn so I put your link because they have no authority whatsoever so if you’ve got any more questions I hope in Santo jumble but basically look at your domain name look at your Meta Description all tag all your images then you need to submit to Google Webmaster Tools immediately fetch as Googlebot and any content that you change on the website
always submit a new site map again then submit to all social media sounds for social media media accounts submit your content to them which is a great way of localizing it if you put hash tag for example I’m using the word lower stuff but hash tag California or a state in California I think you’re getting the picture it’s just about pushing yourself out there then make a little small YouTube slide show video which as again if you were the
correctly keyword correctly you’re going to get views and it’s going to show up locally as I just shown in videos every single one of my guys and every single my websites by just using this formula geographically for people won’t cover geographical locations every single my website about 35 of them are on page one without exception so you know it’s an easy process it takes a little bit work your end but once you get go in and get your social
media set up you know you’re on your way it’s not rocket science and as always say words matter thanks very much